Chapter 20

- -2 Years & 7 Months Later- -

Randy woke up and could hear giggling coming from somewhere in his house…He looked over and Alyssa was gone…He pulled himself from bed and showered and then dressed in his exercise pants and a plain navy blue t-shirt. He walked down stairs and into the den where he saw Aly sitting next to Stephanie on the couch and Paul on the floor rolling around with a too adorable 2 year old Alexandra.

Randy became more aware that he was noticed in the room, when He heard his daughter squeal dad at the top of her lungs. Randy's smile broadened as he leaned over and scooped the little girl up, that reminded him so much of her momma.

She giggled and planted a kiss on his cheek. He placed the toddler on her feet and took off and jumped on Paul…and they both went down to the ground laughing. Steph couldn't help but laugh also.

Stephanie looked at her watch and said, "C'mon Paul we had better get going." Paul looked up from the floor, his hair all a mess and said, "Do we have to?" Steph rolled her eyes as she giggled and said, "Yes, we have a flight to catch. Besides I think Randall would like to spend what little time off he has with his family. Like I would like to spend mine with you."

Paul got up and Alexandra trailed behind Paul and the rest of the grown ups as they walked to the front door. Paul squatted down as his blue eyed niece walked over and hugged him with all she had and said, "Pwomise, Unca Pau you wiw be back." Paul looked at Steph with sad eyes and stuck his tongue out at her and said, "Of course Angel…You know I can't stay away from my favorite niece."

She smiled bravely and kissed his cheek…Alyssa, Randy and Steph were laughing at Paul's look of defeat as he gave Alexandra one last hug and hung his head while walking to the car. Stephanie said, "Stop sticking your lip out you're gonna trip over the damn thing." Alyssa hugged Stephanie and rubbed her protruding belly and said, "You're next woman. I'll see ya in a month or so." Stephanie nodded and proceeded to waddle out the door and into the rental.

Aly squatted down to face her daughter who had sorrow in her eyes of having to say good-bye yet again to her favorite Uncle. Aly said, "C'mon Pumpkin, you'll get to see Uncle Paul again in 2 weeks when Aunt Stephanie has the baby. We're flying up to New Hampshire and Daddy and Uncle Paul will meet us there. I promise."

Randy frowned…He squatted down and said, "C'mon sweetheart…today is going to be our dad…What do you wanna do?" Alexandra pushed her brunette hair out of her face like Aly did and said, "Can we watch Da wittwe mermaid?" Randy said, "We can watch what ever you want." His heart felt better as she smiled her award winning smile.

Randy knew that with Alyssa being 3 months pregnant, she really needed all the rest she could get.

Later that night after Randy put Alexandra down for bed, he walked into the bed room and Alyssa was laying on her back with her hand resting on her almost pouched stomach. He stripped down to his boxer/briefs and climbed into bed next to her.

He leaned over and kissed her collard bone as she stirred a little and touched his hand. She looked over at him and he said, "Wow, the most beautiful pregnant woman in the world is awake…I must be some prince, to wake you from your pregnancy sleep." Aly giggled and said, "Nah, you're just the frog that knocked her up." Randy chuckled at her antics and kissed her lips softly and said, "I love you." She smiled and said, "I love you too."

Randy laid his ear against her chest and listened to the soft sound of her heart beating. After all these years she still referred to it as his wife's heart and not hers.

Randy said, "I'm really glad nothings broken anymore." Aly said, "Yea me too." Randy said, "So you are happy right…I mean with everything…with me. Right?"

Alyssa smiled down at her husband and said, "I could not ask for more."

The End