Title: Emerald and Sapphire

Summary: Eriol/Sakura After Syaoran married, Sakura decided to move on then 5 months within their relationship she catches him cheating. Deciding to go away for the summer, she finds herself in England and bumps into a friendly face.

By: Midnight Slayer

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Chapter six: Forever

A Week had passed since Sakura arrived back in Tomoeda, and she had been avoiding all her friends. She didn't feel like going out much, so she stayed home doing things around the house.

Her father was worried for his daughter's health, but a knowing glint was hidden in his eyes, and understanding shone obviously whenever he saw his daughter. The night she arrived back home, Fujitaka and Sakura were up almost all night with Kero-chan as Sakura spoke of her time in England.

Fujitaka smiled at how fondly Sakura spoke of Eriol, he remembered the young England boy slightly, though he only met Eriol briefly. All he knew was that this boy brought Love and Happiness back into his daughter's life, and he was happy for that.

It was the first day back to school, and Sakura was surprisingly up early. She was dressed clad in the school's uniform and sitting on her bed fingering the ring Eriol had given her, and staring at the pink book that sat on her desk.

"Just staring at it won't open it you know Sakura-chan." Kero said.

Sakura pouted, "I know, but it's really bothering me! Eriol and the others know how horrible I am at riddles, and they give me one that I might never solve!"

"Have you tried magic?" asked Kero as he opened the cup of pudding he brought from the kitchen.

Sakura nodded, "Yeah… but Eriol had to be mean and put the counter-spells."

Kero nodded as he pulled the spoon out from his mouth and tapped his head with his small paw thinking.

"What was the clue again?"

"Open it with you're heart, but I don't know how to do that! I think it has a different meaning…" she said.

Sakura sighed as she looked at the clock, "HOEEE!" she cried, "I WOKE UP EARLY AND I'M STILL RUNNING LATE!"

Quickly grabbing the pink book she put it in her bag and rushed to school, "See ya Kero-chan!"

Kero shook his head and he smiled glad to see his Sakura back.

Sakura made it to school and wondered why everyone was still waiting outside.


Sakura's heart jumped and she turned around to see who called her, she grinned and stumbled back as Tomoyo, Chiharu, Rika and Naoko almost knocked her down with the large hug they gave her.

The five girls laughed together and Tomoyo smirked, "Where have you been? No one would tell us."

Sakura blush slightly, "I've been… around."

The four other girls exchanged glances before turning to Sakura, "What did you do?"

"I travelled somewhere… had a little adventure that's all." Sakura said.

"When did you come back?" asked Tomoyo.

"Last week." Sakura replied.

"What!" cried Chiharu, clearly disappointed.

"You totally missed the best party bash before school began and you were here!" Rika pouted.

Sakura laughed, "Sorry guys... I was a little tired… so I didn't really… feel like going out."

Suddenly feeling a tap on her shoulders, she frowned noticing how all her friends began to glare at whoever was behind her.

"Akira…" she said coldly.

"Saku… Babe…" he began before Sakura cut him off.

"No Akira… leave me alone."

"But hear me out."

The silence around them clearly told them they had gotten the attention of everyone in school.

Sakura sighed crossing her arms over her chest as she tapped her foot impatiently, "Fine. Go."

"I think I fell in love with you."

"You think?" she laughed.

"Over the summer, when I wasn't around you, I missed your smell of cherry blossoms and strawberries. I missed that light sound of you're laugh. I missed you… it's like that saying, you never realize how much you love something till it's gone." He said.

Sakura frowned, "Well… unfortunately you're a little too late with that… besides even if I did go out with you again, which I'm never going to, how would I know if you're being trustful and a one-girl man?"

She was about to walk away when Akira grabbed her hands and kneeled before her. He was about to beg her to take him back when he noticed the ring.

"Who-" Sakura pulled her hands away and cut him off again.

"None of you're business."

"How do you know it wasn't a fling?" he asked confusing everyone.

Sakura laughed and glared at him, "It's something called trust… something we didn't have in our relationship."

Before he could say anything more, Sakura gave him a glare that he gladly returned before they walked their separate ways.

"What was that all about?" asked Chiharu.

Tomoyo gasped and grabbed Sakura's hand that Sakura desperately tried to get back.

The four girls looked at the ring and squealed.

Sakura blushed.

"When did it happen!"

"How did it happen!"

"Who did it!"

"Where did it happen!"

Sakura finally took her hand back and blushed deeply, "Oh… will you look at the time, what's everyone standing around for?" she laughed nervously before quickly rushing off towards the office to get her locker number.

After going to the office, she found out classes started later today for students to memorize where their classes are and they had to wait for the principal to arrive from her meeting to do the usual Welcoming Assembly.

Sakura found her locker and opened it surprisingly finding an envelope in it. Thinking it might have been placed there last year and forgotten she was going to give it to the person if she knew whom it was but her eyes widened seeing her name on it in familiar elegant writing.

She putting it in her pocket, she quickly put her schoolbooks away and locked her locker, she took her backpack that had the pink book in it and quickly rushed off to the Sakura trees in the backyard, jumped on the branches and took out the letter.

"Dear Sakura,

How are you? I heard you were starting school today and decided to drop off a letter. How did I know it was you're locker? I hacked into you're school's database. How did the letter get all the way there while I… am all the way in England? Magic my dear. The next thing you're probably wondering about is how I know what seems to be going through your mind at this moment."

Sakura laughed before continuing the letter.

"Well… it's how much I know you that helps me… and… you've been a little predictable."

Sakura pouted.

"Anyways, Everyone here is fine, and we've also started school, yesterday in fact. We all miss you so much Sakura, but don't worry… we'll see each other soon.

Oh, I've been meaning to ask you, have you opened the book yet? You didn't though… not that I'm implying that you're stupid… I placed a charm on it so when the seal is opened, I'd know. Now you're probably wondering why I bothered asking in the first place…

That my dear, is because I love teasing you and so, I will rub it in a little bit that you haven't opened the book yet. Now just remember, to open it, use your heart. It's simple really, once you figure it out, you'll be slightly angry that you didn't think of it sooner."

Sakura pouted even more with a slight glare at the teasing part.

"Well, this is where I leave you.

We'll be seeing you soon. And I love you and if ever you feel like you're alone, just close you're eyes and remember I'm always in your heart.


Sakura smiled sadly as she held the letter close and closed her eyes feeling his aura that lingered in the letter give her comfort. She missed him so much, she missed everything about him, his soft comforting yet mysterious eyes, that calming yet very handsome smile that sometimes seemed to turn into a smirk while he plotted his crazy ideas. She missed his hugs and kisses that were filled with love and passion. She missed everything.

Small tears fell from her eyes and onto the letter as she whispered a light, "I miss you." Hoping the wind would carry it all the way to him.

A month had passed since the first day of school and it was Sakura's turn for clean up duty so she was at school bright and early she didn't even bother waiting for her partner to arrive and began to clean.

"Oh! Morning Kinomoto-san. I didn't know you were my cleaning partner today."

Sakura looked up and noticed it was a male named Daisuke who's in most of her classes, she smiled, "Morning!" she greeted, "I'm sorry I didn't really wait for you?" she laughed nervously.

Daisuke noticed most of the work was already done, he chuckled, "It's no problem, why don't you just wait now, I'll do the rest."

Sakura reluctantly nodded and she took her seat by the window a bright grin on her face as she stared into nothing.

"She's been like that all morning." Tomoyo said, "She didn't even notice I came in." she was telling the three other girls.

"I wonder what happened." Asked Naoko.

Tomoyo giggled, "It's not what Naoko… it's who."


Chiharu laughed, "Well yeah! She met somebody on her vacation and something obviously happened last night."

Rika laughed, "It's great to have our Sakura-chan back."

Tomoyo agreed.

Suddenly the door opened and Takashi strolled in giving a quick peak to Chiharu before turning to Sakura, "OI! Sakura-chan! Did you know that-"

Chiharu hit him, "Lies!"

Takashi pouted, "I didn't even start yet!" he turned his attention back to Sakura who blinked and noticed all her friends were there.


The group laughed.

Takashi grinned and Sakura noticed a knowing looking in his closed eyes.

"Did you know that when you meet you're true love in a café, your relationship will be filled with sweet words, and love?"


"And did you know that if ever you feel lost you just have to look into your heart and you'll be able to unlock anything and everything and that no matter how far-"

Chiharu was about to hit him but Sakura stopped him.

"Thank you Sakura-chan, anyways like I was saying… no matter how far you are, you are never alone from the person you some and they'll always be in your heart to guide you."

Sakura froze, "where… where did you hear that?"

Takashi simply grinned, "it was a message I received." He shrugged.

Sakura grinned even more, "Arigatou!"

Sakura jumped from her seat and darted out the door racing towards her locker.

"What was that all about?" the four girls looked at Takashi.

Takashi shrugged, "I had gotten a letter from an anonymous person yesterday telling me to tell that to Sakura."

"Do you have it on you?" Takashi took it out of his pocket and Chiharu grabbed it out from his hand and the four girls read it.

Tomoyo's eyes widened, she knew that writing… but... that name didn't come to mind.

Sakura finally came back with an envelope in hand and a large grin, she put the envelope inside her bag and calmly sat in her seat.

The teacher had come in and class began before Tomoyo or the others could question Sakura about anything.

At lunch Time Sakura sat under the usual Sakura tree as she waited for Tomoyo and the other girls to come.

She took out the pink book from her bag and gave a frustrated sigh she still couldn't open it. She pouted why did Eriol and the others have to be so mean?

Staring at it she fiddled with the locket Eriol gave her, 'How do you open it?' she wondered and she looked at the strap that kept the book closed. Her emerald eyes widened and she quickly looked at the heart shaped hole in the end of the strap. Engraved in it words were written backwards, .enO .syawlA dna reveroF

She looked at the locket and then back at the lock. 'Argh! Why did I think of this before!' then she remembered the first letter she found in her locker, 'Argh! Damn Eriol for being smart!' she pouted as she pressed the locket into the hole and it fit perfectly.

Suddenly, she felt Eriol's aura erupt from the book and the strap detached from the cover.

Sakura grinned and she opened the book. Inside it was filled with pictures, little notes, and a long letter from her friends.

Tears clouded her view and she skipped through the pictures laughing from time to time seeing a funny picture like 'Tomella'.

The last page was obviously made by Ruby Sakura had noted seeing a picture of Herself with Eriol in his backyard, and in the middle was a picture Ruby must have taken When Eriol and herself shared a kiss. It was the perfect picture, they were in Eriol's Garden and the sunset was in the background.

Sakura closed the book and held it close.

"Sakura?" Tomoyo asked, "What's wrong?"

Sakura jumped, and she smiled wiping away her tears, "I finally opened this book." She said happily.

Tomoyo smiled, "What's in it."

"My summer memories."

Tomoyo gave a sly smile, "So… how's Eriol."

Sakura froze, "What?"

"You know… you're lover boy."


Tomoyo grinned, "He gave a letter to Takashi telling him to tell you that little speech… I recognized his writing."

Sakura blushed.

Tomoyo held her hand out, "So show me! I want to see what my Sakura-chan did over her summer and I want to see how well Eriol has been treating you!" she smiled at Sakura, "and I want you to tell me all the details!"

Sakura nodded and waited till the others girls came to tell her little summer adventure.

School ended for the day and Sakura had to walk home alone today. Chiharu had a date with Takashi, Rika was going to visit Terada-sensei, Naoko was in the book club that had a meeting today and Tomoyo had her choir practice too.

Sakura decided to walk to the park and relax there for a bit, having all the memories from her summer flood back in so suddenly gave her something to think about.

Taking a seat on the swings she swayed back and forth slightly as she watched a few birds fly by.

She didn't even notice how fast time flew by and it was almost dark out.

Snapped out of her thoughts and panicked, She was supposed to be home a while ago since Touya was visiting with Yukito for a few nights.

Just as she got up and took her bag, Akira appeared glaring at her.

"Akira… what are you doing here?" she asked.

Akira grabbed her wrist and pulled her close.

"What are you doing!" asked Sakura shocked.

Akira didn't bother to answer and he pulled her towards the woods, "Akira! Let me go! What's wrong with you?"

He glared at her, "I want you forget about that Loser you met over the summer!"


He suddenly kissed Sakura roughly as he pushed her against a tree. His body pressed hard against her.

Sakura tried pushing off, but he overpowered her.

'No! No! This can't be happening!'

Akira finally broke the kiss, "Did you miss those?" he asked angrily.

Sakura glared at him, "Stop! Akira! What the hell is wrong with you?" tears falling from her eyes, 'Why was this happening?' she wondered.

Just as Akira was coming in for another kiss, there was a blur and Akira was suddenly found on the floor.

"What the hell?" he asked.

Sakura squinted to see who it was but inside the forest was too dark when night was closing in.

It happened so fast, that Sakura couldn't even catch it, but she was thankful for whatever or whomever it was since it made Akira suddenly run for it.

Sakura shivered looking around suddenly feeling so alone. Akira's rough kiss felt so cold and un-feeling.

She shakily reached for her bag before sprinting out of the forest and to her house without knowing she was watched all the way there making sure she was safe.

She didn't bother greeting her dad, nor did she notice that Touya and Yukito were about to greet her, she rushed upstairs to her room and closed the door. She ignored Kero and just lay down on her bed and hid under her covers.

At this moment, what Sakura missed the most was Eriol. She needed him. Akira had caught her off guard and her mind had gone blank. She sighed ignoring the calls from the other side of the door as she let sleep take over her exhausted body.

The next morning, Sakura had gotten up surprisingly early, and surprisingly… very hungry having skipped supper last night.

She changed into her uniform and made a large batch of Pancakes for Yukito, Touya, her Father and Kero-chan.

After having some for herself, she brushed her teeth, took her bag and headed for school. A place she was dreading to go today. She was a coward. She wanted to runaway again, she didn't want to look at Akira, and she just wanted to be alone.

Sakura taking her time going to school decided to take the longest way, knowing full well that if she didn't get there soon, she'd miss her second period class… but she didn't care.

Sakura hadn't been concentrating on where she walked and accidentally bumped into someone. Looking up to apologize, she froze.

"Nakuru? What are you doing here? Oh! I'm sorry for bumping into you also…"

Nakuru's eyes widened, and she grinned, "Sakura-chan!" she giggled, "All will be answered… now… shouldn't you be heading to school? You're already late."

Sakura was shocked, and her heart was racing, if Nakuru was here, did that mean Eriol was too?

"Hai!" Sakura said, "Thanks for reminding me."

With that said, she sprinted towards her school, her aura stretched before her and she felt Eriol's aura, it was small, but it was there.

Sakura ran passed people quickly saying quick apologises when she bumped into a person.

Without stopping she rushed towards her classroom not even passing by her locker, she slid the door opened everyone in her second period class staring at her, she even forgot Akira, the very person she wanted to avoid was in her Literary class.

She stood at the door panting, her cheeks flushed from running, Emerald met Sapphire.

Before the teacher could say anything, the bell rang dismissing everyone. The class emptied, and even Akira chose to ignore Sakura.

Seeing that the two last students in class weren't planning on leaving, the teacher sighed and decided that maybe they had to talk alone.

Sakura watched at Eriol gathered his things calmly and walked towards her, "I missed you."

Sakura's emerald eyes tears up as she ran into him hugging tightly.

"I missed you too." She said.

Eriol kissed her cheek, it felt great to feel each other's warmth, that familiar hug, and aura. They both longed for it for the passed month.

Eriol closed the gap between them, they lips meeting together for the first time in a long time. The kiss was soft, and sweet yet it held passion beyond belief. It seemed to last forever, the two lost in their own world before it was broken by whistles, giggling and cat calls.

Eriol grinned as Sakura blushed brightly turning around seeing Samantha, Nikki, Mark, Tom, Tomoyo, Chiharu, Rika, Naoko and Takashi.

"You know… Eriol's not the only one who decided to come." Tom said.

Sakura laughed as she hugged her friends from England.

It was all going great.

As they walked out of the classroom, Her friends in front of her and Eriol beside her, they walked towards the large cherry blossom tree in the back for morning break.

Sakura looked at Eriol who looked back.

They shared another short sweet kiss, exchanged the three words, "I love you."

It was the calm after the storm in Sakura heart.

Everything felt perfect…

From the day Emerald and Sapphire clashed…

To the day the truth was out…

For forever, as Eriol and Sakura spend their life together.

It may be the end of one story, but it'll never be the end of their love for each other…

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