Naraku opened his eyes. It was sunset, and the sky was streaked with dark blues, pinks and golds. The girl in his arms stirred, murmuring in her sleep. He stroked Kikyou's bare chest, shifting a bit in the warm bed. The miko had fainted from exhaustion shortly after they had agreed to stop their fighting.

"Mmm...what time is it?" she yawned, rubbing her face as she awoke.

"Almost nightfall."

Kikyou glanced up at him, hearing the husky tone in his voice. Two things became apparent, very quickly. She was naked, and in his bed. Oddly, neither seemed to bother her half as much as they probably should. It also occured to her that, in all her life (lives?), she had never been this close to anyone...especially a man. He laughed quietly as her cheeks flushed.

With a slight smile, Naraku rolled out of the bed, an idea entering his mind. "Get up. I'm going to take you somewhere."

"W-what?" she stammered, looking at the ground. Please gods, she thought rapidly, tell me he's not n--

His hand took hers, dragging her from the covers and to her feet. "Here," he said, holding out a dark green kimono.

After a few minutes, she'd managed to get it on, and adjust it to fit her body. Kikyou had also found the guts to look up, at Naraku. To her relief...and slight disappointment...he was properly dressed, and ready to go.

"Guide the way, oh fearless leader," Kikyou teased, keeping close to him as he led the way outside the castle.

He smirked, giving her a sidelong glance. "Does InuYasha usually wait by that dried up old well?"

"Do you mean the thing in the forest or Kagome?"

Naraku stopped, staring at her, before laughing. "Ehh, the forest," he snickered.

"Yes. Usually when his pet goes back to her own world. Why do you ask...?"

The demon only smiled, and kept walking. They fell into silence, walking deeper into the quickly darkening woods. About fifteen minutes later, they stood at the edge of the clearing. Kikyou opened her mouth to ask him again, but he placed his hand gently over her mouth, shaking his head and drawing her closer to him.

"Do you want revenge?" he whispered to her, an amused tone in his voice.

She nodded.

"Do you trust me?"

Kikyou paused, but remained silent. A few heartbeats passed, before she nodded again, less sure this time. I want to, she thought. But what on Earth was he planning?

Smiling again, this time with a hint of mischeif, Naraku slid off his kimono top. Kikyou's mouth dropped open for a moment, taking in the sight of his well-toned chest, before snapping it shut again. He held out his hand, and knowing full well now what he intended, she hesitated. Could she do this...? What would become of the Shikon no Tama if...ah, screw it.

Taking a breath, she clasped her hand with his, and he led her out into the open. This was it...her revenge. THEIR revenge...and a new beginning. Naraku watched the fading light dance in her eyes. How long had he waited for this day...? They both smiled, and he stopped once they were in the middle of the clearing, by the well. Looking slightly up into the treelines, he noticed a slight silver flash. Kikyou glanced from the trees to him. They both knew it could only be InuYasha.

How can I pretend that I don't see
What you hide so carelessly?

Slowly, Naraku reached out, taking her hair from it's ponytail. "You're free now," he said, his eyes softening. "...Are you sure this is what you want? There is no going back."

Her hand ran over his shoulders, and she laughed when he shivered. "I have no desire to go back."

Murring, he ran his hands down her sides, untying the kimono's obi and sliding it from her body. With the soft starlight on her kin, she looked like a carved, marble goddess. Kikyou smiled, her hand trailing down his back...noting the spider scar with a coy smirk... as she did the same. He leaned down to kiss her as they softly embraced, their bodies touched by the cool, twilight winds. Carefully, he lowered them both to the ground. Kikyou was shaking slightly...but there was a look of joy in her eyes. How he had longed to be the reason for that joy...and finally...

"I've never..." Kikyou paused, looking embarressed. "You know..."

Naraku stroked her neck. "I'm honored."

"You better be," she joked, not able to hide a small, nervous laugh.

His looked to the treeline. A flash of red, and golden eyes...he could see the hanyou's shadowy form...he could sense his hate. Looking back to Kikyou, he kissed her again, and took her.

I saw her bleed...
You heard me breathe,
And I froze inside myself,
And turned away.
I must be dreaming...

InuYasha turned his head, feeling sick. The bastard...the evil bastard.

We all live,
We all die.
That does not begin to justify you.

She was supposed to have belonged to him. Not to Naraku. What kind of twisted, demented world was that...?

It's not what it seems,
Not what you think...
No I must be dreaming.
It's only in my mind...
Not in real life,
No I must be dreaming...

...One where he didn't exist.

Hell, you know I've got to tell someone...
Tell them what I know you've done...
I fear you... but spoken fears can come true.

His eyes turned back. He saw their bodies, preforming the dance as old as time itself. And he was jealous.

We all live,
We all die,
That does not begin to justify you.

InuYasha felt the rage inside him boil. Naraku had looked right at him...he knew what he was doing. So did she. It was on was planned. Well, Naraku old boy, he though bitterly, it worked. You got what you wanted...

Kikyou closed her eyes, giving into Naraku's longheld lust. Why did this, this merging with her enemy...feel so right? A pale, purple glow radiated off their bodies, and he nearly halted from worry, but Kikyou kissed him.

"The Shikon shards in our bodies...they're reacting..."

It's not what it seems,
Not what you think,
No, I must be dreaming...
It's only in my mind,
Not in real life,
No I must be dreaming...

Feeling a stab of horror, InuYasha watched the purple glow become brighter around them...the power of the shards was being activated by...their love? It couldn't be...she loved that monster...

Not what it seems,
Not what you think,
I must be dreaming...

And the devil loved her.

InuYasha turned away, his heart heavy as a brilliant flash of light engulfed the clearing...his fate, and the end of his relationship with Kikyou...was sealed.

Not what it seems...
Not what you think...
...I must be dreaming...

...Just in my mind...
...Not in real life...

Naraku held Kikyou close, eyes closing, tired. She was nestled beside him, humming an ancient Japanese song. Such beauty...Finally, things were going as they should always been...True, she held the final jewel shard...but he didn't need it; the power he had felt not minutes before was confirmation of that. If they were in harmony, so were the shards...and they were very much in harmony.

"Hmm, I don't wanna wake up," she said, growling playfully, tugging at his hair.

He laughed, kissing her throat. "What do you mean?"

"For anything to be this good?"

"What about it?"

She smiled. "I must be dreaming."