A/N: Well, here's my next story. The first chapter starts out with Jon being abused and then the second one starts out with Alanna.

Chapter One

"Roald!" My mother, Lianne, screamed. "Stop it!"

"I have the right to discipline my son," My father snarled at her.

"He isn't yours! He's ours!"

Father threw mother against the wall. She slid down it, knocked out. Father turned to me. I shrank back in fear. Father had this idea that abuse will teach me to be strong. He always says that princes never show their fears. He started this a year ago, when I was nine. Now I am ten and it continues to grow worse. Especially when he's drunk.

The blows came with his leather belt. I curled up in a ball, trying not to scream. Tears slid down my face as I remembered the first blow.



I turned and saw my father standing by the door to my room. I took a step back. He was in a rage. He grinned at me, cracking a whip on the floor.

"F-father?" I stammered.

The whip lashed against my face. I fell to the floor.

"Princes never show their fears!" Father snarled. "This will help you to be strong,"

I had lost count of the lashes at a hundred. My vision faded. I blacked out, although father continued to beat me.

End of Flashback

The only people who knows about this are Raoul, Gary, and Duke Baird, chief of the palace healers.

I heard Roald laugh and found myself in total blackness.

A/N: This first chapter is kinda short, but I like writing short chapters. (grins)