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The calm sky above, shimmered a pale blue with no signs of clouds. The lake water, which had shades of turqoise and aqua glimmered in the bright sunlight. The waves gently rolled in and collided along the shore of the beach. A tall beautiful woman, wearing a sleeveless simple long black flowing dress walked across the beach. Her pale peach complexion glowed in the sunlight and her rich chocolate brown hair blew behind her in the wind. Her eyes, the best feature of all, were a gorgeous blue-grey colour, which shined radiantly in the sun. She kept walking slowly across the beach, as if she was trying to reach a certain destination. She then slowly halted to a stop when she noticed a long white feather lying on the sand. She bent down to pick it up and then stood up to look at it closely. Bringing up the feather towards the side of her face, she closed her eyes and let the feather caress down her cheek softly.

Her eyes gradually opened up, when she couldn't feel the feather anymore. Her eyes blinked in surprise as she looked at the man that stood a few metres in front of her, the man that she truly loved. There he stood with his dark chestnut brown hair falling just right above his eyes. His eyes were a dark sapphire blue that now shone brightly in the sun. He was wearing a silk white see-through shirt and white dress pants. He slowly reached his arms out forward, waiting for her to run into him.

She smiled softly in happiness of her lover's presence. The feather slipped out of her hand and on to the sand as she started running towards his direction. She then ran into his arms, as he embraced her tightly without letting go. They stayed like that for awhile with their eyes closed, not letting go of that moment. But then he slowly pulled away and turned his back on her, as he walked further and further away. Confused at his action completely, she stood still trying to call out to him as crystal tears filled her eyes...

"No...no...Seto...don't leave...please..." Anita cried out in her sleep, with her eyes tightly shut. Then her eyes quickly snapped open, as the setting of her bedroom slowly came into vision. Her blue-grey eyes blinked slowly as she became familiar with the bedroom setting in front of her. She then turned her head around to look up at the bedroom ceiling. 'It was just a dream' she thought in her head as she breathed in gently. Then she realized that the woman in the dream was her and the man in the dream was her husband, the one and only Seto Kaiba. She thought about the dream but became puzzled at why she had it in the first place. It had to have meant something to her; it was just so strange. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the doorknob of the bathroom, turning to open.

"Anita?" Kaiba called out as he came out of the attached bathroom of their bedroom, "I heard you talking in your sleep just now," he said as he came towards the bed. Anita turned her head around to the side to look at her husband. He had just came out of the shower and was wearing a pale blue dress shirt which was unbuttoned completely and black dress pants. His hair was wet, as little water droplets were visible in it and he was holding a white towel in his left hand.

"Anita?" Kaiba called again, as he slowly sat down beside her on the bed, "What's wrong?" he asked, gently moving tresses of her hair out of her face and caressing her cheek softly with his hand.

"Its nothing Seto," Anita replied, as she sat up in her silk blue nightgown, "I'm fine," she said, leaning against the head-board.

"Then why were you talking in your sleep?" Kaiba asked again.

"It was just a dream..."Anita responded, "Its kind of confusing to explain," she said lowering her head.

"You sure you don't want to tell me about it?" Kaiba asked as he lifted her chin up and looked into her eyes.

"I'm...sure,"Anita replied with a forced smile.

"Alright then..." Kaiba said getting off the bed and walking towards their full length mirror. Anita just sat there for awhile, watching her husband get ready for work.

"Don't you have any classes today Anita?" Kaiba asked after a long silence.

"Oh my God! What time is it Seto?" Anita exclaimed.

"Its 8 o'clock" Kaiba answered, as he buttoned up his shirt.

"Shit! My first class is at nine!" Anita said as she ripped the covers off her and ran towards the bathroom. Kaiba smirked as Anita slammed the bathroom door behind her. 'Women' he thought as he went back to getting ready for work.


Kaiba sat at the breakfast table reading the daily newspaper with a hot cup of coffee beside him, while Anita was stuffing pancakes in her mouth. Kaiba put down his newspaper and smirked at the way his wife was gobbling her breakfast down because she would be getting late for her class.

"What's the rush?" Kaiba chuckled as he grasped his coffee cup.

"I can't believe I forgot I had class in the morning!" Anita exclaimed after she swallowed her pancakes.

"And I thought professors are very responsible and punctual," Kaiba said sipping his coffee.

"They are," Anita said glaring at Kaiba, "Even business people aren't always on the dot." Anita was a proffesor of fashion designing at the Domino college. It was her dream to work as a fashion designing proffesor, and after she had gotten married to Kaiba, he didn't have a problem with it either.

"Do you want me to drop you off there?" Kaiba asked.

"No i'll be fine," Anita said as she stood up from the table, "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get ready right now," she said leaving and heading upstairs.


Anita looked at her reflection in her full-length mirror, as her amazing blue-grey eyes and beautiful body image reflected back at her. She was attired in a cream white coloured lace trimmed tank-top and a knee high blue floral printed skirt. Her normal chocolate brown wavy hair was let out at usual and fell almost half way down her back. Anita reached for her blue silk scarf that had thin long tassles at the end and slowly wrapped it around her neck. 'There' she thought, 'Finally finished' as she looked into the mirror once again. Her gaze slowly fell on her wedding ring on her finger that rested there firmly with the diamond still shimmering in the light.

Memories floated into Anita's mind of the days before she got married and was just dating Kaiba. She and Kaiba were married for about four years now but didn't have children yet. Sometimes Anita felt a bit strange at how she fell in love with a man like Seto Kaiba, the cold-hearted CEO he use to be. She remembered the day they first ever met. She had met him at his office because she was asking for a donation on behalf of the Domino college and had persuaded him to give one. After that day Kaiba was totally infatuated by her beauty and came to visit her at the college. Days past by as they got to know each other more and feelings started to form in Anita's heart for the CEO. They officially started dating each other as deep passion was formed in both their hearts. Months flew by and that special day for both of them came. Seto Kaiba proposed to her one night and she immediately said yes. By then, newspapers and magazines were printed full of articles about the gorgeous lady with the famous Seto Kaiba and the diamond ring on her finger. Then that day came where they both would live together forever and that day was their wedding. They had a very huge and expensive wedding like celebrity style and also went on a world tour for their honeymoon. It was all so amazing for Anita and she was very happy ever since. Kaiba slowly slipped into their bedroom without Anita noticing his presence as thoughts still ran in her mind.

He came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, "Why do you always have to look so intoxicating?" he gently whispered in her ears and then let his lips kiss a bare part of her shoulder.

Anita gently smiled and turned around to face him, "For you..." she said softly, as she kept that gentle smile on her lips.

"I love you" Kaiba whispered softly as he pulled her close to him and embraced her in his arms. It was very rare for Kaiba to ever say I love you even to his very own wife, but when he did it would make Anita feel very warm and special.

"I love you too," Anita replied softly as she closed her eyes. All of a sudden, the dream she had that night came to her mind and she immediately got a bizarre feeling inside of her. She pulled away from Kaiba and looked into his eyes.

"What is it Anita?" Kaiba asked puzzled by her action.

"Nothing...I'm getting late..." Anita said as she moved away from Kaiba.

"Wait Anita," Kaiba called as he pulled her wrist back.

"What is it Seto?" Anita asked as Kaiba pulled her close to him. He then leaned down towards her lips and captured them in his own into a passionate kiss before she could refuse.

"You should leave now, you're going to be late," Kaiba said as he broke the kiss.

"Okay," Anita softly smiled as the kiss still lingered on her lips.


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