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Don't Touch My Monkey - Chapter 9

About a week had gone by since Team Possible had defeated both Drakken and Monkey Fist. Fist had been taken into custody, now with new aggravated assault and attempted murder charges weighing upon him. Canadian Feds were working with Global Justice to ensure a long, if not life sentence. Things had been slow since, and life in Middleton rolled along as always.

The Jenkins family and Brick Flagg sat in the living room of the Jenkin's home on a Sunday afternoon, watching pre-season football. Mr. J and Brick's convo about whether or not he would play college ball had migrated into a discussion on choices of college major.

"You could probably get a full ride at many schools. If you need a recommendation letter for your applications, lemme know. They always need a good QB, or heck, your size, you would be a good tight end too." Mr. J stated.

"Yea, boy, nice tight end…" Monique mumbled under her breath, sitting next to Brick.

"Aw, that's cool, Mr. J, thanks…" Brick stated, trying not to giggle. "… anyways, my Dad says I should major in business, he says I got a good way with people, when I speak up. I gotta whole year of high school left to figure it out. Hey, you guys are comin' to his 'end of summer' party? He really wants you too, it'll be as good as last years…"

"Yes, of course we are big boy…" Mama J smirked "… and I'm makin' my shrimp dip, too. You boys need a woman's touch when you set up your stuff, maybe I should call your Daddy... offer my assistance."

Mama J referred to the past, as Brick's dad always had a big TV at his end of summer gatherings, focused on football, as the season was beginning. Usually near the food table. The area always became a man-magnet. Some of the girls, her own included, also became entranced with the eats and gridiron talk.

"Cool, he'd like that, Mama J…" Brick said, "… but the football will be there; my dad loves to watch his game, Mama J.' He said, knowing what she referred to. "But he's getting Josh Mankey's band this year, so there'll be dancin' and stuff too…"

"And he understands the need for ribs; I ordered a big shipment from Omaha steaks…" Mr. Jenkins replied, grinning, thinking of the big BBQ grill Rock Flagg always rented for the shindig. "I'll mix up some of my famous sauce, bring it over too."

"Famous sauce…" Mama J rolled her eyes. "…it's ketchup, hot sauce, and grape jelly. Hmph."

"Yeah, but it is good Mama…" Monique stated, nodding.

"Thank you, baby girl. Least one woman in this family appreciates the man of the house…"

Meanwhile, at the Possible Home…

Kim and Ron sat up in her bedroom, almost a week after they had beat Monkey Fisk. The only new rule about their relationship imposed by the Drs. Possible was that her bedroom trapdoor remained open while they were up there, so they were talking quietly. They sat Indian style on her bed, face to face, their hands intertwined.

"Yeah, so I don't think you'll be able to use the Power like that all the time. That was kinda a life/death thing, something I can only do when I'm emotionally amped, like when you make me…ah, when you pin me."

"It was weird, I tore those ropes like thread." Kim said, smiling. "Still, our bond sure did come in handy. Not like we didn't sort of have a 'bond' before, but the whole mental linkage thingy will be great when we have to go undercover. And the whole healing thing was interesting too."

"Yeah, but we'll have to be careful, KP. If one of us takes a hard shot, linked up, we both feel it. I felt your neck…" Ron changed his direction, not wanting to think about the event. "I felt Fist's nose crack under your hand, which was badical, by the way." Ron answered proudly.

"As if I have to worry about that, Ron; Shego couldn't touch you." Kim said, giggling. "You look so… funny when you go all Monkey Fu like that. Now that I know what it is, I know it's not the clumsy lucky things I've seen you do before I knew about Monkey Power, but it still looks that way. You look like a rubber chimp, when you do it all at once, like you did with Shego. It's not the most graceful martial art, but it certainly seems effective."

"I feel that way too! Just like a rubber chimp. Good call, KP." Ron laughed. "So, what do you wanna do this afternoon? Only two more weeks til school starts back, and we got Brick's party next weekend…"

Kim grinned wickedly, her hands squeezing his tightly. She sent him a playful message as to what, or rather who she wanted to do this afternoon, evening, and early morning tomorrow.

"Kim, that smile scares me…" Ron said in mock horror. "Your interest in wrestling has become… disturbing…"

Kim rose up on her knees, her claws out, ready to pounce on her victim. Ron tried to butt-wiggle backwards, his hands reaching out behind him to use the bed as leverage incase the were-vixen jumped. His hands met nothing but air; he had misjudged his position on the mattress. He tumbled backwards onto the floor with a thud and a grunt.

Rufus looked over from Kim's computer; he was playing Everlot, teaming up online with Wade's wizard.

"Hnk-Haa! Fall down!" he pointed, rolling on his back giggling at his boy. Kim flopped on the bed, her own laugher joining the mole rats. She came down off her bed, crawling over like a cat to look down at him. She gave him a quick kiss.

"You Ok there, Monkey boy?" she smirked.

"Oh, sure, KP, when I'm good, its all 'my Monkey Master'," he deadpanned, flat on his back. "…but when I'm not, its 'Monkey boy'. Nice, Kimmie. Real nice…"

The were-vixen returned, whispering. "If I remember correctly, it's when you're not such a good boy that you're my Monkey Master…" she teased. Kim gave him another kiss, this one with jalapenos and hot sauce on it.

Rufus watched them for a sec, then turned back to his game, smiling happily.

"…coolie-o…" Ron breathed. "May I 'ave sum moor please, mummy?"

Kim smiled, kissing him again, tender this time, her tongue snaking onto his, dancing slowly. A little blue tendril of Power slid up from Ron, drawing her in. She placed her hand on his cheek softly, stoking her thumb back and forth, melting into him. After a few time frozen seconds, she broke from him, sighing, the adult version of the puppy dog pout masking her face.

"It is too easy to get carried away with you, Ronald Stoppable." She stated, patting his chest lovingly. "Let's go on a scooter ride, shall we Fearless?"

Ron smiled, touching her soft hair. "Where to Ferret Girl?"

"Anywhere. Anywhere, as long as it's devoid of civilization." Kim purred, getting up. "I want some nice, easy Ron-time, know what I mean?"

"How 'bout old Mr. North's back forty? Nobody out there but his horses." Ron suggested, smiling. He sent her a sweet feeling of lying in the long grass, watching the animals stroll about on a lazy Sunday.

"I like the way you're thinking, Agent Stoppable…" Kim agreed.

Rufus signed off, jumping into Ron's pocket for a nap. The couple went down and told Kim's parents they were going for a ride, grabbed their helmets, and started off, scooter buzzing along, no rockets today.

"Ronny…" Kim said from behind Ron, "… let's stop at Smarty Mart an get a couple of bottles of water and some apple crisp's to take with."

"Gotcha Kimmie!" Ron replied. He steered into the vast parking lot of the market, killing the engine.

Rufus tugged at Ron's pants. "String cheese!" he cried.

"Cool Rufus, we can get some for ya…" Ron smiled.

The teens roamed up and down the isles, collecting the items for their impromptu picnic. Ron lead them to the row which had snacks on it, and as they turned down it, they spotted Mr. Barkin, dressed in a khaki outback style button down and comfortable shorts and sandals, comparison shopping the corn chips. It kind of stunned them, seeing him so casual.

He noticed the youths heading his way.

"Ah, Stoppable, Possible." Mr. Barkin gruffed. "Going for a hike? Exercise is important, even in the summer months. Good call."

"Actually, Mr. B, we're just gonna have a picnic of sorts out in the country…" Ron replied, grabbing somePop Pop's apple chips off the shelf. "We been getting plenty of exercise lately. Lotsa cardio."

Kim hid a grin quickly at Ron's sarcasm. She switched the shopping basket she was holding from one hand to the other, so she could take Ron's 's hand and squeeze it, chiding him.

Steve Barkin looked at the blond boy, watching the girl take his hand. He had grown an inch or two over the summer, but he recognized something else too. The boy stood a little straighter now.

Barkin had worked with kids for most of his non-military life; this pair he had observed since they had been freshmen at MHS. He had been at the Prom last year, and had overlooked at regulation PDA between the two, telling him self it was a personal duty as vice principal to promote harmony at school functions.

The Possible girl was a model student, save for the constant absences she built up due to her… outside activities. She always made up her work, however, most times on schedule too.

The Stoppable boy, well, he was a hard case, but Steve had to admit, he'd seen more courage from him than a lot of the soldiers he had commanded in the past. Lots of potential there, and he had always ridden the kid hard, even in the face of danger, like the time at Camp Wannaweep. The boy had shown good resourcefulness in the course of his actions, saving the cheer squad and Barkin himself. Stoppable also made a delicious German chocolate cake among other culinary goods, even student teaching a class for a semester.

Vice Principal Barkin recognized a student slight when he heard one, however. He had heard many from Stoppable over the last three years.

"Good Stoppable, it's important for a man to stay on top of things." He sassed back, a slight grin washing over his granite features.

"Ah yeah, Mr. Barkin… sure. Well, we're gonna go check out…now." Ron replied, not sure know to take that comment.

Kim just outright blushed, pulling Ron towards the front of the store.

"Ms. Possible, I expect a round of horseshoes at Mr. Flagg's summer gathering…" Barkin called after them, breaking up on the inside.

"Sure, of course, Mr. Barkin…" she girl squeaked, slipping out of sight, dragging the boy with her.

Steve Barkin turned back to the chips shelved in front of him, smiling his satisfied grin.

'… good kids. Make good citizen's one day.'

Later that evening…

Monique's parents had gone to their church, as they were on some committee or other. Monique and Brick, being conscientious teenagers, decided to use the alone time to further their studies in human relations.

Monique sat sideways on the big blonds lap, her lips super glued to his, hands on his neck and chest. Brick hand was under her shirt, beneath her undone bra, hungrily kneading her bare breast. She could feel him pulsing under her, and was quite happy about the rise in the blue jean market.

The smothering smooch broke due to a need for air, and their eyes met. Monique smiled at him shyly, arching her bosom into his grasp. Brick pinched, and she responded with a little girl grunt.

Brick smiled. He pulled his hand off of her softness, and grabbed the hem of her Middleton Football T-Shirt, pulling it up. Monique arched her back, her own hand pulling her bra up, exposing her self to him. He bent forward and latched on to her like a newborn, her kissing and nibbling his thick neck, as pleasure unknown to her coursed through her body. She enjoyed the feel of his wet tongue, the urgent pain of his gnashing teeth. Collective breathing began to quicken, and his hips began to move under her body, ebbing.

He switched points, giving equal time lest there be any jealousy between the 'girls'. Monique moaned softly, watching him.

"Bricky…" she pondered, sultry.

He looked at her, his reply written on his face. "Too much, Mo-Mo? We can stop…"

She smiled warmly at him. "Let me up…"

He did, and try as he might, he couldn't hide his disappointment completely from her. She grinned coyishly.

Moving to sit next to him, she reached out, rubbing the swell at his center. He grunted, his thighs parting. She repositioned herself, slowly working his zipper down.

"My boy…" she breathed, taking in the sight of him.

"Heh…" he replied boyishly.

Monique slowly grasped, her hand rising and falling gently. She looked up at her man. A sublime smile was on his handsome face, and she felt her own center warming. "Well, big boy, maybe Mo can do something about the pressure that's built up here…"

She leaned forward, taking a large helping of her late night snack into her mouth, as much as she could fit in.

Brick gasped, his hand wrapping around the base of her ponytail. He leaned his head back, eyes closed.

She continued to enjoy him, her table manners getting sloppier as she ate. Minutes went by, and soon Brick looked down, doubly turned on by the sight. He knew she had never done this before; she had told him. Not like he could tell any other way, though.

"Monique, I'm gonna… real soon…" he warned, unsure of her intentions for finishing.

Monique had girl talked with Kim, and had decided to remain seated for the end.

"…hmmm…" she softly groaned, not stopping.

Bricks head went backwards, his center forwards, his hand tightly around her hair. His heart stopped for a second as fell over the edge into love…

Days later, at the Flagg's Summer Bash…

"…do you remember when; we used to sing – sha-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-e-yeah…" Josh Mankey belted out, his voice wailing, as Alex Matthews fingered the mellow bass riff, standing nearby on the small, low stage set up in the Flagg backyard.

"Yeah, these boys got it goin' on!" James Possible cried, snapping his fingers to the dancy beat Ron Reager banged from behind the drum kit.

"Yeah, not bad for high school kids…" Dean Stoppable replied, his body slightly bouncing to the beat. "Ron told me I would enjoy them, and he was right! It's a little loud, but they have it together…"

"Yeah, and fer two hundred clams, they were a bargain!" claimed Rock Flagg, taking a sip from his drink. "Bricky said they were good, but that Mankey boy has potential… the girls seem to identify with him."

"Yeah, if you include Bernie and Anne with the 'girls'." Smiled Mr. Jenkins, watching the two mothers dancing in front of the stage, with the Matthews girl, moving wildly, like schoolgirls. Many other party-goers were dancing also.

The trio ended the song, Josh and Alex holding the last note out, Ron making the cymbals shimmer. The partygoer's cheered, demanding more tuneage.

"Thanks, everybody, you guys are great…" Josh spoke into the mike, rock starring. "Ok, lets slow it down a bit, get some close dancin' up in here. Whoa…"

Tara had jumped up on stage, giving Josh a quick kiss on the cheek, and her brother a hug.

"I love that song!" she squealed happily. She jumped down.

"Thanks Tara…" Josh blushed, "Mr. Reager, if you will…"

Reager clicked his sticks together, twice to set the tempo, then four times to start the song. Josh played the chordage to the song that had set Middleton High on its ear.

"This song is for everyone that was at Prom last year…" Josh said into the mike, "… ya know, they say high school is the best time of your life, and I didn't really get it until that night. Stopps, Kim, this goes out to you guys. Come on and dance!"

Ron was busy, hastily munching on some saucy ribs by the buffet table. His head popped up, both at the mention of his name, and the sound of 'their song' coming over the PA. He quickly wiped off some of his mouth, turning to Kim, who was next to him, also eating.

"They're playing our song, KP. Shall we?"

Kim grabbed a napkin, wiping the rest of the BBQ sauce off of Ron's face, cleaning him matronly.

"Come on, Ron, we better hurry…" she giggled, finishing him off.

"Thanks, KP." Ron smiled, moving with her to the front of the little stage. They joined together, her head lying comfortably on his shoulder, her hands in his.

"Dance, big boy?" Monique asked her Brick.

"You know it, babe…" Brick replied, joining her next to Team Possible.

Many others, husbands and wives, young couples, and best friends joined them as the pretty melody began. There was no shortage of happy smiles in the Flagg backyard.

"…I know we've been, friends forever, but now I think I'm feelin' something totally new…" Josh crooned, looking down at Tara, who stood before him, swaying slowly in time with his words.

Half the song went by, girls of all ages held tightly to their boys, feet slowly spinning entwined couples round and round.

Monique looked up at Brick, a shy smile growing.

"Brick, I'm gonna cut in on Kim and Ron. Do you… mind?" she asked hesitantly.

He grinned. He knew Monique had a soft spot for the Rondo, nothing bad, but like sister to a brother.

"Sure, babe. I like redheads…" he teased, giving her a squeeze before letting go.

Monique pinched him, teasing, then stepped over, tapping Kim on the shoulder. Kim looked up, dreamy smile plastered on her face.

"Move it, Possible, I'm cuttin' in…" Monique mock growled, "…go dance with big boy."

Kim hesitated, then she smiled at Moni. "I guess. Keep your claws off his cute butt…"

"Don't I get a say in this?" Ron smirked.

"Yeah. You can say 'let's dance, Monique'…" Monique told him, stepping into his arms. Kim walked over to Brick.

Ron put his arms together with Monique's. "To what do I owe the pleasure… ?"

"Just wanted to dance with my 'big-brother'. Don't step on my feet, now." Monique answered, digging at him.

"Ok, I see, can't stay away from the Ron-man, I get it…" Ron boasted, goofball grin working it's magic.

"Ron…" Monique shook her head, "…just shut up and dance…"

Kim joined up with Brick, feeling somewhat awkward. He had asked her out before, sort of. She smiled at him, but he got a sense.

"We can sit this one out, Possible, if ya want. No big." He stated.

"No, no, Brick… I'm sorry, let's just dance…" Kim replied. "I'm glad you and Moni are getting along so well."

"Me too Kim. I really like her. I love her, ya know." Brick said.

"Yeah, she told me…" Kim answered. "That's… good. You've changed a lot, Brick."

"You too, Possible." Brick laughed. "Remember 'the food chain'?"

Kim blushed, smiling. "Oh yea, I remember. I wish I didn't now…"

Brick met her eye. "Me too. Three whole years of that stupid crap. I'm glad we're friends now, Kim."

Kim nodded, smiling at him. "Yeah, me too, Brick. Ready for senior year?"

"Yeah. Hey, Possible…" Brick asked. "If you ever see me… going backwards, lemme know, Ok? I'm pretty sure it won't happen, but you know how intense high school can get. I need a friend watchin' my back, Ok?"

Kim smiled for real. "Sure, Brick. Do the same for me?"

"You know it…babe…" Brick grinned his real smile right back at her, pulling her chain a little.

Kim just laughed, shaking her head. "Brick, we have to talk about the babe th- …oh, never mind…dude."

The Fungi's broke in to a pretty jam; guitar, bass, and drums spreading the happiness, dragging it on, using the power of music.

Monique looked at Ron. "You are a lucky guy, Ron…"

"What? You mean Kim an me? Damn tootin', I tell myself everyday…" he smiled.

"No…" Monique smirked, "…but you are lucky there too."

"What then?" Ron wondered.

"You can be yourself, no matter what. You know how much I want that?" she admitted.

"Well, you come pretty dang close, Mo. I've never seen you back down from anything…" Ron smiled.

"I know, but…" Monique halted. "Ya know Ron, if you were my big brother, that'd be just fine by me."

Ron looked in her eye. "…really?"

"Yeah, really, ya big dummy…" Monique said, putting her head on his shoulder.

Jim and Tim were behind the hedge, in the neighbors yard, Jim holding a remote control, Tim checking the last homemade canister.

Tim looked at his brother. "Good to go."

"Cool…" Jim said.

The pair walked together about ten feet away from the tubes they had lined up on the ground. As the band held out the last note, Jim pressed a button on the remote.


Fireworks burst overhead, lighting the sky in an almost professional way, streamers and fire-flowers, screamers and whizzing crackles riding down the night sky. Parents and children cheered, everyone pointing.

The four teens joined together, arm in arm, Kim, Brick, Monique, and Ron.

Ron looked down the row at his friends, smiling brightly.


end - Thanks everybody, and that's from the heart. Peace and Love... - mattb3671