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Summary: When the warp gate malfunctions Rad and Highwire get dumped in the RID Autobot base. AU RID and Armada in the same time line and (forget that episode that had Rad's parents).

Rad 13

Koji 13, 28


"Daddy tell me a bedtime story", a little blue-eyed blonde haired boy asked in that cute little voice kids use when they want something.

His father, a handsome man with spiky brown hair and the same blue eyes as his son, smiled at his son's demand. The boy always wanted to hear the same story.

"What about?" he asked already knowing the answer.

"About when the Autobots helped you rescue Grandpa!" the boy said excitedly.

The man smiled again this time at the memory of being reunited with his father after months of separation.

"Ok let's see" he thought of where to begin. "It was your Grandpa's birthday and I had bought him a present but the problem was that the Predicons were still holding him prisoner so I couldn't give it to him. So I went to one of the more friendly Predicons", he rolled his eyes at the oxymoron, "for help. First I asked him to help me rescue my father. But he was afraid of the other Predicons so instead I asked him to take Dad the present but", he paused for dramatic affect, "just as he about to take the present the Autobot brothers showed up" he stopped as he remembered Sideburn and X- Brawn's anger thinking the Skybyte had meant to kidnap him and Prowl's concern that he'd been hurt. They had all been protective of him especially Optimus.

"Then they all started to fight and during the battle the Predicon dropped a pod near me and when it opened there was my father. Then the fighting stopped and we went home". He'd wait until the boy was older to tell him the whole story. The fear he felt at seeing his father looking so frail in the pod. Then the joy in his father's eyes when they opened and just holding on to him and crying for all to see.

The man looked down at his son and realized he had fallen asleep during the story. He smiled and leaned down and kissed the boys forehead. "Goodnight son".

As he left the room he noticed his wife standing in the doorway. She smiled at him. " He gets more like you everyday Koji", she whispered so not to wake their son.

"I know T-Ai".

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