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Chapter Eight

Alanna stared at Jon. The prince was still holding the sword, which was now stained with Roald's blood. The door slammed opened. Alanna screamed and Jon turned: Lord Alan stood there, scowling.

"She put up a struggle," he told the two, "lucky I was there,"

"Y-you helped Roald kill-"

Alan laughed.

"She was getting on the plan,"

"What plan?"

"Roald was going to kill her anyway. Then he would have married you, ungrateful traitor,"

Alanna shook her head. "I would never," she said harshly, "there is no way,"

Jon smiled. Alanna was strong. Snapping back at Lord Alan was proof. She had gotten over her fear of him. Alan slapped her.

"I will not be spoken to like that!" he hissed. Alanna looked at Jon and shook her head. He was her father: she would kill him herself.

Pulling out her sword, the noble girl lunged forward. Alan roared as the guards froze. The lord slammed his daughter against the wall. The sword fell out of her grip. Alanna pulled out a knife and threw it, killing her father.

"He was abusing me," Jon was snapping at the guards, "so that's why I killed him. He was going to kill Alanna too,"

It was a few days later. Alanna walked into the prince's rooms. Jon smiled tiredly at her.

"Did you use your Gift?"

Jon nodded. "Had to," He pulled Alanna into a tight hug, "Goddess, I'm glad you're safe,"

Alanna laid her head on his chest, blinking away tears.

"Ana, I know its sooner, but will you marry me?"

The girl looked up at her lover. Now that Roald and Alan were dead, they could be together forever. Alanna smiled and nodded.

"Of course I will,"

Jon smiled as he placed his lips on top of hers and kissed. Alanna returned the kiss, relaxing in his hold.

"Will you two save it for later?" Gary complained as he and Raoul walked in.

They broke apart. Jon scowled at them.

"Can't we get a minute alone?" he snapped as Alanna giggled.

"Come on, let's go to the practice courts,"

"Are you not scared of me anymore, Raoul?" Alanna asked sweetly.

"Hahaha," Raoul snapped as Gary and Jon roared with laughter. "You know that I can beat you in hand-to-hand combat,"

"Oh, really? Let's find out,"

Laughing, Alanna ran out of the rooms.

"Hey! No fair!" Jon protested. The three boys rushed to keep up.

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