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Don't Touch My Monkey...

Chapter 1

The Possible Home

Kim lay back on her bed, feeling good to just be home. Ron and her had returned from Japan early this afternoon, and had spent most of the evening telling their families all about their trip to Yamanouchi. Well, not all about their trip, they had left one fact about the bond completely out. Essentially , they said that Sensei and Nooni's ritual completed the bond (Sensei had explained some things they hadn't seen), just washing over their 'time' together.

Kim remembered her and Ron's talk…

"It's not lying, is it?" Kim had asked on the plane back to the states, looking doubtful.

"…yeah, maybe not…" Ron said, his own doubt apparent.

"Ron, I can't tell our parents that we had… sex." Kim breathed, realizing that term was nowhere close in describing what they had done. "I'm not ready for that. I might tell… Monique, if you don't mind, just to have a girlfriend to talk to…"

"Doesn't bother me, KP. Mo can keep a secret. Not about the Power, though…" Ron replied quietly, going all jivey. "And don't go advertisin' yer man, or the ladies will come ah knockin'…"

The couple was lying across their first class seats, the cabin darkened for sleep. Ron made light 'spider hands' on her tummy, his arms around her, under her shirt, enhancing his pimped-out jest.

Kim giggled softly, grabbing his hands under the blanket upon them, arching her back into his chest. "Stop, Ron …"

Ron did, cuddling her close instead. She didn't resist, her body blending with his like a Team Possible smoothie.

"Sorry, KP…" he smiled, pulling her even closer. "Couldn't help it."

"S'ok Ronny… ya know, we have been so silly…" Kim smiled, thoughtful.

"Whatcha mean, Kim?" Ron wondered.

"I mean us before Prom an all. You've tickled me lots of times before. I've even tackled you onto a bed or sofa before, because of it." Kim pondered.

"Yeah, you have. That was different though…" Ron answered.

"I know; we were 'just best friends' goofing around. But it still feels that way on some level, doesn't it?" Kim queried, bringing Ron's hand up to cover the breast above her heart, making a point. "I mean, this isn't the first time you've ever touched me, not by a long-shot. Not like this, always 'by accident'; but we denied our selves for over a year, at least. We would just 'excuse' things automatically. Like it didn't happen."

"Yeah… I see what yer sayin', KP, and they were good times… remember for real, KP?" Ron whispered, instantly cupping her through her bra, not really thinking about it.

"You are so right, Ron!" Kim popped. "I never thought twice when our hands would 'stray' when we were just friends, but they were good times!"

"Sometimes it would get awkweird, just for a sec, and we would change the subject, like nothing happened." Ron remembered, smiling.

"Yeah. Weird, huh?" Kim nodded.

"Nah, just different… we never denied ourselves, KP. We were just different for a while, when those things happened."

"We were! Ron… I think I may have moved under your touch on purpose before…" Kim realized.

"I know I've done the same…" Ron admitted.

"See, it's so silly…" Kim wondered, shaking her head. "Why did we fool ourselves?"

"Yeah… but it was nice, in it's own way. Nice and silly."

"Silly-nice…" Kim agreed.

"That's what I said…" Ron honestly yawned. He leaned in and kissed Kim's ear lightly. "I guess I've wanted-loved you for a while now…"

Kim tingled, feeling good enough to die in his arms. "Yeah, me too…"

Ron snuggled into her. "Night, KP."

Kim smiled, satisfied. "Night, hun."

Kim flashed back to reality, on her bed, in her house. Feeling fine. Feeling well done.

She grabbed her phone. She dialed Monique.

"Kim!" Monique answered, noticing the caller ID. "What is up my 'back from Ninja High' girlfriend?"

"Hey Moni!" Kim stated. "I have a gift for you…"

"Oh yeah, girl, it better be silk…" Monique shot, "… nobody goes to Japan and doesn't bring silk back…"

"Yep. I got you a kimono style top, nice, light gray, with ravens embroidered in black around the collar… and, you have to act surprised for him, but Ronny and I picked you out some pearls!"

"Pearls?" Monique peaked. "Girl, I just went from kimono to diggity-dang! Ron got me pearls?"

"Really nice pearl earrings, with a neat Japanese wire design around them…" Kim gushed, "… you'll love them. They'll look so good on you… I helped him pick them out."

"My girl!" Monique cried, throwing her fist in the air. "My boy!"

Kim smiled, hugging herself. "Yeah, he said we should get you something extra nice cause you've always been our friend."

"…he said we should… and… always our friend?" Monique wondered out loud. "Ok, you are Kim Possible, right?"

"Last time I checked, Moni…' laughed Kim, "… why?"

"You are startin' to talk about ya'll as one…" Monique perked. "Girl, how well do you know that boy?"

"Monique, I don't know what you're talking about…" blushing behind her phone.

"Spill." Monique pounced, recognizing Kim's frail tone.

"Ok… well, I… I… Ron and I… we, yeah… two days after we got to Japan…" Kim hushed.

"Girlfriend…" Monique gasped, surprised. "You gave him the keys to the rumpus room?"

"Ron already had the key, Moni. I just let him in." Kim said softly.

"Oh. My. God…" breathed Monique.

"That's not bad, is it?" Kim asked, seeking approval. "As in smutty bad? We've only been going out for a while now…"

"NO! As long as you and Ron have loved each other, it's amazing ya'll waited so damn long." She burst. "Ya closet freaks."

"What…?" Kim started into the phone, eyes wide.

"Beside that… slight interlude before your real Prom," Monique went on, referring to the Eric sitch, "…you and Ron hung all over each other pretty constantly. You really think boys avoided you because you round-housed a bad guy on TV once or twice? Girl, most of those boys figured Ron was your man, kinda." Monique stated. "Everybody cheered, remember? How often does that happen?"

"Yeah…" Kim remembered Prom, smiling. "I guess you're right."

"So… did it… hurt?" Monique asked, serious.

"Yes… and no. It got better, real quick." Kim grinned into the phone.

"Really! Damn… " Monique sighed. "Ron was good?'"

"No comment." Kim deadpanned.

"Ron was good!" Monique cried. "… girl, dish!"

"Shut up, Moni!" Kim blushed, grinning. "It's not like that…"

"Shoot, I bet that boy's passionate, isn't he?" she guessed flatly.

"Very…" Kim's mouth replied before her mind could stop it.

"Yes!" Monique shot, "Go, girl!"

"I so don't wanna talk about that…" Kim said, flushing audibly at her mistake. "Stop, Moni…"

"… ok, baby girl." Monique tittered. "We'll just take it for granted, your boy rocked your world."

"Monique!" Kim squealed, giggling.

"Ok, ok… how'd it happen? Details, woman!"

Kim told Monique about Yamanouchi, how romantic their guesthouse was, how Yuri was jellin', and Ron's telling the ninja how he felt. She even told her about her bath with Nooni, and how nice the elder lady turned out to be. She kept back any 'Monkey' stuff, knowing that info was hers and Ron's alone.

"Uh-huh. Sure, Japanese temple, hot tub, sweet old geisha lady… how was it? For real?" Monique dug further.

"Sooo nice Monique. Ron was as gentle as he could be. It was magical. Like Disney movie magical. I swear there were fireworks." Kim gushed happily.

"Yes, that's what I'm talkin' about… gimme more…" Monique begged. "How many times?"

"Monique! … well, six, but who's counting?" Kim smiled. "Even the time when Ron didn't –

Kim hushed. She had been about to say, 'use the Monkey Power on us was great.'

"What, 'give you his oral report'?" her friend finished. "Six times in six days! Ya'll are freaks! Wait, you said nothing happened for the first two days, so six times in four days? Damn, gonna have to start callin' Ron 'Babe Ruth'!" Monique cried.

"Huh?" Kim grunted.

"Cause he likes to hit it, baby girl!" she roared, laughing.

"You are a bad, bad, girl, Moni!" Kim laughed. "Seriously, Ron knows I'm telling you, but don't tease him or anything. I don't think he's gonna tell anybody about it. He wants to keep it between us."

"Of course. He's the perfect man!" Monique sighed. "Perfect for you, I mean. Kim, you are sooo damn lucky."

"I know… I mean, yes, he is great. He makes me so happy." Kim replied dreamily.

"Humph. Happy my big ole butt. Sounds like 'horny' to me." Monique chastised.

"Well, I am not even going to respond to that remark, you, uh you…ah, what's the use…" Kim stammered, finally stopping. "Yeah, that's about right. I can't wait until he and I can be alone again." She shyly said.

"Kim, I am so totally and completely happy for you, girlfriend. You and Ron will be so… happy! That's the just best word for you two. Happy!"

"Yeah…" Kim agreed. She turned the tableson her girlfriend. "So… how about you and Brick? Did you kids have a good time while we were away?" he joked, mock matronly.

"Well, there is a huge advantage to not knowing how to swim when your hunky boyfriend has a pool in his backyard." Monique shot, excited. "And, he finally just reached out and kissed me! After zillion's of clues."

"And…?" Kim asked, knowing smile growing.

"And other… stuff. Can't tell ya yet, details are sketchy. But he's most def on the right track."

"Moni… I asked Ron to make sure Brick wasn't going to hurt you when you guys first started hanging out. We were worried about you…" admitted Kim.

"Girl…" Monique growled, "You had Ron 'Big-Brother' for me? Snap! Why would you boneheads do that? That's why the big lug was draggin' his feet! Remind me to smack both ya'll right upside the melons!"

"I'm sorry, Moni! We were worried about you; you're our best friend…" Kim stated.

"Ok. One, this we/us/our crap is gonna get old real quick, Mrs. Stoppable." Monique huffed. "Two, I forgive you, but I can take care of myself, girl! You know this! Save the world; I'm ok!"

"Sorry Monique, I know. I guess we… I just got over protective." Kim said truthfully.

"You? Whodda guessed it? And don't think I'm gonna forgive Stoppable that easy… lets see, Italian, or perhaps Mexican? Maybe a 'breakfast for dinner' motif? Hmmm…" She wondered. "Either way, can't lose. He better understand that he is making a dinner for me. Soon! Me, you, Brick and whoever the heck else I wanna invite!"

"That's all you're gonna make him do? Ron loves to cook…" Kim said, "…that's not a punishment to him. Especially when he's got an audience."

"Yeah, but the boy can work it in the kitchen!" Monique smiled, slyly. "And, apparently, the bedroom too. From what been hearin'…"


Days later…

He watched in hiding, peering through the twilight, as the three school kids walked into Stoppable's house, venom coursing through his veins. They were all happy and laughing, of course, nothing amiss in their meager little lives, all sugar and spice. The brutish blond went inside first, followed by the dark girl. Stoppable and Possible shared a kiss before going in, and the faint mist of the Mystical Monkey Power glowed quickly around the pair, on and off.

His mouth grew dry, causing him to lick his lips. "So, he has formed his bond with Possible! …" he mumbled "… of course. It's about time those two got it on. Enjoy it while you can, young buffoon. The girl, the love, and the Power are yours… for now. You took what I value most… well, all is fair in love and war, so they say, eh, Stoppable?"

The dark figure lurched away into the night.


Three fourths of the gang arrived at Ron's house. Kim, Monique, and Brick climbed out of the boy's van, heading for the front door, which opened as they walked.

"Oh-laaaa, me amigos, welcome tu me casa! Me casa es su casa, but wipe your feet or my Mom will beat me…" Ron jibed, grinning goofily.

"Stopps…" Brick said, flashing the salute of Peace and Love.

"Yo, Bee. Sup?" Ron said, returning it.

"Good stuff?" Brick said, nodding into the house, hunger on his mind.

"As if…" Ron piped, his body saying 'of course'.

"Ah, 'man-talk'. The only thing in 'man-world' where less is more…" jested Monique. "You got my dinner ready, 'big-brother' ''?

"Yeah, I'm ready… little sister." Ron smiled at her. "Those earings look badical on you!"

"Hey Ronny, smells good. So what are we havin'; Mo wouldn't say." Kim asked.

"Wait and see, KP…" Ron smiled, holding her to him. He turned to Brick and Monique. "You guys go head into the kitch. There's some goodies on the counter. My mom and pop are out tonight, dinner and a movie. I'm going to have a quick encounter moment with Kim. Run along now…" he mock chided.

"Hor's D'oeuvres…" Monique whispered. "Best part of the meal…"

"Don't have to tell me twice, babe. Race ya…" Brick said, arching his eyebrows. They ran into the house like Ron had just pressed the

self-destruct button for the outside world.

Ron leaned into Kim, placing a chaste kiss on her lips.

"No way, monkey boy…gimme some sugar baby..." Kim said, kissing him again firmly. Ron let the Power run through them for a second, giving them a little buzz.

"Ah, yeah, nice to see you too, KP…" Ron breathed.

"…mmm…" Kim purred, flushed.

"RONALD!" came a shriek from the other room. "THESE ARE NOT WHAT I ORDERED!"

Ron bolted into the kitchen, KP following, sliding past a frowning Monique on his stocking feet, a bowl of plain taco chips in her hands. Stopping before the oven door and grabbing a hot pad, he made a show out of pulling a cookie sheet out.

"Viola!" he stated, pronouncing the word phonetically. On the sheet was an entire pan of homemade dippin' sticks, complete with extra cheese. He placed them on the countertop.

"Ron, you are the man!" shouted Monique, about to dive into the steaming goodness.

Quickly, Rufus jumped between her and the sticks, secret ninja style.

"Whoa!" he cried, holding his 'talk to the hand' paw up. He quickly ran around the pan, checking to see where the cheeses were thickest. Making his decision, he grabbed a giant spatula, pulling off four crunchy soft sticks.

"Uh-huh, mine. Ok!" He squeaked, smiling, offering the rest to them.

"Leave it to the naked mole rat to get the cheesiest. Damn.", huffed Monique, scouting out the rest. "Dippin' sauce, Ron, we must have dippin' sauce. I know you did not let me down…"

"I have not…" Ron announced, pulling a warming bowl of thick, chunky, cheesy… marinara sauce out of the oven.

"I call it Mexican Spaghetti Sauce, perfect for dippin', toppin', and hip-hop boppin'!" he said, placing it on the island. He grabbed a container and spooned out a dollop of sour cream on top.

"Monique, if you and KP most kindly will, please do begin the service…" he preached to the choir, as the girls were already on it.

Kim gathered a bunch on a plate, and Monique took double.

"Kim you gotta plan ahead, we got a movie to watch later, and you know how good these will taste then, when they're hard and gooey?" she stated, rushed.

Looking down at the sheet of long and warm breadsticks, many still left, Kim defined the word possible. As in, anything's possible.

"Yeah, some of Ron's sticks would be awesome later on…" whole-hearted agreement in her tone.

As soon as she said it, she knew it was bad. She began blushing furiously.

Brick jock-ggled, snorting. "Go, Possible!" he snarfed, teasing, munching on the bowl of chips, his experienced glance embarrassing Kim even more.

Monique looked at Kim. Kim shot her a look that said 'please don't look at me, don't make it obvious', so Monique turned to Ron.

Ron automatically went into action, seeing his partner in 'trouble'. Distraction time.

"For you see, my friends, God put the breadstick on Earth for a purpose, oh yeah, a purpose…" he pounded the countertop, causing it too shake a little. "… and, what you might ask, is that purpose, me amigos italiano? I will tell you. It is to come before a salad, then a… can I get a witness… a Main Course?"

"Oh, yes lord…" Monique cried, playing her part in the cover.

"Yessss!" Ron bellowed. "Sister Monique asked for the dinner to end all dinners… lemme tell ya 'bout it… Sister Moniqie-ee-deek asked, her voice guided from above, she asked the Ronster to make her a dinner…"

"Oh my I told him, I did…" Monique cried. "I told him what was needed."

"Yessss!" Ron began again. "The Ronster had a task. 'Do something Mexican pizzeria…' she said to me, innocent in her command. The girl… is a prophet. One of many more to come, but a prophet, none the less. She didn't know –

"I dint!" Monique said, awed.

"She didn't know what she asked, you see? Just… prepare yourselves, for a taste sensation, a revelation, a new sensation, a re-evaluation, the combination of Italian fast food and Mexican fast food…" he paused, "… Mexitaliano…" he hissed.

"Go Stoppable!" Brick said, giving full witness, Kim's slip of the lip no longer a part of the convo.

"Ron…" Kim said, smiling.

"I'm on it KP…" Ron stated, turning to Brick, "Let us dine, my brother…"

"I'm down with it…" Brick smoothed, recognizing and sizing up the situation, despite Ron's efforts. Kim had been a little too embarrassed, but so what? If Kim and Ron's relationship had been bumped up a notch, well, it was about time. "Too cool, in my opinion."

Ron started. "Yeah, whatever…"

"Yeah, whatever…" Monique added.

"Oh, whatever…' Kim sighed. She looked at Ron, and then looked at Brick.

"Yah, what the heck ever…" Brick said, shaking his head, shaking the sitch off, "… now gimme some breadsticks, 'girls-first' time is up!"

He dove into the remaining snacks, grabbing many, pulling the bowl ofsauce closer to him.

Monique began to hover around the remaining treats, defensively. "Release the sauce, big boy."

"What? Try and get it, chica…" Brick snickered.

Kim Possible pulled the bowl from his grasp impossibly quick, smiling. "Lets eat then, and we'll do it together…" she said, setting it down in the middle. This time no one batted an eye at Kim's choice of wordage.

"Amen!" cried Ron, grabbing a morsel, jamming it into the dip. He pulled it out, holding it for Kim to bite. She did.

"Delish…" she affirmed the sauce's goodness, her mouth full.

"Look out…" Brick said, sliding a stick through the sauce. He brought it up to his mouth, and then paused. He pushed it to Monique. She bit down, without hesitation.

"Too good…" She smiled, swallowing. "Thank you, big boy."

The four continued to eat, teasing each other like teens do, taking seats at the kitchen table, as Ron brought out the next courses. All was good, as to be expected. He had created an antipasto salad with a spicy tex-mexranch dressing, and for the main course, something he called 'Lasagnarritos'. Kind of like lasagna, but wrapped up in a fried tortilla shell, with the homemade sauce overtop.

Rufus didn't bother with his own plate for the last courses, instead opting to scurry from teen to teen, swiping bits here and there. He finally collapsed in the center of the table, stuffed.

"Oh boy…" Monique sighed, leaning back in her chair. "Props to the cook. All has been forgiven."

"So right! Ronny, that was way too tasty. How do you think this stuff up?" Kim wondered.

"Dunno." Ron answered. "I just combine stuff I like until I get something good."

"Awesome eats, dude." Brick stated, chewing on a breadstick as if it were a cigar. "Anything for desert?"

"Yep. Now, or after the movie?" Ron asked.

"Now. Let's do it." Brick answered.

"Your gonna have to carry me to the couch, big boy…" Monique moaned.

"Ten four, babe, that's a can do…" he replied, "… whatchu got, Stops?"

"Oh, maybe some homemade ice cream, perhaps…" Ron goofed. "Made it this morning."

"…mmm…" Monique perked up. "What flavor?"

"New one." Ron said, looking at Kim. "Cherries and Mint. Quite… tasty, I assure you."

"You not right." Kim sing-sang, smiling at him coyly.

Ron winked. He got up, pulling a container out of the freezer. He also grabbed four bowls from the cupboard.

Kim got up. "Come on guys, let's clean up a bit while Ron get's us hooked up…" she said, putting her plate in the dishwasher.

Brick and Monique followed, and then started to clear the table. "Ron, can we take the ice cream in the TV room? I'm ready for some laid back time…" Monique asked.

"Yeah, sure…" replied Ron, scooping. "Who wants chocolate syrup?"

"ME!" came back, three-part harmony.

"Ok, dumb question." Ron smirked.

The kitchen relatively cleaned, the teens took their bowls into the Stoppable's den, coupling down on the big sectional sofa in front of the TV. Ron jumped back up, placing his bowl on the coffee table next to Rufus. "Dang, forgot to put the movie in. Rufus, guard my ice cream…"

"Hnk-haa, gotcha!" the rodent cried, thrusting his entire head into the cold treat, slurping loudly. He popped up, wearing a chocolate sauce goatee and mustache."... tasty!"

"Better hurry, Ronny, I don't think Roofy fully understands the concept of 'guarding'…" Kim said, watching the little guy.

"Lil rodent!" Ron said, giving his bud the evil eye. "Ok, what'll it be, action with 'G-Men:2', or the sappy-crappy chick-flick 'The Loose Leaf Binder'?"

"Ronny, you almost cried when we saw that sappy movie in the theatre, ya big sap…" Kim grinned.

"Did not!" Ron stated, giving his girl a hushed "...keep that on the down-low, KP." on the side.

"Girlie-man…" Brick gruffed. "But put in the chick-flick anyway…it's not bad."

"Awww, Bricky's a big softie…" Monique teased, smiling.

"Eat yer ice cream, babe…" Brick stuck his tongue out at her.

"Chick-flick it is…" Ron settled, placing the disc in the tray. He came back over to the sofa, reaching down to pull Rufus out of his ice cream bowl. A little over half of the creamy goodness was left.

"Gee, thanks for savin' me some, pal…" he deadpanned.

"No problem!" Rufus smiled, licking his chocolate face off.

"Hush, it's starting…" Monique hissed, settling into Brick's side.

"Cherries and mint?" Kim whispered to Ron as the soundtrack started, grinning, heat in her green orbs.

"Yeah…" he smiled, "…a little birdie told me it would be good…"


Ron hit the mute button on the remote as Kim keyed the Kimmunicator.

"Go Wade!"

"Kim, is this a bad time?" Wade Lode asked, seeing Ron snuggled next to her on the couch.

"No, we're just hanging with Moni and Brick…" Kim said.

"HI WADE!" Monique and Brick shouted together, making Kim think of talking to her Mom at work.

"What's the sitch, Wade?" Kim asked.

"Bad news Kim; Drakken and Shego…" Wade sighed, "… have escaped."

end - Well? Is that Monkey Fist? How did Dr. D and Shego escape this time? Why are Brick's initials 'BF'? Does Ron ever sneak a peak down Kp's pants, thru that damn gap in the front? Tune in next time for some thilling conclusion type stuff on 'Don't Touch My Monkey'. Peace and love, THANKS!