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Max groaned as she heard the phone ring somewhere in the back of her foggy mind. The shrill sound resonated in her ears and she moved her hands forward blindly, trying to find the phone.

"What are you doing?" Alec mumbled.

"Trying to find the damn phone," she muttered back.

"It might be a little easier with your eyes open," he said teasingly.

She groaned again and opened them, regretting it as soon as the light rushed in. She opened here eyes again, this time a little more slowly, and let them adjust. Finally she spotted the phone a little to her left tossed carelessly on the ground. As she reached over and picked it up, she surveyed her surroundings. Objects littered the floor and there were several broken cups scattered all over the floor. She looked back at Alec and he gave her a cheeky grin while he checked her out shamelessly. Rolling her eyes, she answered it.

"Yeah?" Max said, trying her best not to sound irritated.

"Hey boo, what's kickin'?" she heard her best friend ask.

"Not much," she said evasively. Just broke some things, screwed around and yeah… that's about it. Not much of a lie.

She could almost see Cindy's skeptical smirk. "Well, keep your pants on… or off, depending on what exactly you've just been doing," Cindy said. "Don't freak out like those mommies is TV shows do, 'kay?"

"What?" Max said slowly.

"Little boo said his first words," Cindy said.

"Really?" Max asked, a small smile on her face. I wonder what he said. She shuddered. I hope to the Blue Lady it wasn't Manticore.

"Now brace yourself," Cindy said. She paused. "It was bip, bip, bip."

It took a moment for this to register.

"Oh hell!" she shouted. "You have got to be kidding me!"

Alec stood up and came closer. "What? Did Jack raid her panty drawer or something?"

Max shot him a glare but he only grinned good-naturedly. She repeated to him what Cindy had said and he closed his eyes and pretended to bash his head against a wall.

"Careful. You need to save what brain cells you actually do possess," Max said.

"My son is a Normal clone," Alec said. "Finding out that White is a transvestite would be better than this."

Even Max had to crack a smile. "Well, we'll be sure to ask him the next time he tries to off one of us."

"Wouldn't that make him angrier?" Alec asked. "You know, that his whole secret is blown and all? Hey, you should let him borrow some of your clothes."

Max crossed her eyes. "You're such an idiot."

"Well, I have some things to make up for that, don't I?" Alec said, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Ew. You two do realize that I'm still here and I can hear your kinky talk," Cindy said. "I may not have genetically enhanced hearing but I'm not deaf either."

"Sorry," Max said apologetically.

"Look, you guys gonna be busy for the next few hours? 'Cause don't get me wrong, I love the little guy, but Original Cindy got a date with Little Suki."

Alec's eyes almost popped out of their sockets. "Little Suki swings that way? I almost ended up dating her!"

"Alec, honey. There is a lot you have to learn about women," she answered. Max almost laughed at the look on Alec's face.

"So, can you get him or are you going to be P.D.A-ing all afternoon?" Cindy asked.

"Most likely the latter," Alec said. Max shot him another glare and he walked away, muttering, "I sleep with the woman and she's still scary."

"Why don't you drop him off at Logan's?" Max suggested. "I'm sure he wouldn't mind."

"Okay boo," Cindy said. "Have fun but don't wear yourselves out, aiight? Normal's in a real pissy mood 'cause it turns out his latest girlfriend's dating a 'younger man'."

"Would you stop with the dirty talk?" Max said, feigning innocence. "We didn't do anything except – "

"Have a nice tea party where you talked about golf and croquet, uh huh," Cindy said. "Right. I'll believe that when hell freezes over."

"Manticore was in Wyoming and it was damn cold," Max said. "Does that count?"

She heard O.C. chuckle. "Later girl. Crash?"

"Maybe," Max said. "Bye." She hung up and spotted Alec staring at her from the kitchen.

"So," he started. "Are we going to have a really boring conversation about how nice the day is or are we going to get down to more important matters?"

Logan and Jack were in the midst of a stare down ever since Cindy had dropped him off. The really creepy thing was that Jack hadn't moved in the past 5 minutes and Logan was wondering if he was even breathing. So he broke the stalemate and moved toward the baby, putting his face down in front of Jack's. They were almost nose to nose and Logan smiled. He's a cute baby, he thought. That was before Jack reached out and pinched his cheek with one hand, pulled at his hair with the other, and yelled bip, bip, bip in his face. He started and jumped up with Jack barely hanging onto him, then he quickly deposited him on the floor. Jack started to giggle and Logan rubbed his sore scalp.

Just then he heard the front door click open and Asha walked in carrying a big box which she put down on the floor as soon as she saw Jack.

"He's adorable Logan!" Asha said, picking Jack up. Then a darker thought crossed her mind. "Wait. You and – you and Max couldn't've…"

"It's Alec's. Max and Alec's," he said with a grim voice. He watched her face fill with sympathy and he shrugged. "It's not as if they did it or anything. Jack was created at Manticore. I kind of get the feeling that they're together now. Max made that pretty clear."

"Right," Asha said. She swung Jack around and he giggled some more. Logan felt a little left out so he took Jack from Asha and spun him around the same way, but Jack just ended up bursting into tears. He wailed and wailed and Logan started panicking. He thrust Jack into Asha's arms and he immediately stopped crying. Logan scratched his head.

"I guess he's not used to me yet," he said. Or maybe he doesn't like me. Hmm. Must be the Alec in him.

Asha put Jack down while she talked to Logan, and neither of them noticed him crawl towards the box she had set down. As she left, Logan turned around in circles looking for Jack, going from room to room calling his name.

Meanwhile, Jack was having the time of his life sorting through the various guns Asha had left behind. He picked one up that had attracted his attention, and he held it up.

Logan screamed when a bullet pierced a wall inches from his hand. Jack, realizing what he had done, put his hand to his mouth and started laughing.

"Ooh," he said, and he proceeded to pull the trigger several more times, leading Logan in a frantic dance to evade the bullets shooting at him in every direction. Logan ducked behind his couch, his breathing laboured. When all was silent, he cautiously peeked his head around the couch, but he frowned when he saw that Jack was gone. He shook his head, but when he turned around Jack jumped on him.

"Boo!" he yelled, and Logan screamed, his voice high pitched and girly.

"You okay Logan?" Bling asked, walking in.

Jack heard the new voice and came out from behind the couch, inspecting the trainer.

"Hey there little guy," Bling said. Jack stared at him then his face broke out into a smile as he decided that he didn't mind the new guy. He crawled forward and Bling scooped him up. Logan shakily got to his feet and pointed at Jack.

"Watch out. He's dangerous," Logan said. Bling laughed.

"This kid? Nah," Bling said. Jack put on his cutest face and Bling put him on his shoulders. Logan pointed to the various bullet holes.

"He shot up the whole place," Logan insisted.

Bling frowned and moved closer to observe him. "Hey, maybe you should get some rest. I think you're seeing things."

Logan nodded absentmindedly and went to his bedroom, still shaking his head.

"Want to learn how to kick some butt?" Bling asked Jack and he nodded eagerly.

A few hours later, Bling stepped through Alec's door with Jack on his shoulders, regarding the outrageous mess with a raised eyebrow. He put his jacket down on an overturned chair.

"Anyone home?" he asked. He heard a muffled laugh and then some cursing, and seconds later a disheveled Max came running out the bedroom.

"How're you doing Bling?" Max said, taking Jack from him. "Haven't seen you in a while."

"Alright," Bling said slowly, still taking in all the mess. "Busy?"

Max straightened her shirt. "Me? Oh, nah. Nope. Not busy."

"Max! I can't find my pants!" Alec shouted.

Max cringed and the corners of Bling's mouth started to turn up into a laugh.

"Not busy, huh?" he said.

"Do you know where I put my – " Alec started to shout again, but Max blurred to the bedroom and a moment later Bling heard a thud then a few "ow's". Max blurred back with a smile. "Sorry about that. He was looking for his hair gel. You know Alec. Always has to look pretty."

"Sure Max," Bling answered. By Max's edgy behavious he could tell she wanted him gone but he was having a lot of fun.

Way more than being around whiny Eyes Only.

"I haven't seen Alec in a while," he said. "Maybe I should go say hi." He started forward but she blurred in front of him, blocking his path.

"I think he's about to take a shower," Max said, and she blurred back to the bedroom, and a minute later Bling heard water running. "Yup," she said. "Sorry."

"Well, alright then," Bling said. "I guess I'll be going."

Finally. I thought he would never leave, Max thought.

"Oh, that's too bad," Max said hurriedly. "Bye bye."

She shoved him out the door and then turned around when she heard squishy noises. A sopping wet Alec walked into the living room.

"Max, you shoved me in there with my clothes on," Alec complained. "This is my favourite shirt."

A sly smile made its way onto her face. "Well, take it off."

Alec grinned. "Shoulda known you'd do something like that."

Max kissed his grinning face but a noise startled them, and Bling walked back in with a not-very-well-hidden smirk.

"Sorry guys. I forgot my jacket," he said, and then he was off again.

"You do realize this is all his fault," Alec said, staring at Jack.

"Agreed," Max said. She leaned into him and kissed him again.

Jack smiled to himself.

Mission Accomplished.

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