Kisa knows Hiro-chan is much nicer than he lets on. Kisa can tell, because Hiro-chan smells too nice to really be mean.

Kisa thinks Hiro-chan smells like lemonade—a sour drink but with lots of sugar that makes him sweet. Sometimes he is very sour. And sometimes he is very sweet.

Hiro-chan also smells soft and wooly, Kisa thinks, like a baby lamp. But if Hiro-chan knew this, it would make him embarrassed.

Kisa giggles. Hiro-chan is like a sheep in ram's clothing—a sweet person who tries to be tough and mean.

But he's not mean at all, Kisa thinks. He's just very awkward sometimes, she knows. Kisa smiles.

She is very happy Hiro-chan likes her again.

She likes Hiro-chan very much too.

She also thinks Hiro-chan smells very nice.

Except...Kisa frowns. Hiro-chan does not smell nice all the time. He does not smell nice at all when he is around her onee-chan, Kisa realizes.

Kisa loves Hiro-chan. Kisa loves her onee-chan. Hiro-chan loves Kisa. Hiro-chan does not love her onee-chan.

It makes Kisa sad.

When Hiro-chan is around her onee-chan, she thinks, he smells bad.

There is a bad smell then—one that reminds Kisa of vinegar, which is strong and very sour. And she also thinks it's like spoiled milk, which is very very yucky smelling, and it makes Kisa feel sick.

But it is also smelly like a very ripe peach—too ripe. A too-ripe peach that is too sweet and too squishy and goes everywhere when you step on it.

A rotten peach, Kisa thinks.

All those bad smells—Kisa doesn't like them. They make her nervous when she smells them on Hiro-chan.

And she only smells it on him when her onee-chan is around.

Kisa loves her onee-chan. Hiro-chan does not. Kisa loves Hiro-chan too, though.

Sometimes Kisa feels split in two—she loves her onee-chan and Hiro-chan, but who does she love best?

Kisa tries not to think about it. Her onee-chan wouldn't think about it. Her onee-chan loves everyone best.

Mostly, Kisa thinks. Kisa smiles slightly. She knows who her onee-chan loves—like that.

It makes Kisa happy that her onee-chan can be happy.

Her onee-chan makes Kisa happy. Hiro-chan makes Kisa happy. Kisa thinks she loves them both equally best.

But Hiro-chan wants her to love him best—only him.

He doesn't know, Kisa thinks, he doesn't know I do love him just as much as I love my onee-chan, but different.

She loves Hiro-chan in a different way than she loves her onee-chan. Kisa blushes. She does love Hiro-chan—like that.

When she is with her onee-chan, she feels warm, but when she is with Hiro-chan her heart beats very fast and she blushes a lot.

Her onee-chan says that means she loves Hiro-chan—like that. Her onee-chan would know. She blushes a lot around Kyo-nii-san. Kisa knows her onee-chan loves Kyo-nii-san.

It makes Kisa happy.

But Hiro-chan does not know this...that Kisa likes him—like that.

And so, Kisa thinks, he is jealous.

He is jealous because he thinks if Kisa does not love him—like that, like he loves her, then she could at least love him more than she loves her onee-chan.

Kisa sighs. Haru-nii and her onee-chan both say to tell Hiro-chan how she feels, because they he won't be jealous anymore, and that bad smell will go away.

Kisa thinks she does not like that smell at all.

It makes Kisa sad.

So maybe...maybe someday she'll tell him.

Someday, Kisa thinks, I will tell him...that I love him. Like that. Kisa smiles and blushes again.

Someday. And then, Kisa thinks, he won't have to be jealous anymore.


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