Corny one-shot..Very short..

Ginny: Harry! HARRY! Wake up!

Harry turns over.

Harry:(mumbles) I wanted salmon flavored ice cream.

Ginny shakes Harry.

Harry:(shoots up)Wha-? Ginny what're you doing here?

Ginny: What do you think I'm doing here?

Harry: I don't know but it's (Harry looks at watch) 2:35.

Ginny: You wear your watch to bed?

Harry:(blushes) Yeah..I-I-I

Ginny: (trying to be helpful) You..?

Harry: I-I-I

Ginny: Yeah I think I got that Harry.

Harry: I-I

Ginny: What about you?

Harry: I

Ginny: Get on with it

Harry: I'm

Ginny: We're making progress.

Harry: I'm going..

Ginny: You're going to..? Get going!

Harry: I'm going to . . .

Ginny: Going to..? Win a Qudditch match? Er- Eat breakfast?

Harry shakes his head.

Ginny: Win a million galleons? Find a mermaid?

Harry shakes his furiously.

Ginny: Oh, I see. Take an adventure to the Forbidden Forest? Pass Potions?

Harry rolls his eyes and shakes his head.

Ginny: I'm running out of things to say. (Taps head thoughtfully) Grow up? Get married? Have children? Find a girlfriend?

Harry grins.

Harry: Who says I don't have a girlfriend?

Ginny's smile falters.

Ginny: I-I wasn't. I-I didn't mean-

Harry: I don't Ginny. I just wanted to see how youwould react.

Ginny: GIT!

From the next bed, Ron mumbles.

Ron: No more training pants Mommy.

Harry snorts and Ginny giggles.

Ginny: So, back to the I's. You were saying . . .

Harry: I'm going to kill you for waking me up so EARLY!

Harry attacks Ginny who squeals. Seamus sniffs inward in the next bed, shocking Harry and Ginny.

Ginny falls back on the bed.

Ginny: Oh Merlin!

Seamus mumbles something.

Seamus: Harry, who've you got over there?

Ginny's eyes widen. She stares at Harry. Seamus sits up.

Seamus: Do you have someone over there Harry?

Harry lets out a fake snore. Ginny practically falls out of the bed from giggling.

Ginny: Okay, I'm leaving.

She turns around in the bed and falls off. Ron shoots up and sees Ginny on the floor. He also sees Harry leaning over her.

Ron: Mate, if you're going to snog my sister, do it during the day.

Ginny and Harry both blush as Ron turns around in his bed and goes back to sleep. Ginny and Harry go out to the Common Room. When Ron's sure they're gone, he conquers up a piece of parchment. He places a spell on it, grabs a quill and quickly writes on it. Writing appears a second later. Ron grins and goes back to sleep. The parchment on his night stand glitters from the ink.

In Ron's messy scrawl in reads: Ginny and Harry were here. I told them to snog during the day. They left.

And in Hermione's cramped but neat handwriting: I believe our work here is done.

Down in the Common Room, Harry and Ginny kissed. Both were left speechless.


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