--------------- week 2 (week 15 norm.) --------------------------------------------------------

Yugi lay out on the couch another half a week had passed and her belly was a bit bigger Dr. Bee was sitting next to her with the portable sonogram monitoring the babies as Yami, Jou, Seto, and the Ishtars watched over her shoulder.

"wow those are your babies?" Jou asked pointing at the screen

"yes Jou those are the babies" she replied watching

"You guys make it sound like you've never seen a pregnant woman before" Yugi added looking up at her husband and family.

"We have, we just didn't expect one in the immediate family" Seto responded chuckling. Yugi smiled it did seem odd but it was happening and she was happy with the little lives she was carrying.

"well, they are doing just fine one of them appears to be sucking it's thumb" Dr. Bee said pointing to the baby on the screen and grinning. This gained an 'aw' from Yugi. Dr. Bee turned off the machine and packed up her equipment.

"I'll be seeing you next week, please keep me posted if anything is different" she said as she left passing Ryou when she walked through the door she was still giving him a large amount of space when ever he entered the room, lets face it anything with gray skin triple-jointed legs and a tail like a whip would creep almost anyone out.

"Ryou aren't you supposed to be watching your brothers" Yami growled, not yet forgiving the fledgeling for striking his wife.

"who said I wasn't? The suckers won't stop following me around" he grumbled back looking over his shoulder sure enough the pair of larger fledgelings were following him side by side.

"I would have killed to have my last pair of brothers this stupid I wouldn't have been hung up so many times" he said stopping suddenly and simply mule kicking backwards sending the pair directly behind him flying back into the entryway with quickly healing claw marks on their jaws. Ba and Ka got up and just began to follow him again as though nothing had happened.

"Well then keep them out of here" Yami hissed he deffinately had a dislike for the new pair. Ryou huffed and quickly turned around snapping and snarling at them like a wild animal he charged them swiping and they ran off scared

"they'll be back that's not scaring them off as long as it used to" he said getting closer to the couch now.

"are you doing okay?" he asked Yugi standing up on his hind legs and propping his arms on the couch.

"I'm fine the babies are okay, one of them is sucking on it's thumb already" she said smiling wide and looking up at Yami. Ryou looked over at Seto who was almost out the door with Jou

"oi, pain in the ass, wait up" he said walking over to them

"what did you call me?" Seto said turning to the comment

"hey it worked!" he said puttinng his hands up defensively.

"what do you want?" he asked scowling at Ryou for the name.

"Ba and Ka have been sneaking off lately and its normally towards your room, what did you get for them?" Ryou asked giving Seto a bit of information as well.

"I wouldn't get those two anything!" he said glaring at him "have you been following them in or do you really want them to kill themselves?" He asked, stupid question.

"actually I would very much like that, what do have in your room that could kill them maybe I could lock them in there" Ryou said grinning slyly in the direction of the brothers.

"No! you will not and I am definately not telling you" Seto cried shooing him of with threatening to boot him out. Back with Yugi on the couch Yami was cuddling as usual she slowly got up pulling the loose shirt down over her belly; Yami helped her as much as possible as she moved towards the stairs

"Yami I'd just like to take a bath is that all right?" Yugi asked as the older vampire became his old affectionate self.

"I know that, but you know stairs wear you out lately" he replied smirking as Yugi gave him a cute pout before she gave in, sighing.

"you're right" she admitted reching the top of the stairs and letting Yami lightly wrap an arm around her as they walked. She made it to their room and Yami became her body gaurd watching the door for her as she bathed; she hated being left alone ever since that time with Ba. Half way through her bath Yami heard a suprised squeak come from that room and a gasped out

"Yami!" he nearly sprinted into the bathroom. There Yugi was partially dried with her underware and pants on and a towl wrapped around her upper half she was staring at him with the biggest grin on her face.

"what is it?" Yami asked concerned and confused at the same time. She came closer the grin still just as wide

"Yami they're moving" she squeaked out happily, burying her slightly wet forehead in his shoulder as she hugged him still smiling. It took a moment for the small phrase to sink in before his eyes widened

"you can feel them now?" he asked incredulously a grin lighting his features as well. Yugi nodded he could see the joy in her eyes; she had been waiting to feel this.

"when did you feel it?" Yami asked putting a hand on her belly he wouldn't be able to feel his children moving until later in the pregnancy but he was happy for Yugi.

"I was getting dressed when the one just above my left hip moved I could feel it on my side" she squeaked exstatic. Yami didn't dare ask her if she was sure about what she was feeling that grin would have faded faster than a sunset in the Arctic summertime(1) and she would have decked him, you don't ask those kinds of things to pregnant women.

"it's moving right now, this time the other one, its on the right" she said cuddling into Yami tenderly as she rubbed over her swollen stomach.

"That's wonderful baby, and you know what that means?" he asked softly sitting down on a dry spot next to the tub with her.

"what?" she asked almost dreamily.

"we should start thinking of names" he said smiling as Yugi looked up at him giving him that 'I've been thinking, love' type look he loved so much and snuggling into his side.

----------------------meanwhile with the Ishtars-------------------------------------

"Come back here you demonic rat!" Malik roared jumping high and snapping none to playfully at Ba as he sat up high on the wall dangling the hungry dragon's food right in front of him but just out of his reach. He loved tormenting the dragon and Ryou wouldn't stop him he knew all to well he wouldn't care if the dragon ate both of them. He stuck his tongue out and spat a large raspberry at Malik only enraging him even further into snorting out large cloudes of soot as he almost literally tried to climb the walls with his claws. Ba cackled when Marik ran into the wall trying to get a running jump up it. He took a bite out of the raw steak and just laughed his head off as the angry Malik roared at him and began to hurl projectiles at him one of which being a candle holder in the shape of a skull Ba successfully caught it and held it up to his chest as he dodged a hurled bone

"oh Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou Romeo?" he quoted before visiously tossing it back at them and succeeding in beaning Marik in the head with it he crawled around the room cackling at them as they only got angrier and angrier.one of them finally nailed him with a tossed soap bottle hitting him in the leg he lost his footing and hit the floor fast Malik was on him like fleas on a dog just about crushing him as he snatched his meal away and made sure he stepped on and smashed one of his feet as he turned around. Marik got his turn as well picking him up in a very tight grip and bodily throwing the fledgling across the room and out the door into the opposing wall that made him happy. Ba sniffed and glared at them as Marik slammed the door before murmuring,

"Damn fledglings" he hated the fact that though this body was supple and could climb walls and the like it lacked the speed he used to own in his full vampire form and that ticked him off. But a nasty grin spread across his face as he got up limping sevearly on his crushed foot

/oh dear Seeeet/ he called mentally chuckling to himself

/what, slave/ Set grumbled back none to pleased that the young vampiress and older vampire were not in an upset state

/I'm almost ready to start my fun, when may I begin/ he hissed back grining wider when he saw Ka round the corner.

/I will tell you when you may and not a moment before! disobey me and die/ he boomed into his head growling like a dog at him.

/Yes, master/ Ba replied sarcasticly s he grabbed hold of Ka and began to drag him off to suck some more blood from him.

notes: (1) in the arctic the sun is only up for a few hours a day and then it goes dark actually summer only lasts for 2 weeks there. as for the Babies I'm trying to think of names this is tough.


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