Hello again! This story is going to take a lot of liberties starting with the fact that I don't think that the teenaged girls in the show actually act like teenaged girls, so I'm fixing that. Why? Because I've got 11 sisters, 2 nieces and 8 female cousins and none of them bypassed the 'obsessive squealing' phase. Pete hasn't left Smallville and Lex doesn't know that Clark knows about the 'Shrine 'o Clark.' Hmmm, what else...oh yes, I'm taking liberties with what is laying about town, ie. pond on the Kent farm, various fast food joints, things like that. Enjoy!

Disclaimer - Not mine! Never have been, never will be. Doesn't stop me from wanting to play with em though. Hehe

His coffee was refilled without disturbance from his waitress, a slight nod acknowledging her diligence and familiarity with his preferences here. Having familiarity with his habits allowed him to continue his work under the illusion of being alone at his usual table in the Talon. He had his laptop in front of him; reports arranged on the table with a system that sometimes even he questioned the existence of, and a copy of the Ledger in the booth to his right. Lex liked bringing his work here, the warmth something he couldn't get at the castle. The silence at the castle was something that lived and breathed and fairly smothered him when he spent too much time within its walls. There was also the Clark factor to be considered as well, the Talon being somewhere Clark was likely to go especially as the lovely Lana was sitting all alone in the corner booth to his left, waiting.

He spared the briefest glance towards the jingle of the door as it was opened to admit one Chloe Sullivan. He returned her wave as she scanned the Talon before she bounced on her feet and darted towards Lana's table. 'So it's friends this week,' he thought to himself as Chloe slid into her spot, blinding white smile practically stretched from ear to ear. He picked up his newspaper, giving his eyes a break from the laptop's screen. He allowed the drone of the other patron's conversations fade into the background as he read.

It wasn't long before the sounds of giggling coming from the table to his left pulled his mental focus from his paper. A lifetime spent in various boarding schools and corporate parties had trained him not to look up at the sound, to appear as if he hadn't heard the sounds. As a child the giggles were the precursor of cruel taunts from the other students, from the young women that he tried to court before he grew out of his waif-thin size, filled out his frame with lean muscle. Now the sounds came from Lana's table, when he focused on the words they were saying he had to admit a faint curiosity.

"So," Lana breathed after Chloe received her drink. "What's new this week on our favorite show?"

Chloe sipped her whipped cream confection delicately to avoid getting the topping on her nose, "Nothing yet, but I do have a lead for this weekend's episode."

Lana leaned closer towards Chloe, intimacy, secrecy, the lowered voices only serving to pique his curiosity even more. 'Favorite show where Sullivan has leads to hunt down? Has her Wall of Weird gone to broadcasting? Wonder why Gabe hasn't mentioned it,' he speculated even as he continued to pretended not to hear them as he's involved in his in-depth examination of…the recent decline in the bovine pregnancy rates? 'Hmmm, guess those after school specials helped after all, as they did retard pregnancies, just not for human females.' A gasp brought his attention back to the conversation at the girls' table.

"Pete asked what!" a breathy exclamation.

Chloe shushed her coconspirator, looking around to see if anyone was paying attention. Lex strained his ears to hear the lowered words coming from Chloe's mouth even as he sipped his coffee and returned to his laptop and files.

"Pete asked Clark at Fordman's yesterday how long he could hold his breath," girlish giggles erupted from Chloe as Lana's brow furrowed in confusion.

Lex's mind was all too happy to revert to his clubbing days to give that statement the twist it needed to fuel his…imagination. He remembered using such a line a few times to his enjoyment. No matter how sure he was that Pete and Clark were as straight as Jonathan's platitudes were endless, he couldn't seem to repress that part of his mind that was determined to twist everything that came out of Clark's mouth…or into it…on it. With a mental sigh he returned his attention to the odd conversation at the girls' table.

Lana's furrowed brow had smoothed out at Chloe's explanation, that he had missed, her mouth opened into an 'o' of surprise. Her face flushed prettily, apparently something risqué, as she leaned even closer to Chloe and asked, "What did Clark say?"

'Yeah? What did Clark say? My pants want to know!' he drank from his coffee to help disguise any rogue facial expressions.

"Clark said," she roughened her voice to indicate Clark's voice, "Dunno Pete, never tested it. Probably a long time." She paused significantly before finishing, "A lot longer than you can I suppose."

Lex nearly choked on his drink drawing the attention of the other patrons. "Wrong way," he explained with a raspy cough and everyone went back to their own conversations. 'Thank you, overactive gutter imagination,' he snottily thought to himself. 'Welcome!' it chimed back. Great. Chloe spared him a suspicious glance but returned her attention back to Lana.

"What then?" Lana asked.

Chloe dove eagerly back to the subject at hand, "Well, they've decided to time him sometime this weekend at the pond out on their farm. That way he can't inadvertently cheat."

Lana's mouth formed a whispery "oh" and ecstatically clapped her hands. "That means wetpics this week," she breathlessly squealed.

"Exactly," Chloe smirked.

'Interesting,' Lex thought as he rolled what he learned over in his mind, sipping at his coffee and adding to his reports on his laptop. 'I'll have to keep my ears open if I want to find out more about these pictures, especially if it's Clark.'