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"Hey Rad! Alexis" the couple turned around at hearing their names called. They'd been walking home holding hands every day since they had finally admitted that they liked each other.

"Hi Sideburn" Rad greeted the approaching sports car. After word got out that Koji was involved with the Autobots again the Autobot brothers had insisted on being transferred to earth. They didn't remember Rad or any of the time traveling that had gone on though. As soon as the group had left to go back to the future Dr. and Col. Onishi had wiped everyone in the pasts memory so the timeline would be preserved. But the future group remembered everything.

"We've got to hurry to the hospital. T-Ai's gone into labor."

"What! Mom's only eight months along?" Rad exclaimed.

"Yeah that's why Koji's freaking, so come on!"

Rad and Alexis jumped into Sideburn's front seat as he speed away toward the hospital.

When they got there all the Autobots were already there waiting, including Ultra Magnus who had showed up a month ago and promptly been put in charge of babysitting the twins while they were at the base, which was when ever Rad was well enough to take them. Rad still had to use a walking cast.

Before Rad and Alexis could reach the entrance it opened and Koji stepped out with a dazed look on his face.

"Dad is everything alright? How are Mom and the baby?" Rad asked his father.

"They're all fine."

"What do 'all'?" Rad asked.

"I mean your mother and your sisters."

"Sisters? As in plural?" Rad said getting nervous. The last time he'd had a conversation like this with his father was right after the twins were born.

"Yes. All tree of them"

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