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Ranma 1/2
"Of Lesser"

High upon the lush mountains that overlooked the Austrian countryside, an infamous landmark shook from the battles waged within. It had been many years since the notorious 'Eagle's Nest', the place of Hitler's final loss, had seen such a desperate violence within its walls. From the pitch of the battle being warred inside, it well may be it's last...

"You can't win, I won't let you!" Proclaimed a Strawberry blonde young lady of 15 years old. Even in the midst of danger, she was ecstatic. Truly now following in her father's footsteps, she battled with all her skill against a great evil, pushing herself beyond boundaries she had never comprehended she could ascend to and reaching new levels in her art. But in the back of her mind, even as noble the cause was right now, she had a more selfish goal in mind as she focused on getting the vial of serum that sat secure beyond her antagonist.

"No, little girl, my 4th Reich will ascend, Neiche and Hitler's ideal of the Uberman shall finally gain it's rightful hold," brashly retorted the muscular yet very cut blue eyed but bald man wielding dark ki as if he held the very wrongness of sin in his thrall, "only the formalities remain." Each bolt of lightless force passed only a hair's width of the girl as she wove in and out, intending sincerely to end the Second Eagles reign in the most permanent and expedient manner. His plans for the main of humanity that did not succumb to a long dead madman's vision must not be realized, and he must pay for what he was attempting to take from her.

Her focus was beyond any effort she had put forth in the past, humor in her had fled from the deadly grim determination set in the steel of her heart. This was a battle that could only end one way, and she resolved it would be her way. She had learned that his dark aura burned as white hot as any flame, and knew she couldn't attack him directly for too long. It also absorbed all energy attacks directly, which made hand-to-hand with another fighter seemingly equal, if not superior, necessary. Yet she would not let her determination falter. If there was some way, even the tiniest, it must be exploited. If it would only come before the will that fueled her past her boundaries exhausted itself...

The Second Eagle's face grew into a cold smile as he saw his opponent faltering finally. It was galling him to no end that this... mockery the great Furor's vision, despite her almost fitting the ideal 'image', had fought him so far to a stalemate. If not for her flaw, she would have been welcome into the new world he was creating, but instead he was forced to infect her with his virus in order to stop her from spreading her... inferiority. His coming nation was all but safeguarded, but he would personally ensure her life was forfeit for what she was.

Swishing a flaxen lock of hair from her face, the young lady steadily gave ground until she was but a few feet from a wall that faced to the side of a cliff. "Humph, it only does me proud that not only would I be rid of one of your... type, but I also get to end the dream of your miserable father's." The Second Eagle's face contorted into a mockery of compassion before continuing, "It's unfortunate that you failed to heed him, though I appreciate vermin such as you rushing headlong into their own demise" With that, the red lining of the Austrian's black Nazi style outfit began to grow an even deeper red, almost like the vibrant flowing of blood, and the black of his outfit seemed to absorb all light hungrily into it before he cried out the name of his final attack. "SCHWARTZ BLITZEN!"

A dome of black crackling energy quickly grew forth in all directions, spread from the Austrian like cancer eating life from whatever it touched. If the sheer negative energy from the attack didn't kill her, surely the blast impact sending her through the wall and off the mountainside would.

Maybe it was a moment of inspired genius, sheer desperation, an overriding need to make sure the Godless Bastard before her and his plans died along with her, or a combination of all three. Without a thought, she leapt into the ceiling, as hard as possible, her back ramming into the wood and stone that refused to give any less than her body as the air rushed from her lungs, and launched her final attack into the ground. Without precious breath, she couldn't call out its name...

The Atomic Payload

Like the morning star, the sky lit with brilliance that nothing less than a massive firebomb could compete. The sound and the rush of air frantically escaped the blast point, causing a heavy breeze that could be felt for almost a mile radius. As rock ruptured from the entire mountainside, the supports of the German landmark that didn't get carried away or obliterated totally by the blast fell from under it, succumbing to the undeniable beckoning of gravity. With sadistic satisfaction, the Strawberry haired warrior grinned as the Second Eagle fell among the rubble, and prayed that he suffered very much before he hit the ground. Out the corner of her eye, the glass casing that mockingly displayed her antidote fell along with the majority of the building. She had been very careful on a subconscious level to assure that the area her bounty was held suffered as little damage as possible, she wouldn't allow herself to be denied.

Pushing herself from the ceiling she was imbedded to, she gave her faith to chance and dropped to intercept it. The glass casing was not durable, but she thanked her God and native Country that the vial holding her salvation was. As she bounded off of and dodged rocks and boulders, she savagely ran her desperate race of salvation.

Nothing had ever felt so good in her life; her father's praises, a lover's embrace, the warm sun and a comfortable breeze, none of it compared to the feeling of wrapping her fingers around the vial. With her goal accomplished, it was simple enough for her to safely navigate her way down the rock drop and make it sound onto the ground with no muss.

As she landed, she heard the light chuckle that sent a chill through her. Before even turning towards its direction, she quickly opened the vial and gulped its contents. "Heh, it will do you no good..." the Austrian, though still barely alive, would not be getting up as one of the living again, with his mid area crushed under a large rock and pinning him to the pile of rubble like a roach misshapenly pinned to a board by a railroad spike. Even with it being the one man she could hate eternally, compassion learned from her father took over, "Don't talk, it will make it worse. I'll... try to find you help." The words leaving her mouth tasted acrid, like decay rising from her heart. She did not care to do it, but it would be the right thing to do. Her father would be proud of her for at least one thing.

Even with death caressing his face with one hand and pulling at his essence with the other, he tried to laugh at her with wheezing breath. "Little worthless bitch, it was well too late for the antidote to be effective to you!" Almost sobbing, he continued, "Did you truly think I would even dangle a carrot of a chance before you? You truly believe I'm some narcissistic villain from a funny? You're womb was dead the moment the virus came in contact with you!" He gave a choking laugh as he watched the shock appear on her face, then the utter despair since she knew. Though she had never encountered one before, it was obvious to her that a dying man wouldn't lie. But instead of the cold rage the dying Second Eagle wanted to savor for his last moments, she gave him a look, one that would be reserved for a rapid pet slowly closing it's eyes after being put to sleep.

The Austrian balked at that her expression, and with what was little left of his ebbing strength, scowled at her, "I do not need your pity, I ensured your failure before your father's eyes. I gladly took from you your most precious dreams. Show... show me. Your ra.. ge, show... me....... a..... small vict...victor.......

His head slumped back lifeless as she looked upon the crushed corpse. Her face set in stone, but her eyes were forgiving of a man who was lost to despairing madness long ago. After a few minutes, Rebecca herself slumped to her knees, physically exhausted, her once youthful exuberance dying along with her defeated foe.

2 Years later....

It seemed after the last wedding attempt, that things were heading uphill for one Ranma Saotome. The Fiancée brigade was giving him wide berth to recover for a bit from his past ordeals (though he suspected it was because they were wary of him after the attempted bombing of the wedding, which endangered Akane and his mother).

His enemies avoided him, figuring that the young Saotome would be rather upset with them for their part in the wedding ordeal, and not wanting the force in which he dealt to Saffron directed towards them. If not that, the brutality that Ranma dealt to Tatawake Kuno for attacking him with a live blade was enough to keep them at arms length for a while. Even the times he had run in with Cologne, she had given him a newfound respect, and his encounter with Happosai yielded a totally different attitude from the old pervert.

The master of the Anything Goes School did not take the opportunity when it was presented before him to make like proverbial octopus gene spliced with a mongoose and a vice grip and attach himself to a then female Ranma, instead choosing to cautiously ask how his young student was that fine day (Ranma noting to himself in wry amusement the cautiousness in the senile pervert's voice). Ranma felt empowered by the nervousness from the old man and decided to test the waters with one of his usual smart alec quips, and instead of facing Happosai's rather over exaddurated wrath, the ancient martial artist chocked his reply back and actually COMPLIMENTED Ranma on his clever response. He then proceeded to lecture how the rest of the world's youth should all have his student's ire. It seems destroying a practical god tends to put the fear of the Kami into one's associates.

This didn't go unnoticed by Happosai's two former students, who at that moment realized that if Happosai now considered Ranma dangerous to contend with, maybe the wedding they were secretly planning for that night should be put off for a bit. Ranma's mother was well too impressed by her manly son's new commanding presence over friends and enemies alike to voice to Ranma his duty of marrying Akane. Akane herself stopped hitting Ranma for a while and acted as cute as a button, admitting to Ranma that she had strong feelings for him (though her pride wouldn't let her call it 'love', per say). Even his curse now didn't seem to bother him, as in some points it was even welcomed, now that his female form started growing even more gorgeous than before, earning him even one more extra scoop of ice-cream, one more sweet bean bun, an extra stick of barbequed squid....

Life was good for Ranma Saotome.

Unfortunately, Fate looked upon Ranma Saotome and thought it would be funny if...

All he did was bend down to see a shiny 100 yen coin lying on the ground, and now Ranma found himself running for his life. "Get BACK HERE SAOTOME! YOU NAUGHTY DELINQUENT! NO ONE GETS AWAY WITH LOOKING UP MY DRESS!" "...And not intending to do anything about it," a now adult, and self-admitingly VERY lonely, Hinako silently amended to herself. Though she had a buxom form in her true age, most guys found it a straight turn off when she went into child form. Oh Kami, what she wouldn't give for a pedophile. She just happened to be making her bi-monthly trip to the 'Adult Novelty' store, her mind working through a new game she read out of a magazine article that started 'Dear Penthouse, I never thought it would happen to me,' that she would need a new 'toy' for, when she had felt her dress rise, and looked down to see a familiar red and dark blue ensemble and a familiar voice wondering where the yellow tent with the red lace thread tying two flesh colored poles came from.

Once Ranma realized his mistake, the chase was on, eventually garnering the attention of Shampoo, Ukyo, and Kodatchi, whom all intended to save Ranma from temptation. Kodachi's reason changed when Ranma caught a soaking from a freak accident involving a sink installed Bretta filter that managed to douse him from through a closed window and 25 yards away, as she now sought to wreak her revenge upon the pigtailed hussy that dared spirit her Ranma-sama away from her sight. Akane's inadequacies returned tenfold as the suspicious necklace her father fiercely and positively insisted she wear while around Ranma shattered into microscopic specs after seeing Ranma being chased by their amorous teacher and joined the party. Ryoga idly wondered what Ranma was doing in a Japanese city in the American state of Mississippi and noted that Akane was chasing the pigtailed boy with a fury. Whatever Ranma did to have Akane chase him over halfway around the world deserved to have her punished by Ryoga's own hands. Mousse could not tolerate Ranma's womanizing ways no longer and went against the advice freely given to him that if he enjoyed sucking air, he would leave Ranma alone for a few... years. Kuno, Tsubasa, and Mikado Senzinan, were along for the merry comedy, which all three just ended up chi fodder for Hinako to maintain her adult form.

"It'snotmyfaultit'snotmyfaultit'snotmyfault," Ranma silently chanted to herself, finally having given up trying to tell everyone else that and deciding to settle for convincing herself. Deciding that she had enough exercise and life threats for the day, Ranma turned on a dime into an alleyway and slipped into the Umisenken. She wryly thought that even her father would have to approve the use of a forbidden technique to ensure self preservation (after all, Genma most assuredly COULD NOT argue the point), and held her breath as the Japanese style necktie party ran right past her.

Exhaling after the ferret that was rapidly following the group (no doubt also having some beef with Ranma, probably a fiancée or something) cleared the alleyway, the pigtailed martial artist decided that it probably wouldn't be the best of times to head back to the Tendou dojo, and walked into a nearby pub to catch her breath until the coast was absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, clear. Ranma only idly noted that only the bartender and a flaxen haired foreigner were the only other occupants, perhaps she would have time to think to herself and figure out what went wrong this time.