Author's Note: I was watching first season Sailor Moon and came up with this one-shot. It takes place in the episode: Usagi Is Frantic! Rei's First Date! Which is the episode where Rei starts dating Mamoru.

Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon or any of the characters contained therein. They belong to Naoko Takeuchi and those she has given rights too.

Not Jealous

By: Kitty Maxwell-Yuy

Usagi wasn't jealous. There was no way she could be. Why would she be jealous that Mamoru and Rei were dating? It's not like she liked Mamoru. He was always insulting her and calling her 'Odango Atama (1)' as if she didn't have a name. Of course Rei herself wasn't much better. Besides he wasn't even cute, well maybe... no definitely not cute!

Usagi followed them, but not because she was jealous, no way. She was worried about Rei. Rei may be mean to her, but they were good friends. Mamoru was in college and Rei was still in Secondary school (2). He shouldn't be taking advantage of a young girl like that. It wasn't very gentlemanly. You want to see a real gentleman just look to Motoki or sigh Tuxedo Kamen.

She wasn't jealous. Not a bit. For some reason though, Luna thought she was. Usagi wasn't jealous, she was sure of that. Wasn't she?


(1) Odango Atama means Dumpling head.

(2) Secondary school is like our Junior High.

FYI: Usagi is Serena, Mamoru is Darien, Tuxedo Kamen is Tuxedo Mask and Motoki is Andrew.