Hermione woke up the next morning nuzzled into her Potions Professors side. Thank god it was a Saturday. She sat up and looked down at her sleeping teacher. He looked so peaceful, so carefree, so… not evil. Hermione gently reached down and brushed a few strands of hair out oh his eyes. He sighed contently as his eyes began to flutter open.

"Good morning sir." Hermione said happily as she nuzzled into him once more.

"And what a morning it is." He replied. Hermione giggled. "That," he began again, "was one of the best nights of my life."

"You got that right!" She said. "Who knew sex could be such fun!"

Severus smiled.

"I'm hungry." Said Hermione, huffing cutely.

"As am I." He replied, kissing her forehead.

They both sat up and stretched; Severus made his way to the bathroom while Hermione lazed around the bed.

He stopped midway and turned to face her.

"You know Miss Granger," he said thoughtfully "I had no idea you could be so… persuasive."

"Well, I tend to excel in everything I do." She replied.

"Indeed." Was his answer, as a small smirk escaped his lips.


A little while later the couple was heading down to breakfast; Severus made sure to walk in after her, as not to arouse suspicion.

Hermione plopped down into a seat beside Ginny smiling. She munched her toast as Ginny looked at her skeptically.

"Alright missy," Ginny said, "spill."

"What are you talking about Ginny dear?" Hermione said while spreading jam on her toast.

"I've had sex enough times to know when someone's just had it." Hermione laughed. "Give me all the dirty details. Who was it, where'd you do it? Where there any furry handcuffs involved?"

Hermione looked at Ginny. She had no idea that the redhead could be so, kinky.

"You wouldn't wanna know." Replied Hermione.

"Oh come off it Hermione, of course I wanna know. NOW SPILL!" Ginny said dangerously.

"Severus Snape." Hermione mumble so quietly that Ginny had to strain her ears.

"Ah, Hermione…. Once more with feeling."

Hermione sighed. "Severus Snape." She said a bit louder. She avoided eye contact with Ginny, but heard her spoon clatter on the floor. Hermione lifted her eyes to meet Ginny's.

Ginny looked… happy? What the hell was wrong with her? Shouldn't she be screaming and heading for the hills?

"Ah Gin?"

"Yes Hermione."

"What do you look happy?"

"Happy? I'm ecstatic! You've had a crush on Snape for years! FINALLY WOMAN!"

Hermione shook her head. "You're a weird child Ginevra. I'll see you at lunch."

And still shaking her head at her ridiculous friend, Hermione made her way over to see Harry and Ron.