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Summary: Sakura just turned 18, but at this age weird things have been happening to her. Things got even weirder when her parents tell her that they have to leave Konoha, but for what reason? Couples in later chapters First fic Please R & R.

Genre: Action/Adventure, Angst, Romance

Pairings: SasuSaku; SakuOC; NaruHina; NejiTen for the official pairings—see Chapter 18 for details.

Forgotten Past

Chapter 1—Prologue (Edited)

The sunset colors of orange and yellow clashed with each other in the distant sky. The surrounding area was scattered with pink petals that drifted towards the ground. The sound of water falling down a stream was what 18-year-old Haruno Sakura heard as she finished her daily training with none other than the Fifth Hokage, Tsunade. The scenery of Konoha always calmed her, taking away her exhaustion and the troubles that were filling her mind; however, the she can't seem to get her mind off of the last conversation she had with a raven-haired and onyx eyed individual named, Uchiha Sasuke before he has left her life over six years ago.


Sakura was waiting outside on the route leading outside Konoha when she saw Sasuke walking in her direction with a backpack slung over his shoulder. It was obvious that he was leaving Konoha. Somehow she knew this would happen because of his actions for the past few days. Suddenly the sound of Sasuke's voice took her out of her thoughts.

"Why are you prowling here in the middle of the night," he said without any concern evident in his voice.

She gazed at the ground refusing to look at him, "I knew you would come this way if you were to leave so I waited here."

"Get out of here and go back to sleep," he said looking at her coldly. He continued walking away from her.

Sakura felt tears forming in her eyes. They were running down her cheeks as she turned around with a sad voice saying, "Why won't you say anything to me?" She tried to calm herself down as she continued talking, "Why do you always keep so quiet? You never did say a single word to me?"

"I told you: I don't need your help. Don't try to look after me…"

Sakura let his words sink in, causing her to smile sadly. "No matter what, you would always hate me, won't you…" she paused for a while, "You remember don't you? When we became Genins, the day when our three-man team was first decided. The first time we were here all by ourselves, you were so mad at me…"


"Huh?" said the confused Sakura.

"It's a bit different having your parents mad at you," said Sasuke coldly.

Sakura became confused of what he was suddenly saying and became nervous. "What's wrong with you all of the sudden."

She saw Sasuke turning around to face her, and when his face was completely visible he said frigidly, "You're annoying."

The memory of the past just made Sakura smile sadly.

It took a while before Sasuke replied, "I don't remember that."

She couldn't believe that he would say that, which made her depressed. She forced a laugh, "Yeah, I guess you're right … that's all in the past, huh?

He didn't answer her.

She continued after a while, "That's when it all began though. You and me … along with Naruto and Kakashi-sensei…"

Sasuke just kept silent.

"We did all sorts of missions, just the four of us. It was difficult at times even with that though … I still enjoyed it." She paused and continued, "I know all about your past Sasuke, even if you get revenge though … it won't bring anyone happiness not even you Sasuke … nor me…"

"I already know…" interrupted Sasuke.

Sakura looked up, shocked by his words.

"I'm different from all of you. I can't be following the same path as you guys. Up until now… we've done everything as a group, but there is something else… I must do…deep inside my heart, I've always decided on revenge. For that reason only, do I live…" Sasuke's words sunk in, causing Sakura's emerald orbs to be flooded with tears. "I'll never be like you or Naruto."

Droplets of her tears were now falling to the ground, "Do you really want to go back to being alone? You told me how painful it was to be alone! Right now, I know your pain! I may have friends and family but…. If you were to leave… to me…" She couldn't control her tears now that it kept coming and coming out of her green orbs, "…to me… I would be as alone as you."

An image of Sakura and Naruto appeared on Sasuke's mind, "From here on out… we all begin new paths."

Sakura couldn't take Sasuke's arrogance anymore, "I…" she knew it was now or never. If she needed him to know her feelings for him, she had to let him know about it now. "I love you with all my heart!"

"If you stay with me… there would be no regrets…because, everyday we'd do something fun, we'd be happy…I swear! I would do anything for you! So…" she said, pouring all her emotions out. "Please, stay here with me…"

Sasuke was silent.

"I'll even help you with your revenge… I don't know what I could do… but, I'll do my best to do something…" she paused because she wasn't able to talk from crying. "So please… stay with me… or take me with you if you can't stay here…"

Sasuke turned around and gave her a cold gaze, "You really are annoying."

Sakura was stunned as she saw Sasuke walking away from her. "Don't leave! If you do, I'll scream!" She said desperately, only to be ignored as he kept on walking.

Suddenly she saw Sasuke vanish before her eyes, and the wind blowing behind her where she heard his voice, "Sakura…"

She then realized who it was. Sasuke-kun…

"Thank you."

Thank you? For what reason? How could he make her feel comforted just by saying the simplest things, and yet, he could also break her feelings by the saying hurtful words. Before she knew it, she was knocked unconscious.

End Flashback
She gave out a long, deep sigh. That memory just couldn't seem to leave her alone. No matter how hard she tried, she just couldn't forget about him; even when Naruto had failed to bring Sasuke back. She told Naruto that they would do it together, which was why she consulted the Fifth Hokage to train her. However, she still didn't think it was enough to bring Sasuke back. It only became even more difficult when they had to get him back from Orochimaru no less. 'Sasuke-kun… I'm still weak aren't I'

It was her birthday today; however, no one knew that it was though. She didn't know why, but her parents refused for her to speak of her birthday to anyone. She didn't force the issue on them because she knew that they wouldn't tell her anything than she already knew of.

However, every birthday she'd had was very different from today. Why? Because today she's been doing things that are…uh… let's just say – out of the ordinary. It's like she's a different person. Animals kept on coming to her today, like: birds, foxes, cats, dogs heck even bugs go to her. That is just freaky. Now, she even feels like the tree and the stream is trying to tell her something. Like communicating with her. Like how the hell can that happen. Mostly Shinobis use nature to train—like in other words, Shinobis manipulate nature, destroying it in the process, so why would nature want to… ehem communicate with her.

A small blue bird landed on her hand, which snapped her from her reverie. That was when she realized that the sun had already set, making the sky pretty dark. However, it wasn't dark enough for her not to see the her surroundings completely.

'On no, I'm late! Okaa-chan is going to kill me. I promised her that I'd go home early today.'

She laughed nervously, 'I'm afraid to go home. Okaa-chan can be pretty scary when she's angry. Ehehehe, well gotta go faster'.

She concentrated chakra on her feet and she moved at seconds she arrived at her destination.

She took at deep breath and reached for the doorknob. She grasped it tightly and just when she was about to turn it. The doorknob turned itself and the door opened, dragging her inside the house, making her stumble and fall in the process.

'Itai. Why the hell am I so clumsy at home?'

"Haruno Sakura!"

Sakura flinched at the loudness of her mother's voice. She became nervous that she closed her eyes, refusing to look at her mother. "I told you to come home before nightfall, but no — you came during nightfall!" Her mother yelled. After thinking it was safe, Sakura decided to open her eyes to look at her mother, who was glaring at her. Her father held a 'I-knew-this-would-happen' expression on his face.

She stood up and gave a nervous laugh making her mother talk again, "Now… what excuse do you have this time." Her mother said sternly, emphasizing the last two words.

"Um… er… how should I say this... um… I forgot," she said nervously.

She heard her father sigh, and gave Sakura a hopeless look, saying. 'Nice'

Her mother gazed at her warily, "Really now, and why did you forget."

"Um… er… because… er…" Sakura stammered, unable to think of a convincing excuse.

Her mother just gave a sigh and just said very softly, "You know very well that it's your 18th birthday today. It's a very special day."

"Very special day…" She parroted. Very special! How could this day be special! They just got to be kidding. This made her snap. "Then why couldn't I tell my friends when my birthday is, huh? What so special about that!" She barked.


"How can my birthday be special when nobody even know when I was born… except for the three of us?" She said as tears began to form on her eyes.

"How can today be special when most of the weirdest things happen today, huh?" She trailed off, her voice failing her.

Both her parents crooked an eyebrow at her comment. "What weird things? Did something happen—"

"Forget it. Can just please go to sleep now? Training really dosed me off." She cut her mother off, refusing to tell them the weird incidents that happened earlier that day.

"There is a reason why those things were necessary you know." Her father said softly, who was trying his best to comfort her.

"Like what?"

" I believe—that you want some answers, am I wrong?" Her father was still as calm as ever.

"Like—hell ya!" Inner Sakura was gaining control for the lack of patience.

Mrs. Haruno sighed. "I know how it must feel being kept secrets from, but…" she looked down, hesitant for a moment "…we're just trying to protect you."

Sakura was about to retort back when her mother continued, "That is why today we're leaving Konoha."

A gasp escaped from Sakura's lips. She was shocked, "But—but why, I love Konoha. I have all my friends here! I'm happy here! I—"

She was cut off when her mother suddenly hugged her like it was a matter of life and death. She was baffled. Why the hell is her mother being like this? Her mother would usually hug her every time she'd be sad, but it felt like this hug is full of regret and despair…for her.

"H—huh…" she tried to make out.

"I'm sorry Sakura. I'm so sorry." Sakura felt that something was dripping on her shoulder. Is her mother… crying?

Mother's … crying… Her expression soon softened. It hurts me when you cry, mother. She made a deep sigh, "Okay, fine I'll go with you."

Her mother let go of her to look at her face to face. Sakura saw her mother still crying not bothering to wipe the tears off her face. They were still looking at each other for quite a while. Emerald and chestnut orbs looking through each other. Suddenly, Sakura who couldn't take the tension anymore turned away from her parents and walked towards the stairs, but halted when she was on the foot of the stairs. "Maybe, I'll go and pack now." She said as cheerfully as possible, but inside her mind she was debating why she suddenly agreed in going.

Because I hate it when other people cry for me, she thought answering her own question with a smile.

After disappearing from her parents view, Mr. Haruno walked towards his wife and put his hand on her shoulder comforting her. "She will always be the same, eh?"

Now that Mrs. Haruno had finished crying, she wiped the tears off her face with a handkerchief that she took from her pocket. "Ya…"

"Today it begins."

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