Notes: A one-sided Jackie & Eric story, inspired by the song The Judge's Daughter by Green Day. OOC from Eric's POV. AU. Mentions Eric & Donna.

Disclaimer: I do not own That 70s Show or any of the characters contained therein.

The Judge's Daughter

By: Kitty Maxwell-Yuy

What the hell is up with me? I've fallen for a very unexpected person. I fell for Jackie Buella Burkhardt. I mean the annoying princess of the group. I thought I hated her, she was too much like Laurie, who I really, really hate. Then again Laurie is my sister, I'm supposed to hate her.

I can't even think straight anymore. Today I walked straight into my car and fell down. Then I tried to get in, when I realized I had forgotten my keys. I also had a problem dressing this morning. It's getting worse everyday, she's taken all of my control away. It's rather tragic.

When I'm around her I turn into a bibbling idiot. I don't act like myself, because I don't know how to whenever she walks into the room. I think the guys are starting to notice, it's not as if I'm not painfully obvious, I'm such a fool.

Donna got pissed at me today, because of my Jackie obsession. I even turned down sex, because I feared I would call out Jackie's name. That would really, really piss Donna off. I think she'd turn my ass into a hat, like Red's always threatening to do. I think I've lost my mind.

Today, I ran into Jackie and I mean literally. I was walking in the halls staring at my feet, when Jackie came around the corner and bam! We knocked each other down. She said "excuse me" and walked away. I don't think she realized that it was me. If she did she'd probably call me an idiot or something. Blame me for running into her and everything. I wouldn't have even cared.

All I wanted top do was to pray that she'd become mine, but I don't think God grants a fools wishes. I wish Jackie would love me, then maybe I wouldn't be lost inside myself.

Donna broke up with me today. Now I'm alone and the only thing I want is Jackie. I don't care if she only comes over here to yell at me, about Donna. I just want to see her and hear her voice. I'm so pathetic.

She did come by and not to yell at me. She came to console me, telling me that Donna was a bitch. I already knew that. I wondered why Jackie had come to console me, when she was always telling Donna to break up with me. The truth is I don't give a damn why, I'm just glad she's here.

I wonder if I could get her to stay. Now I know I'm insane, but I also know I'm in love. I think I'm gonna explode, her being so near, but not touching, never touching. I love her and I don't know why and I don't care why.