Yami and Yugi arrived home from their very fun filled week long honeymoon, to the open arms of Malik, Marik, Seto, and Jou, but Ryou was no where to be seen.

"Where's Ryou?" Yami asked looking for the fledgeling amongst the bunch.

"He's trying to get Monteague out of the library," Seto said frowning slightly that this was the first thing Yami asked them when he got home

"So, how was your trip?" Jou asked moving away from the subject of Monteague.

"Wonderful, what's wrong with Monteague?" Yugi asked switching it back quickly, truth be told, the said vampire, though wierd at times, made a great friend.

"Oh all right, the guy's lover up and left him three days ago and he took up residence in the library, he's been making an awful racket every night," Seto told them rubbing the bridge of his nose irritatedly.

"Poor guy, why aren't you guys trying to help him?" Yugi said sadly.

"What do you think Ryou's doing? The big nut ball thinks he's his dead son and won't leave him alone," Jou said chuckling slightly; Monteague had literally been trying to take care of Ryou like a baby for the past three days.

"That's horrible," Yugi said looking worriedly up at Yami.

"Yami, we have to help him out," he plaeded giving him the big puppy dog eyes, having learned it was impossible for his husband to resist.

"He's my friend too, Yugi, of course I'm going to help him," Yami said melting and holding Yugi to his side as they walked up the steps to the mansion; They both walked to the library, Malik and Marik taking thair luggage to their room for them.

"Monteague! Monty boy where are you?" Yami called to him Yugi hiding behind him ready to run just in case the other vampire took their presence wrong. As if on que Monteague landed heavily on his feet in front of Yami, his red hair was more ruffled looking than normal, his brown eyes looked saddened slightly; he looked down at Yami, literally looking down, the vampire was a good foot and a half taller than him, he could easily crush Yami strength-wise. Yugi looked up at him as well; he immediately saw Ryou, curled with his arms crossed and pouting, in Monteague's arms, he looked down at them too and rapidly mouthed 'help me!'

"Monteague? hey buddy what happened?" Yami asked continuing on by reaching up and patting the larger vampire on the shoulder. Monteague just shifted away, sniffing sadly as he walked off cradling Ryou in his big arms; Yami just followed him with Yugi behind his husband every step of the way. Monteague rounded a bookshelf and they followed him,

"Yami, oh my gods," Yugi whispered his eyes widening at the sight, the huge vampire had created a nest of sorts in the corner all out of sheets and piles of books, he'd made a chair, a table, and a literal nest in the corner. Monteague sat Ryou down in the nest and sat himself down in the makeshift chair, grabbing a book and reading though it still sniffling.

"Sh, Yugi you stay right here,be ready to get Seto, I've never seen him like this before," Yami said stepping up to the corner where Monteague and Ryou sat.

"Monteague, hey, you okay?" Yami asked coming closer to the big vampire, Monteague looked up at him out of the corner of his eye.

"Hello Yami," he greeted in a monotone voice so drasticly different from his normal voice Yugi wondered if it was the same vampire, Monteague was originally from France but over the centuries had lost the accent, well, somehow it came back just then when he'd greeted Yami. Yami crouched down next to him,

"Yami? do you have a mirror some where in this house?" He asked sadly he sounded like he was about ready to cry.

"Monteague, please don't try to kill yourself," Yami said putting an arm around his shoulder,

"Please, I want a mirror, all the books I could want, but I have no mirror," Monteague replied closing the book, his accent back in full force.

"Monty, I know what happened, it's okay," Yami said carefully patting the bigger vampire on the back; that was it he broke down, hard, he threw himself at Yami, holding onto Yami and crying, making Yami look tiny compared to him.

"She left me Yami, she left me, the woman of my dreams, the lady who made me what I am, left me," he sobbed holding onto Yami, hard, Yugi could just about see his husband's eyes bugging as he was squeezed.

"Okay, it's okay, let me go," Yami croaked trying to pry the big arms off his neck.

"Yami, please show me a mirror, I want to die now," he cried not relenting his hold on the older vampire.

"Yugi, get Seto for me!" Yami called still trying to get out of Monteague's arms.

"Monteague, let me go, I know you're upset but you are choking me," Yami told him using his feet to try and shove him off. He finally got through and Monteague let go,

"Kill me Yami," he pleaded.

"I'm not going to kill you moron, pull yourself together man!" Yami said slapping him upside the head. Monteague stared at him for a moment tears still in his eyes, who would have guessed this big, very strong looking, male could become such a snivleing baby. It was at that moment Seto and Yugi came around the corner.

"What did you need me for?" Seto asked staring at Monteague who in turn was staring at Yami with a look like he was about to eat him.

"The racket you've been hearing was him looking for a mirror he wants to kill himself," Yami replied massaging his neck lightly.

"I thought you could knock some sense into him," Yami added.

"What? You mean let him stay here like you always do?" Seto asked smirking as Yami glared at him, but Monteague looked up at him like a lost puppy.

"No!" Seto said scowling at him.

"Yami? What's wrong with him?"Yugi asked helping his lover up and putting an arm around his shoulder.

"His lady lover is the one who changed him six hundred years ago, they've been together ever since," Yami told him, the statement made Monteague burst out with a fresh batch of tears.

"What happened to her?" Yugi asked staring at the large bawling vampire in front of him.

"She left me, she found a stupid, young, attractive, human, and left me!" Monteague cried covering his face with his large hands.

"Are you sure it wasn't because you own almost every scrap of sex info in book form with illustrations," Seto asked, Monteague took a swift attitude change, with a fierce growl he was on his feet, with a hand gripped tightly around Seto's neck quite ready to rip his head off.

"Monty, no! He didn't mean it, let him go!" Yami shouted as Seto let out a very strangled gasp when Monteague lifted him off the ground.

"You f---ing ass, she was the one woman I've ever loved in six hundred years, she was the only woman in my life!" he shouted in rage, lifting Seto clean off the ground, snarling, tears still flowing from his eyes. This was Ryou moment to speak up, he jumped onto Monteague's back scrambling up to his shoulder.

"Monteague, put him down, he did not mean what he said, put the Seto down," Ryou whispered to the enraged vampire. He slowly calmed down panting as his contracted eyes went back to normal, he put Seto down and fell back sitting down hard with Ryou still on his back.

"Thank you son," he muttered Ryou crawled around to his front frowning at him.

"Lets go though this again, my name is Ry-ou, I am in no way related to you," he said slowly before waddling off and pushing the group away from him and around the corner.

"Thanks alot you moron you upset him again," Ryou cried taking a kick at him but stumbling backwards and missing.

"Why do you have to make stupid remarks like that?" he asked desperately.

"He's acting like a baby," Seto replied crossing his arms and looking down on him.

"He just lost the love of his life, how the heck would you feel if Jou just got up one morning and said 'I don't like you anymore I'm leaving'?" Ryou said.

"I've just been sitting in here with him for the past three days as a surogate baby type thing," Ryou said sitting down heavily and leaning against a bookshelf

"You got any blood with you?" He asked, now that he mentioned it he did look a little more pale than usual.

"No, go get yourself some if you're running low," Seto replied.

"Come on, I hate going in there, can't you get me some?" he said.

"Go on Seto, get him some blood, me and Yugi will stay here with Monteague," Yami said holding Yugi to his side as he said this. With a large sigh Seto just turned and left with Ryou slinking along behind him.

"Yami, why does Monteague want a mirror?" Yugi asked innocently looking up at his husband.

"He's a different kind of vampire than you or me, if he stares into a mirror long enough the mirror will reflect his age and in turn he'll die. We don't own mirrors in this house because they can't pick up enough of a reflection to help us out in any way," Yami told him looking sadly at Monteague, who was now curled up in the nest Ryou had been in.

"He's in a shocked state, I think, it's like when you were kidnaped, you were taken from me by force and I wanted to kill the one responsible, Ryou, but his lover left by her own free will so he wants to kill himself," Yami added.

"Poor thing, there has to be some way to help him out," Yugi said watching the huge vampire reading one of his books. That gave Yami an idea, he walked towards Monteague with Yugi right behind him.

"Monteague?" Yami said to get his attention, he got it making the vampire look up at him.

"Why don't we go back to your home?" he said like he was speaking to a child.

"Will you come with me?" he asked almost like he was pleading for him to come.

"Yeah, we'll go with you," Yami replied smiling as he help his tall friend up. Half an hour later with a few badly aimed jumps by Yugi; they were there, his appartment looked as bad as ever, his books were everywhere and it was obvious no one had been here for a few days. Monteague instantly found a picture of his lover, she was a very attractive looking blond with green eyes, that little piture sent the big lug bawling again holding the picture to his chest.

"Monteague, I know she's gone but you have so much to keep on living for, you still haven finished writing some of your books,"

"I know but it hurts, I want her back and I don't even know where she went, she didn't even say goodbye," he sobbed.

"Monteague, we're here for you still," Yugi said patting him on the shoulder.

"But-" Monteague started, but Yami cut him off sharply, standing in front of him.

"Quit saying but and quit trying to commit suicide, you've still got a good body and brain, she's gone and there's nothing you can do about it, now stop thinking about her and stand on your own two feet," Yami shouted at him taking away the picture and slinging it over one of the book piles to become burried there. Monteague just stared at him like he had just commited some crime, before he collapsed again crying at Yami's feet.

"You're right! Stay with me!" he cried practically bowing to Yami.

"Monteague, you know I can't do that, I am married and your appartment can only hold one person," Yami said wrapping his arms around Yugi's waist and looking at him over the little one's shoulder.

"Tell you what, we'll visit you every day for a couple weeks until you get through this," Yugi proposed looking up at Yami for a yes; Yami smiled at Yugi's idea.

"You promise?" Monteague asked looking up at them sniffling a bit.

"Yeah, Monteague, just don't try to kill yourself, if you did who would I go to for sex help?" Yugi said trying to lift his spirits, it worked a the big male smiled slightly through the tears.

"There, thats better, now get some rest, get some blood, and go out to a good night club," Yami said smiling at him as he got to his feet.

"Thank you Yami, I guess I'll see you tomorrow?" Monteague said wiping his nose.

"Yes, now get some sleep, well drop by tomorrow afternoon," Yami said as the pair walked towards the door. Once outside Yugi spoke up,

"Do you think he's going to be okay?" he asked kissing Yami lightly on the cheek.

"I think he's going to be fine," Yami replied putting an arm around Yugi's shoulders.

"Now, lets try this again, Malik and Marik are probably wondering what we did while we were on our honeymoon," Yami added, making Yugi giggle lightly as he thought about it.


Deep in the darkness the two tortured souls of Bakura an Saku Mouto stood in the presence of the god Set.

"Why have you disturbed my slumber?" the great god bellowed

"We seek your power," Bakura roared back at the creature before them, it held the body of a man but clearly was not human.

"You dare to speak in such a way to a god!" Seto roard back standing; Saku, the weaker of the two souls back away slightly but Bakura stood his ground.

"You are a fallen and weak god, I am Thief Bakura King of all thieves, I dare!" He shouted puffing up his chest and standing tall.

"You are a fool! and an arrogant one, to speak to a god that way!" he roared snarling at him and slaming his gigantic hand down in front of him making Saku Jump scared as a long clawed finger came within inches of hitting him.

"I'll make a deal with you, if you agree we shall leave you alone," Bakura hissed to him stepping onto the hand in front of him. Set glared at him growling, How dare this mortal soul say that to him!

"What is your offer?" he growled lifting his hand and swating Bakura off, sending the vampire flying a good twenty feet.

"My offer is, you put our souls back into mortal bodies," Bakura hissed as he gestured to Saku as well.

"You disturbed me for a tiny reqest like that," he rumbled, red eyes flashing evily as he was angered again.

"You have no deal with me," he exclaimed. Then he grinned as an evil plan hatched in his mind,

"Why do you wish to return to the mortal realm?" he asked slyly looking down upon them,

"I wish to avenge the death of my family upon the pharaoh Atemu," Bakura grumbled,

"This pathetic man wishes to reaturn to punish his son for falling in love with the pharaoh," he added gesturing to Saku who was trembling slightly in front of Set.

"You pathetic souls, both of you seek such petty reason to go back, and for your crime of trespassing on a god's territory you shall be punished as I see fit," Set bellowed grinning as the plan to finally get his own revenge upon the pharaoh, who had over turned his reign over Egypt, unfolded right before him.

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