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Would You Please Say You Need me

Chapter 1

Yuki…I'm sorry…I didn't fulfill my responsibility as a brother…no matter what, I should not have abandoned you…won't you forgive me? I guess as much…you don't need me anymore… but maybe it's better this way…then he wouldn't have a reason to hurt you…all I ever wanted was to protect you…he would not hear of it…

I had confronted him that day…

"What do you want, Snake?"

"Please, leave my brother alone!"

His eyes narrowed and he tightened his hold on the cup in his hand.


In a rare burst of courage, I raised my voice slightly.

"Leave Yuki alone! You have no right to do this!"

In the next instant, a searing pain erupted from my forehead, above my right eye, followed by warm wetness. Shigure and Hatori ran to me but he was faster. Blows rained on me as he shrieked.

"Nobody tells me what to do! Least of all the Snake!"

As Gure-san lifted him off me, Tori-san helped me up.

"Come, let's go. I'll see to your wound."

"I can't. Yuki needs my help."

Maniacal laughter rang throughout the room. He had stopped struggling from Gure-san's hold.

"You want to help him? The Snake, wanting to help the Rat? Pathetic!"

"He's not just the Rat! He's Yuki! He has a name! so do I!"

"Ayame? Everyone sees you as the Snake, disgusting and cold blooded! Nothing more than a reptile!"

"No, it's not true…" I slumped onto the floor, away from Tori-san's grasp and support. "I'm not like that…stop saying that!" Yet I huddled on the floor, whimpering, unable to push away the sinking feeling within. I knew what he had said is true.

"Come! Let's go!" who's that? Familiar…Tori-san? he seemed anxious…I tried to looki at him but black dots had begun to swim in my fading vision.

"Would you be willing to take his place then?"


Then darkness consumed me completely.

Gomen, Yuki, I failed you…

More than once…I failed you…when I left the Main House, I wanted to take you along with me… he would not allow it…Tousan and Kaasan wouldn't either…luckily I was able to persuade Gure-san to take you in…away from his grasp…

You see how I never dared to utter his name…not even once after that incident…even now, lingering in this unknown darkness, I still fear him…time and again, he had broke me…I'm scared, Yuki…all of us are…

For he is God...

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