Title: Matchmaking for Dumbo-Heads

Author: StarryTian

Summary: One day, the Titans decide to visit the library, and surprisingly, Beast Boy finds a book called "Matchmaking for Dumbo-Heads". Using his amazing brain (please note the sarcasm) he decides to bring together Robin and Starfire, somehow dragging Cyborg and Raven into the mess.

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It was a normal day in Jump City, where 5 superheroes were going about their day as usual…. Well, as normal as a day could be if you're living in a giant "T". Just like any other day, Cyborg and Beast Boy were playing the latest video game, Robin and Starfire were chatting about… something (A/N: ok, if you must know, Robin was teaching Starfire about "birds and bees"…. If you know what I mean… heehee) and as usual, Raven was reading a horror novel in the farthest corner in the room.

"DUDE! NO FAIR! YOU CHEATED!" Beast Boy accused loudly.

"Nuh, UH!" Cyborg retorted. "You just can't beat the GAME STATION KING!"

"Pftt. Right. The 'Game Station King', my foot." Beast Boy scoffed.

"You're just jealous……" Cyborg teased. "… that the GAME STATION KING WON! BOO-YA! Oh yeah, go Cyborg, it's your birthday… uh, huh…oh yeah…"

"Whatever….." Beast Boy sulked as he plopped down on the nearest couch.

Since Cyborg was still singing his bizarre "victory-song", Beast Boy thought of ways he could get back at him.

"Maybe I could stuff him in a bowling bag, and send him to Paris…." he thought. "Naw…. He'd just probably break out or something… OR…. Maybe I should lock him in a room with Starfire! (A/N: don't take that the wrong way….) Yeah! Then she could annoy him with her endless talk of Tamarainian pudding, until his ears pop! Well, technically, he doesn't have ears, but who cares?…….. On second thought, Cyborg can just blast his way out of that too! Ugh……. what to do, what to do………."

Suddenly, a light bulb appeared on top of his head.


Everybody stared at him, except Cyborg who was still singing his song and didn't notice Beast Boy.

"Oops," he thought. " Did I say that out loud!"

"Please, friend Beast Boy," Starfire inquired, as she flew over to where Beast Boy was. " What is this lie---bare---eee whom which you speak of?"

"It's library, Star" Robin corrected her, as he came over too. "And it's a place where there are many, many books in one building. Sorta like the Glotyar back on Tamaran."

"OOOOOOOOOOOO!" Starfire squealed. " I wish to go there! Please!"

Seeing that Starfire and Robin were busy, Beast Boy decided to feel around for the light bulb that was still above his head. He then felt something smooth and glossy, so he grabbed it.

"Oooo…" Beast Boy admired. "So…shiny…"

"Idiot," Raven muttered, as she watched Beast Boy from the corner of her eye.

"Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease?… " Starfire pleaded. "We do not have anything to do on this glorious day, and I think it would be simply wonderful if we spend it in a library, yes?"

"Star," Robin started. "It's not like I don't want to, but-------"

"But what?" Cyborg teased, finally stopping his song. "Afraid that your girlfriend will cause too much attention?"

"N-n-no…" Robin stuttered. "And also, Starfire is NOT my girlfriend!"

Starfire heard this, and instantly saddened. She knew what "girlfriend" meant, and she REALLY wanted to be Robin's, but she knew that Robin would never allow it.

"Wait, Starfire." Robin said, softly. "I-I… I didn't mean it like that. "

"Humph!" Starfire turned away.

"Starfire?… Um, I'll let you go to the library with me! I guess…"

Silence. Now, everybody was staring intently at their two friends. Even Raven had looked up from her novel

"Well, I suppose that would be okay, Robin." Starfire brightened up.

"Great! So, um… yeah! Team, we're going to the Jump City Public Library!" Robin announced.

"Cool!" Beast Boy said. "But..." he thought. "It's really too bad that they don't go out or something. They would make such a great couple…"

"Great!" Cyborg added. "But," he thought. "Why do I have to go too?…"

"Whatever…" Raven mumbled. "I'm just glad that they made up…" she thought.

The team of superheroes, dragged along by Starfire, arrived at the Jump City Public Library in record time. As soon as they entered the building, Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg were instantly mobbed by a bunch of crazed fans.

"Ugh…" Robin groaned inwardly. "This is exactly why I don't like to go out…"

"Ooo! Ooo! Robin! Can you sign my arm?"

"Forget your arm! Starfire, can you sign my-----"

"Beast Boy! BEAST BOY! Can you----"


"Move outta the way shortie! Cyborg, I have a robotic arm too! But-----"

The fan's requests were endless. Finally, after 20- 30 minutes of obliging to their wishes, the Teen Titans split up to their usual sections. Raven immediately flew over to the mystery/horror section, Cyborg walked over to the "latest technology" section, Beast Boy checked out the new arrivals, while Robin lead Starfire to the Children's Section, helping her pick out a few well-known Fairy tales.

One rack in particular caught Beast Boy's attention.

"Matchmaking for Dumbo-Heads…" he read aloud. "Hmm… maybe I could use my amazing skills to bring Starfire and Robin together!" he thought evilly. "Yeah! Forget Cyborg! This is going to be my greatest masterpiece yet!"

Just then, another mob of crazed fans came bursting through the library door. Apparently, news gets around fast.

Robin, who was the first one to notice, bellowed, "TEEN TITANS, MOVE OUT!"

Beast Boy quickly grabbed a copy of "Matchmaking for Dumbo-Heads" off the shelf, and rushed to the counter to check it out.

"How may I help you?" the old lady behind the counter asked.

"Um, I'd like to check this book out… fast, p-please…" Beast Boy panted.

"That'll be $5.99, please."

"WHAT? This is a LIBRARY, granny! You check it out…not BUY it!"

The old lady blinked and said, "Oh yes, I forgot. I'm sorry, dearie. My memory sometimes isn't what it used to be. What's your name?"

"Beast Boy. B-E-A-S-T B-O-Y…"

"I'm sorry, sonny. Can you repeat that?"

"BE-A-S-T B-O-Y…" he recited, getting impatient.

After enduring the old ladies antagonizing slow movements, the book was finally checked out.

"Thank you," Beast Boy rushed. He swiftly morphed into a hawk, grabbed the book by his talons, and flew away to Titan's Tower.

A/N: Will Beast Boy succeed? Will his plans fail? And will-----

Beast Boy: Of COURSE I'll succeed! I'm a succeeder-er!

Raven: Great grammar, oh smart one.

Beast Boy: Why, thank you.

Raven (rolling eyes): I was being sarcastic…

Starfire: Ooo! Ooo! "Sarcastic"! I shall look that up in the dictionary! A few weeks ago, Robin taught me how to use one!

Cyborg (grinning evilly): What else has Wonder Boy taught you?

Robin (shocked): Cyborg!

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