Mortals, prepare to be told
An ancient legend of ghosts of old
This castle's keep doth now play host
To Lord Pariah, King of Ghosts.

The Crown of Fire and the Ring of Rage
Granted power untold to the mighty sage
With his power, Lord Pariah Dark sought
To rule over all who haunt.

From Halloween his loyal Fright Knight did ride
From his blade the Soul Shredder none could hide
For all whom the sword doth shear
Are banished to their greatest fear.

With untold men and greatest haste
Lord Pariah did make waste
To all who dared to stand before
The mighty Ghost King's awesome roar.

He rained down death with a heart of stone
All who dared to oppose him now lay with the bones
And soon, all within this plane
Fell unto Lord Pariah's reign.

When ancient ghosts, in a last show of might
Sought to end their world's plight.
Against his armies, they did ride
Straight and true, they did not hide.

They halted his men in the dead of night
And then against the king's Fright Knight
They ceased his storm and put an end to fear
By sheathing his sword in pumpkin near.

Finally, the king they did face
Against his crown, ring, sword, and mace
At last they managed to set all well
The mighty Ghost King finally fell.

His knight was placed upon the throne
Guarded by the walls of stone
And The Ghost King they did keep
In the Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep

His crown was taken, his ring placed away
And in their resting place were they forever to stay.
A key that could seal all doors
Locked the king forevermore.

And in this place, the Keep doth stay
As it was that fateful day
But be warned all they who seek
What rests inside Pariah's Keep

Should one remove the Fright Knight's blade
He shall return and come to raid
And he who unlocks the Keep
Shall awaken Pariah from his sleep.