Haize Allores's face may not have shown it, but she was obscenely giddy. Now she'll be able to make HER pay for the hell she has been put through, this time she could not run away. Careful not to skip after her mark, the young South American started an agressive stride towards the panicked Rebecca.


Haize picked herself up from the pulverized concrete, and glared at the retreating figure; eyes promising a reckoning in the near future, but first...

"Uh, Hazel, nice to meet you here of all places, heh..." Becky nervously greeted, before letting out a yelp and ducking a wide horizontal blade hand. She then put a wing guard up against the following left handed swing. But, before she could retaliate, Becky was forced to hop back as Haize spun around and planted her hands on the ground, continuing the momentum for a wide crecent right kick leading by the heel.

"'Meia Lau de Compasso,' the young lady practices Capoeira I see," commented Cologne as she hopped up behind the rest of the audience.

"Huh? Ka-poo-err-ra?" Enquired Akane, butchoring the foreign word that didn't roll off her tongue too well, and idly backfisting Ranma as he ran by, sandwitching the disguised ferret between her fist and his face.

"Yes, a remarkably adaptive fighting technique disguised as a dance created by African slaves brought to the South Americas by the Porteguise. It can be quite powerful, but it's flamboyant nature makes it rather exhausting to practice as a practical fighting art. I would say the young American girl has the advantage."

Sure enough, while the newcomer was using highly acrobatic moves that should exhaust her in a few minutes, Becky was using more modern martial arts moves that were very simple and conservative in style. Since the flaxen haired girl didn't retaliate, it was apparent she was waiting for her opponent to wear herself out.

Rebecca had heard the comments and wished that could be the case, unfortunately, she knew well enough her opponent had stamina to spare due to her special training. A slight smirk appeared on her face when she first discovered Haize's stamina, she didn't mind then as much now. Counterattacking also was futile, since she couldn't come close for a blow without recieving heavy punishment in return. If she didn't find a way to end this soon...

Rebecca suddenly noted a peculiar feeling, as if she was being pulled in. She noticed the sinister smile on the Brazilian's face as she attacked with lighting fast hooking strikes.

"Does the air seem to be getting thinner to you?" asked Akane, noticing her ears popping from lack of pressure.

Cologne narrowed her eyes and watched the fight closer. Suddenly her eyes widened with a slight suprise and tinted with a little awe, "Interesting technique. Come Shampoo, we best gain some distance, and I would suggest the rest of you do the same."

The elderly woman pogoed away before Akane or the others could inquire what she ment, but chose to obey Colonge's wishes.

The seeming magnetic effect Haize's attacks were having finally began to fustrate Rebecca, as she was now ready to become much more aggressive. Suddenly an opening appeared right at the Capoeirastyla's solar plexus, and Becky moved to take advantage of it. With a feral smirk, Haize braced herself, but not for her opponent's attack.....

From even their vantage point, the Nerima crew could feel the onrush of air that accompanied the explosion.

"WHAT IS THAT?" Yelled Ranma over the defening rush.

"That, son-in-law, was an attack that rivals even your Hiryuu Shoten Haa. It seems this girl can create vacuum attacks that allow her to condense great amounts of air, creating a sort of pressure bomb for anyone within radius."

"Whoa, that's some attack!" exclaimed Ukyo.

"That it is, now let us see what has become of the two young warriors..."

The damage done was as expected, and the Nerima Crew arrived to what seemed like ground zero of a small nuclear device; both fighters standing amongst the rubble, well, one standing, one flat on her back in intense pain. Allores gained an even more preditory look in her eyes as she started back into her Ginga dance, this time more purposeful, slower, and focused.

"The finishing blow," mumered Ryoga, recognizing the set look in the dusky skinned woman's eyes. She was astutely ready to finish things.

"Only have enough energy for one more move, gotta make this count," whispered Becky to herself as she finally managed to get to her knees, she had caught the full brunt of the attack that seemed to suck her in and push her away at the same time. Her whole torso is gonna be VERY tender for a few days. Her last ditch effort was gonna either save her life, or sign her death certificate.

Haize stepped just ever so slightly differently in her concentrated sway, signifying the delivery of the attack; at that moment, the flaxen haired girl dashed directly into the oncoming kick.

The spectators either clenched for the coming blow or turned away expecting a meaty, unhealthy sounding...

And they clenched even tighter for the meaty, unhealthy sounding...

They unclenched, and turned their gazes back in wonder of what the delay was.

Ryoga was projected back several feet with his nose being the propulsion system, leaving a steady trail of blood as exhaust. Shampoo looked upset that no meaty, unhealthy sounding strike came about, while her Great Grandmother raised an eyebrow at the sight. Everyone else frose as if they were chizeled out of stone, as they witnessed the rather passionate liplock Becky was delivering towards the newcomer.

Haize blinked for several seconds, her mind locked in the twenty-third gear of her twenty four speed brain; one moment she was about to deliver the crushing blow that would restore her honor, the next moment she was on the ground with her opponent's arm's around her neck and...

Slowly the gears started to switch to the appropriate level, and with it did Haize's awareness of the situation. It was rather uncanny the way her battle aura slowly rose at the same rate comprehension dawned upon her what was happening.

"Oh dear," stated Cologne rather clearly, "come along, everyone, it's time once again to retreat to safer grounds."

"She gonna do another one of thost air bombs? We need to stop her before she wrecks the neighborhood even more," Protested Ranma, truth was he was just interested in seeing how she did it, and see if he could figure a way to counter it.

"Trust me, Future Son-in-Law, with the aura of rage that girl was putting out, Nerima in general just became a lost cause..." with that, Cologne hopped a bit faster.

Becky finally broke the kiss and gasped for air, she hadn't realized she got a bit carried away. Looking down, Rebecca thought to guage the other girl's reactions. Her observation... well she was dead anyway, may as well get something out of it.

Allores slowly rose from under Becky as the latter sat on her knees and awaited her sentence. She grit her teeth as she sensed the windup for the attack, and peeked as nothing came. Becky became mullified at the sight before her, Haize's head was bowed, her face shadowed by her long burgundy tresses. The slight sparkle that dropped from her face to the ground didn't go unnoticed.

Becky reached out, but almost immidiatly, Haize jumped away at superhuman speed.

"And she ran off after that," recalled Rebecca, no less puzzled by the reaction than anyone else.

"So I see, tell me, why would your... " Cologne struggled a bit for a politically correct word that wouldn't freak the less open minded adults present, "friend... be at odds with each other?"

Unfortunatly, Rebecca, being the open minded, Redblooded, American girl who likes to deal in a great deal of shock value, didn't follow the same lines of caution Cologne did, "I guess it had something to do with that parade Brazil, I thought it was pretty good that night myself."

"Well child, that does not explain why she attacked you," commented Nodoka, earning a grimmace and a sigh from Cologne, at least this will keep the elderly matriarch entertained for a bit...

"She probably still blames me for taking her innocense or something like that, I tell ya, she didn't act so innocent in the sack!"

And the cricket symphony could be enjoyed.

Silence reigned as each person present gave a different reaction. Soun and Genma both blinked as they didn't understand the explanation, Ukyo was slowly scooting away with a nervous expression on her face, Nodoka flashed between red and pale in a way that only a strobe like could imitate, Akane stewed her ritious anger, Nabiki looked uninterested, Ryoga threatened to die from blood loss as he began to get woozy and sway a bit, Shampoo looked bored, Cologne waited for someone to throw the punchline, and Ranma just looked as clueless as the elder men.

Finally, Kasumi broke the silence, "Oh, it's good that you two are such friends then, anyone care for some more tea?"

Cologne couldn't contain herself as she fell off her staff laughing, Kasumi was just such a dear.

"Youuuuuu... PERVERT!!!!!"

Everyone stilled at Akane's outburst, not that it wasn't charactoristic of her, but it was still slightly unexpected and they needed to brace themselves.

"Hey! I may be a bit promiscuous, but I'm no damn pervert!" defended Rebecca.

"You were checking us out in secret, you letch!" everyone blinked as Akane was standing over her, radiating like a sun on a noon day; Becky idly suspected that it would be safer to be in the vicinity of Hazel when she was in a serious mad-on.

"Now wait a minute! I was scoping you out openly! And you don't have anything to worry about, being the least attractive of your sisters..." That moment, all small animals frantically ran as if sensing a natural danger, their furry little heels followed by most of the Nerima Crew...

The dusky woman sat on the roof of the Tendou home, shivering a bit at the memory of just an hour earlier. The woman did it to her again, and in front of strangers no less!

With a new hardened resolve, Haize decided that her rival will pay a thousandfold for the hell she was put through, after she got some rest.

Ranma looked down in sympathy to Rebecca, as she peacefully twitched under the overturned table, "better you than me."

"What was that, Ranma?"

"Uh, nothing, just paying my condolences, s'all," replied the pigtailed boy, knowing his fiancee wasn't quelled by a mere bludgeoning of a once healthy human being.

"Well, now I think that is enough ecxitement for one day, but now I think it's time for Kasumi to get dinner started, and our new guest will be arriving anytime," stated Soun, hoping to curve any further property damage.

"'Another' freeloader? Daddy, we..."

"Now, now, Nabiki, she's offering to pay her own way for the time being," Soun interrupted Nabiki, "and she told me that she needed a place in town until she finished some business. Plus she has an interesting style of martial arts I've always wanted to find out more about."

"Oh, and what's that, Mr. Tendou?" Asked Ranma, always interested in seeing and learning a new style.

"I believe it's pronounced Capu-oh-erra, it's quite a vibarant style... why is everyone so quiet?"

"Un, Mr. Tendou, does this happen to be a girl, about our age, possibly of South American decent?"

"Well, yes, have you met her?"

Just then, the person in question dropped down into the back yard, yawning from jetlag catching up with her.