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"Only a few more pieces remain untill the jewel is complete." Kagome said to herself while looking down to her necklace which had an almost complete jewel hanging on it.

Naraku had been defeated only a short while ago and everyone was still a little battle weary. Naraku had alot of the jewel and now they had his pieces. Only a few remained and they were said to be with a group of well know demons that held up their territory in the northern mountains. Thats where the were headed next. The shards from Kouga had been collected already as well. Kagome went by her self to collect them cause she knew Inuyasha would be nothing but trouble and might kill Kouga to get the shard from him.


"Let me handle this one on my own Inuyasha!" Kagome said to Inuyasha.

"I dont like the idea of you being left alone with Kouga! So I am going with you!"

"No your not!"

"Yes I am!"

"SIT!" she yelled. As she began to walk away she added,"No your not."

Inuyasha was angry at her so he decided to let her go. "Fine go. But dont come crying to me if he wont give you the shards!"

Kagome knew Kouga was close by because she could sense the jewel shards and he knew she was near by because he could smell her.

"Kagome you have finally come to be with me and left that no good mutt Inuyasha." Kouga said while picking her up and staring into her eyes.

"Actually I have to ask you to do me a favor." she responded wiggling out of his grasp.

"Yes Kagome anything for you my love."

"I need your shards."

"And what would I have to gain from giving you my shards?"

"Well my thanks and respect and..." she quickly leaned and kissed him on the cheek. "Another one of those." she said batting her eyes at him.

"Wow." was all he managed to say. He quickly got his shards for her and held out his hand.

"Thank you so much Kouga this really means alot to me." She reached for the shards.

"Hey what about our deal?" He said closing his hand before she could snatch the shards.

"Oh yeah." She leaned up to give him a kiss on the cheek but instead she was pulled into a lip lock. She quickly pulled away from it though and procceded to grab the shards from him.

As soon as she got the shards she walked off leaving Kouga starry eyed. She quickly made her way back to the group.

Little did she know that Inuyasha was spying on them from afar. He witnessed the whole thing and all he could gasp was "Kagome."

The group was astonded by her returning with the shards. All but Inuyasha. He didn't speak a word to her ever since. He kept everything to himself thinking that he now knew who Kagome really wanted to be with, Kouga.

...End Flashback...

The shard from Kohakus back had also been retreived. Luckily he had lived through the proccess of taking out the shard.

"I wonder whats wrong with Inuyasha he hasn't been himself lately." Sango said quietly to Miroku.

"I think it is the fact that soon the jewel will be complete and he is worried of Kagome going back to her own time and not seeing her ever again." Miroku stated.

The group walked in silence the rest of the day.

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