This story is based off the movie Return To Me…You'll see something's the same and some that are different…if you've seen the movie great…if not I highly recommend you rent it…Mostly it's the story told through my brain. I hope you enjoy it. Maxine

Chapter 1

Alyssa running in place on the treadmill in the arena gym…Next to her, her brother's fiancée Stephanie McMahon. They were really good friends. Alyssa's big brother was Paul Levesque, who in the professional wrestling world is known as Triple H or Hunter Hurst Helmsley, Paul was also known as the Cerebral Assassin or The Game.

Alyssa was a on-the-road Physical Therapist for the wrestlers. She as barely and just fresh off the graduating scene from college...She'd been working for the WWE or World Wrestling Entertainment for about 6 months, and she loved it...being by her brother...they were so close.

When Paul got engaged to Stephanie nothing could have made her more proud of her brother...especially when he'd just made the biggest come back of his life after he tore his quad and was out of commission for 8 months. Their parents had died in a car accident a few years back, so Paul was the only one Alyssa had in her life. They were about as close as a brother and sister could be, taking care of each other.

Tonight, something was different...Tonight they were in St. Louis. Stephanie and Alyssa were running the treadmills, while talking and laughing about Paul and Glenn Jacobs having a pose down in the gym mirrors. They all decided to walk down to the ring...they were in the ring practicing a little, while Steph and Alyssa talked about the wedding plans, and got caught up laughing about the guys and the antics they were pulling in the ring.

The girls watched as Paul bounced off the ropes, and barreled at Glenn while his attention was else where...and Paul leaped up and jumped on his back wrapping his arms and legs around Glenn's torso. The said, "Gimmie a piggy back ya burnt freak." Glenn held on to Paul's legs and said, "I'll give ya burnt freak you long nosed ant eater." As Glenn threw them both back first onto the mat, Paul hitting first, and Glenn landing on Paul. Glenn stood up with a huge grin on his face and said, "How was that for burnt?"

Paul rolled over onto his side and said, "Beautiful, but you get to tell Steph I can never have children, because I think you just smashed my nuts man. I swear my penis has fallen off and is just lying inside of my shorts right now, just waiting to be sown back on."

Alyssa and Stephanie walked up the stairs and got in the ring and were laughing...Paul sat up as the color came back to his face...Mark Callaway (The Undertaker) walked down the ramp and got in the ring with us. Mark said, "What happened to him?" As he pointed to Paul. Alyssa said, "He's have some...personal issues right now." Mark watched as Paul stood up and was trying to breathe...He looked at Glenn and said, "My god what did you do?" Glenn shrugged and said, "He called me a burnt freak, I called him a long nose ant eater and then slammed him...he'll survive."

Alyssa was leaned against the ropes laughing so she looked up at the ceiling of the arena...she felt herself falling backwards towards the mat as everything went black.

Paul ran over and moved her long brunette hair out of her face...he touched her neck for the pulse point and could feel she barely had one...Paul looked up at Mark and said, "Call an ambulance please." Mark whipped his cell phone out and in no time, they were on their way to the St. Louis Memorial hospital.

Paul, Mark, Glenn, Stephanie, Mark's wife Jennie, and Glenn's girlfriend Melissa were all sitting in the hospital waiting room...they'd been sitting there for a couple of hours now...Paul kept trying to think what could be wrong. After 3 hours of waiting the doctor finally came out and Paul and the rest of them jumped to their feet...

The doctor came over and said, "I suppose you're here for Alyssa Levesque?" Paul said, "Yes sir, she's my sister...we've been waiting for 3 hours and I'd appreciate if you'd cut the chit chat and tell me what's wrong with her."

The doctor said, "I'm sorry you had to wait for long Mr. Levesque, a case like this is very rare in the United States, Canada and Europe...We had to be certain before I could come out and tell you exactly what was wrong. My name is Dr. Michael Sheppard, I'm the leading Cardiologist in this hospital. You're sister has a heart disease called Restrictive Cardiomyopathy."

Paul said, "How could she have heart problems, out of all the people you see standing in front of you, she's probably the most fit person...she doesn't eat fast food, she takes care of her body...why is it just showing up all of a sudden?" Dr. Sheppard said, "Well...chances are she was born with it...and over the years it just seem to get a little more out of hand. Let's have a seat and I'll explain it better in details."