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Chapter 2 – Leaving (Edited)

It was at nightfall when they decided to leave Konoha. Sakura was standing at a cliff looking one last time at her home… Konoha. She doesn't know how long she'll be gone, but she will come back – for sure.

"Don't worry, we'll come back again Sakura." Mrs. Haruno smiling at her who seems to have read her mind.

Sakura just continued to observe Konoha one last time, memorizing all its features in the darkness before it was time to leave it behind. She didn't even tell any of her friends that she will be gone, but then again Naruto was gone, training with Jiraiya and Sasuke… well Sasuke was somewhere with Orochimaru still very determined to gain enough power to kill his brother. Kakashi is somewhere out there reading his perverted book, the Icha Icha Paradise. Well, the bottom line was that she wasn't allowed to tell anyone of her sudden disappearance. A sigh escaped from her lips and she walked away from Konoha joining her parents on a journey to… who knows where.

They were miles away from Konoha; surprisingly, Mr. and Mrs. Haruno were running way ahead of with the pink haired kunoichi. What the hell! My parents even run faster than me and they're just registered as civilians. This is getting weirder and weirder. She thought suspiciously.

Feeling weak yet again, she focused chakra and went faster and passed the Haruno couple making them blink in confusion.

Chuckling at Sakura's sudden outburst, the Haruno couple moved faster to catch up to their daughter who was almost out of sight. "She's pissed isn't she?" Said Mr. Haruno with a grin forming from his lips.

Mrs. Haruno just replied by turning to look at him with a sincere smile on her face. "She still needs training."

"Once we get there, she'll get some."

After traveling for two hours they stopped to rest for the day to be able to continue with their journey tomorrow. Well, they had been traveling at night; therefore, they needed sleep to regain their strength for the next day's journey.

They were resting on the woods. They had a bonfire to heat themselves up and to lighten up their surroundings. Sakura was already sleeping quite a distance from the bonfire, tired of her sudden outburst because she wasted a too much chakra—and she was just running. What a great thing you would expect from a person with great chakra control.

Mrs. Haruno was sitting near the bonfire looking at her daughter very intently. Mr. Haruno sat beside her, and looked at her noticing how worried she was about the outcome of the future, "You shouldn't worry too much, Sumire. She's a strong girl, you know."

Sumire gazed at him for a while and then averted her gaze back towards the bonfire, staring at it sadly. "I can't help it, Sora."

There was silence until Sumire chose to talk once more, "Was it right that were taking away her happiness from her?"

"Did you think she was happy?" Asked Sora.

Sumire looked at Sora taken aback his question. She thought on how her daughter grew up in Konoha. "Well… ya… when we brought her in Konoha, she started to smile more… more than anywhere else."

"True, but then again, I always pass by her room every night and for the past six years… I can't say that she's happy." He said, informing the lady beside him.

"What are you tal—" Sumire started, only to be cut off by Sora.

"When I usually visit her room for the past six years, I hear her saying 'Sasuke-kun, I promise I'll bring you back no matter what it takes,'" He continued, cutting Sumire off.

"Sasuke… isn't he the sole survivor of the Uchiha clan." Sumire said.

"From what I can tell she's quite fond of him; there say—" Now it was Sumire's turn to cut him off.

"—love him." Sumire continued for him. "But he left, didn't he?"

"I suppose so." Sora trailed off.

"She's that desperate." Sumire said desolately, reverting her gaze back at the bonfire. "But no matter how much she loves him… her heart will always be broken in the end."

Sora stood up, "That's why we need to get back to Mystic Valley as soon as possible. She needs to be trained, or she won't stand a chance against…" He looked at Sumire until she averted her gaze to his direction, he continued, "…her." He closed his eyes, smirking. "Am I right… Yuki."

An 18-year-old guy came out of the shadows, revealing himself. His hair was layered in a color of reddish-brown. He was wearing a red jacket, which goes into a tattered knee-length cape. Large decals covered much of the back of his cape. His cape is in a topless style that shows off most his pecs. He wears a rough leather guard that has a gold trim at the wrist. He wears reddish-brown pants that are tucked in brown, matching, none designed metal-strapped boots. His weapon was a long red rod with golden ends. He looked very much Asian, but he can also be described as a… drop dead gorgeous guy.

"Yo," he greeted.

"Yuki, what are you doing here?" Sumire confused of his sudden arrival.

"Passing by." Yuki said coolly.

"You know you just don't pass-by anymore these day, Yuki." Sora said, still smirking.

"Well, let's just say that I wanted to visit my long lost friend." Yuki said, returning the smirk back at Sora, after he turned to gaze at the sleeping kunoichi, still unaware of the sudden visitor.

The Haruno couple just stared at him in an eerie silence.

"Speaking of a long lost friend… you know that she can't get to the Mystic Valley that easily—" He stopped, waiting for the Haruno couples reaction. He continued after getting blank looks, sounding very amused. "—let's see how strong our little Sakura is now with just the help of Jutsus."

"Don't tell me you will be the one who will test her?" Sumire inquired him obnoxiously. Sora gazed at Yuki suspiciously.

"Let's just say that the test won't be what you seem it will be." Yuki said, taking one more glance at the sleeping Kunoichi carefully. Anyone would realize that he held a deep affection for the woman. He turned around to leave, but stopped. "But I should warn you, you can't help her in any way… she has to do this all by herself." And he disappeared from their sight.

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