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A year after Tohru's coma

"No, I seriously can't do this!" Arisa Uotani slammed her bouquet down on the table next to her, scaring the a brides' maid.

"Uo, stop being a drama queen." Saki Hanajima stated calmly, picking up the bouquet. "You've waited for this for a long time, ever since you and what's-his-face---"

"Kureno," Uo growled.

"Yes, Kureno, started dating." Hana said and handed her the flowers. She looked at the brides' maids and shot them a look, sending them fluttering outside. "Now, do this for Tohru."

"For Tohru!"

Meanwhile, outside, Yuki Sohma walked into the wedding garden. He walked up to the host, each of his hands taken by his twin sons, and smiled at him.

"Bride or groom?" The host asked, wrinkling his nose at Yuki.

"Yuki Sohma, groom." The host let out an audible sigh and pointed behind him.

"Join the rest of them," He said and marked Yuki's name off the list. Yuki blinked and walked into the seating area, nearly snickering at the ratio of Sohma's to Uotani's. On the right, nearly all of the seats were taken with Sohma's. On the left, quite a few remained empty. Yuki made a face as he saw Momiji waving at him, Hatsuharu sitting next to him with a sour look on his face. Beside Haru sat his four year old son, Leiko, and beside Leiko was his six year old daughter, Yukiko. And finally, beside Yukiko, sat their mother and Haru's wife, Rin Sohma.

"Good morning," Yuki said to them as he sat down next to Momiji, handing him the elder of the two twins, Kenshin. "How is Kureno?"

"Look at him yourself." Rin said and nodded towards him. Kureno Sohma stood at the alter, pale as a ghost. Yuki made a face and looked to Haru, who shrugged. Kureno paled even more as the music began to play and Arisa's brides' maids began walking out slowly. The maids were dressed in elegant red dresses, and following them was the Maid of Honor, Saki Hanajima. Surprisingly enough, Hana was dressed in the red dress with her hair twisted up.

"Yuki, take a picture." Haru said softly. "This may the only moment in documented history that Hana isn't wearing black." He grunted as Rin nudged him.

"Be nice..." She ordered. Finally, Arisa walked out last and up to the alter. She smiled at Kureno and took his hand.

"Dearly beloved..." The priest began.

"I love weddings!" Shigure announced to the entire reception party as he stumbled around the room at the Sohma Estate. Yuki watched him and just shook his head. In the six years since graduation, everyone had changed so much. No one had seen Kyo in over year, since Tohru's accident. Shigure, Ayame, and Hatori had run him off. Marleo had almost forgotten about Kyo and was convinced Tohru was his mother. Life was back to normal... almost.

"Still leaves that key there..." Kyo Sohma muttered as he unlocked the back door to Shigure's house. He slipped inside and looked around, gazing at himself in a mirror. He looked like shit if he did say so himself. He hadn't shaved in who knows how long, or gotten a haircut. Kyo somewhat resembled a cave man with orange hair. He shook his head and walked upstairs to Tohru's room, slipping inside. His heart nearly broke when he saw her.

Tohru Honda lay in her bed, all sorts of machines hooked up to her. Kyo stepped forward and smoothed her hair back from her forehead, kissing it softly.

"I'm so sorry, Tohru..." He muttered and turned around, freezing as he saw Yuki in the doorway. "Hey, damn rat..."

"Hello, you stupid cat. What are you doing here?" Yuki asked, although it was clearly obvious. "Will you ever come back?"

"I don't know. I feel I've caused too much... Just too much shit. Bye, Yuki." Kyo said and brushed passed him, walking downstairs.

"Oh, Kyo?"


"Call every once in awhile." Yuki said and watched as Kyo walked outside. Kyo stood outside Shigure's house and smiled to himself. Tohru would wake up, and when she did, he'd be back. He'd be back alright. Even if it took eternity.

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