Chapter 16: Epilogue

"So, they've decided to treat it like an extra-long summer holiday. Like that's going to work!" Ron scoffed, obviously very upset.

"They're just..."

"Acting like this year didn't happen, is what they're doing. Starting up the school in September, expecting us to go back as seventh years," Hermione looked like she was on the verge of tears.

"This year did happen," Ron put his arm around her, waiting as Ginny and Harry dressed behind their curtains. "And that plan isn't going to work. We've... all... gotten on with our lives."

"Ron... my NEWTs!" Hermione sobbed.

"I'm going to talk to McGonagall, Mione," Harry said, stepping out from behind the curtain surrounding his bed, fully dressed. Remus and Tonks had gone into muggle London and picked him up a few things to wear today after Tonks had gotten a look at what passed for his wardrobe, but he could see that a shopping trip would soon be high on his list of priorities.

Ginny came out from behind her curtain, her threadbare robes immediately drawing his attention. For both of us, he thought.

"Well, I don't care if I go back as a sixth year or a seventh," she said. "In all honesty, I don't particularly care if I go back at all."

Ron looked at his sister, startled. "Mum'll have kittens if you tell her that."

Ginny snorted. "Mum is going to be far too busy freaking over your little bombshell to be overly concerned about me, Ron."

Ron's face flushed and Hermione bit her lip.

"No, she's not," Ron said.

"Yes," Ginny replied, looking squarely at her brother. "She is. But Harry and I will be there with you when you tell them."

Ron looked down at Hermione, a soft look coming into his eyes.

"Well, in a month, it won't matter," he said.

"How so?" Harry asked, looking between the two of them, suspicious of the looks they were casting at each other. Ron looked determined, Hermione looked... concerned?

"We're getting married," Ron suddenly grinned, unable to help himself.

Harry's face broke into a smile, and he pulled Hermione into his arms for a hug, shaking Ron's hand as he did. "Congratulations!"

"Just a small ceremony," Hermione said. "Ginny... you'll... will you?"

Ginny's eyes lit as she hugged Hermione tightly. "Of course I will!"

"Harry?" Ron turned to his best friend of seven years.

"I've got your back, Ron," Harry confirmed. "You know that."

At that moment, the door opened and Remus came through, closing it quickly behind him before speaking. "Ready?"

"Ready," Ron nodded.

"For anything," Harry said softly.

With that, Harry took Ginny's hand and stepped out of the room after Remus, into the crowd of reporters.


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