Author's Note: I was watching Yu Yu Hakusho and suddenly this idea popped into my head, I just had to put it down in words. May be OOC, actually probably is as I haven't seen a lot of Yu Yu Hakusho. I did try to read the manga, but just couldn't get into it. C'est la vie. Anyway, this story is about Yuusuke & Youko Kurama.

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu Yu Hakusho or any of the characters. Then again I never claimed that I did and even if I had who would've believed me? I mean honestly...


By: Kitty Maxwell-Yuy

Yuusuke didn't generally want things like what he wanted now. He wanted to run his fingers through Youko's hair to discover if it was as soft as a fox. Okay, so Youko was a fox-demon, but that didn't mean that his hair felt like fur. So, Yuusuke watched Youko in curiosity.

Youko knew that Yuusuke was watching him, but he didn't know why. "Why are you staring at me Urameshi?" asked Youko suddenly.

"I wasn't..." said Yuusuke trying to protest. He knew Youko would see through his feeble attempt to deny everything, but tried none-the-less, he was stubborn if nothing else.

"Yes you are now tell me why," demanded Youko.

"Uh... you remind me of a fox," sputtered Yuusuke. 'Oh, good going Urameshi state the obvious,' Yuusuke berated himself mentally.

"Well, I am Kitsune," smirked Youko.

"Does you hair feel like fur?" asked Yuusuke, he had spoken before he had thought about it. Then again Yuusuke wasn't the type to think before speaking, or doing anything, he was brash and had no patience. He was also tactless, among many other things.

"Why?" asked Youko, confused as to why Yuusuke would be interested in said information.

"I'm curious. I once found a fox cub and he was so soft, and I just wondered if your hair felt the same way," explained Yuusuke.

"You are a strange one Urameshi," quipped Youko.

"Where's the fun in being normal? So does you hair feel like fur?" asked Yuusuke, repeating his previous question.

"Why don't you tell me..." suggested Youko and waved his hair in Yuusuke's face. Yuusuke took the invitation, grabbing a small part of Youko's hair carefully. It was even softer than the cub's had been.

"It's softer..." murmured Yuusuke.

"What was that?" asked Youko, he had heard Yuusuke of course, but wanted to hear Yuusuke say it louder.

"I said, that it was softer. Your hair is softer than the fox cub's," repeated Yuusuke looking in Youko's golden eyes.

"Thanks for the compliment," said Youko as he disappeared into the night. It was quite a feat for Youko to disappear into the dark as he was so very silver, like moonlight.

"Now that was weird..." murmured Yuusuke and headed home.