"You look so beautiful!" Fenella said with awe as she and her sister stared at Sarah in the mirror with awe.

Today was the long awaited wedding day of King Jareth of the Goblin Kingdom and Lady Sarah of Above, and said Sarah was standing in her bedroom dressed in the same white gown that she had worn dancing with Jareth and when returning to Above to save the Labyrinth three weeks ago. She and Jareth had paid one last visit to her old home Above to fetch it and to erase the memories of her family once again. This had not been an easy decision for Sarah to make, but she had taken Jareth's advice and were convinced it would be the best for all of them. Her family would never understand and this way they would all live much happier ever after. With her crystal magic, Sarah would still be able to keep an eye on them as long as they lived and be there for them if anything should happen.

The dress was repaired and a delicate veil created to match it – the Fae had no specific traditions as to what a bride should wear, so Sarah had decided to dress as she would above. And together with the necklace from Jareth and his most recent gift – a sparkling golden tiara embedded with green emeralds – she felt like the perfect bride.

"Have you seen Jareth today?" she nervously asked the twins, carefully stroking her veil and turning in front of the mirror to make sure she would look good enough for him. "Is he ready?"

"My Lady, he has been ready for hours," Fanny laughed. "He's been pacing the floor and snapping at everyone. And asked about you, of course."

Sarah forced a smile and looked at the clock again. It was exactly one minute later than the last time she looked. "Well, at least I know that it isn't him who has messed around with the clocks this time and made time pass so slowly," she joked. She thought about making a crystal to be able to see him, but decided against it. After all, she had made him promise that he wouldn't spy on her today, because it was bad luck to see the bride before the actual wedding. If he found out that she had spied on him, she would never hear the end of it.

"We can begin to go down in a minute," Fenella said. "Would you like something before we leave? Water? Wine?"

"No, thank you," Sarah replied and her smile turned secretive, as her hand instinctively came to rest on her abdomen. "And certainly not wine right now."

Fenella stared uncomprehending at her, but then began to smile as well. "My Lady, are you implying what I think you are implying?"

"Maybe," Sarah winked at her and smoothed the white dress over her flat stomach. No, it was much too early for anyone to be able to notice it. "But don't tell anyone – I want to surprise His Majesty later tonight."

Fanny was completely blank and looked from Sarah to her sister. "What is it we can't tell?"

Fenella did a double-take. "So that's why you turned Fae that day?" she exclaimed and stared at Sarah, who nodded.

"I think so," she said slowly. "At least it would fit very well, as it was just after we… after the baby could have been made." She blushed at the memory.

"A baby!" Fanny cried in surprise and jumped up and down. "You're having a baby?"

"Shh…!" Both Sarah and Fenella hushed her. "Don't say it so loud – someone might hear! And it's a secret!"

The little goblin shut her mouth tight, but she was almost quivering with excitement, and Sarah decided with a sigh that she would have to tell Jareth as soon as she could get him cornered and be to be alone together with him. It was clear that no matter what she made Fanny promise, the news about the baby would be common knowledge in the entire castle within hours. But she didn't regret telling it, she was almost bursting with joy and wanted the whole world to know. And especially Jareth. Fenella's idea that this was why she had turned Fae was also the first thing she had thought of herself, but she still didn't know why it had that effect on her. Was it the baby's blood mingled with hers that did it? Or some reasoning from the Labyrinth that she was now worthy to stay? She was not sure they would ever know – she and Jareth had been talking about her transformation ever since the dramatic night with the duel, but he had not been able to come up with any explanation.

She smiled at her reflection in the mirror and decided that it didn't matter. All that mattered was that she was going to marry the Goblin King in less than twenty minutes.

A knock on the door mad them all turn, and a slender blonde Fae woman with familiar mismatched eyes entered. She was clad in a delicate forest-green gown and had flowers in her hair.

"Are you ready, Sarah?" she called and held out her hand. It was Jareth's younger sister, Elena from the Dryad Woods, who had arrived at the castle very soon after the duel together with her sister. Jareth had sent them a message about Corran's death, and despite his crimes against the family, the three of them had performed a secret burial of Corran's body deep inside the Labyrinth. Sarah had not been present as she was not yet a true part of the family and Jareth had not wanted to talk about it when he got back.

Hearing about their brother's upcoming wedding to Sarah, however, his sisters' sadness about their brother's confrontation had turned to joy. They had insisted on taking over the entire arrangement and Sarah did not mind. At least she would be sure that it was done properly so no one would be able to find faults at the wedding. And it had also allowed her a great deal more time with Jareth, Sarah thought slyly, than if she had had to be the one to decorate and write invitations and arrange the ceremony and following ball.

"Yes, I'm quite ready," she replied and carefully made her way to the door, smiling at Elena. Fanny and Fenella followed her quickly – while not invited to the ball, all the goblins had been allowed to witness the ceremony itself.

They walked though the mist-rimmed corridors towards the ball room where Sarah knew everyone would be waiting for them. The Fae guests had been arriving all day, and as they got closer they could hear the sounds and laughs of the assembled guests.

"Do I look alright?" Sarah asked Elena apprehensively at the thought of entering a room full of beautiful Faes, who would all be staring at her. Her steps became slower until she almost stopped.

Elena laughed softly. "You look fine, Sarah. Far too good for that arrogant oaf of a brother I have," she added affectionately. "Come on, we can't be late."

As the doors opened to let them in, the entire crowd fell silent and turned to look at her.. The guests were dressed in colourful robes and gowns and ballroom had been decorated with crystal shards and ribbons, making it all look very much like the ball room from her teenage dream, except that all the masks and all pretence were missing. Even the music playing softly in the background was the same. She tried to smile, but was so nervous, she could feel her jaw trembling. As Elena gently urged her forward, Sarah saw the crowd part before her, until she was able to see the one person she was looking for. The Goblin King.

He, too, was dressed in the same outfit as on the day they danced together, the creamy white shirt and tight pants and a long feather cape swirling around him. He wore a golden crown on his head and looked very regal. Sarah felt her heart almost stop at the sight of him, knowing that in just a few moments, he would claim her as his bride in front of all these people, these Faes. All these beautiful women around them and still it was her that he wanted. Her that would rule beside him and give him the heir she already carried in secret.

Jareth was looking directly at her and his stunned proud smile and shining mismatched eyes warmed her like a ray of sun on a spring day. All her hesitation vanished, and she smiled back at him radiantly and with so much love, that the women around her sighed with joy. Sarah, the Goblin King's bride, lifted her head high and gently walked through the crowd towards him. This was her future and her dream, and forever with Jareth would not be long at all.