Author's Note: Meant to be about Eric & Hyde but is unspecified. Very short.

Disclaimer: Do I need one? I do not own That 70s Show or any of its characters.

This Way

By: Miss Kitty

Why does it always happen this way? You fall in love with the last person, you'd ever expect. I fell in love with my best friend. And not a day, a moment goes by in which I don't think about him. His eyes, his nose, his lips, his hair, his hands and ever other part belonging to a man. Every word that he speaks is etched in my mind, playing his voice in my head over and over again.

Why does everything remind me of him? Like the sea, as blue as his eyes. The wind, as caressing as his voice. I love him and dream of him everyday. I can't wit until the day I tell him how I feel. I have it all planned in my head and it's gonna be perfect, as perfect as he is.