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This is an AU where Lloyd is sulking about a decision he had to make to save the world. One-shot.


Why did it have to happen?

I try to replay the events that happened in my mind.

Mithos had ultimately revealed to us all that he was Yggdrasill. That had taken its toll on all of us. We got a doctor for Altessa, because he was seriously injured. It was a doctor from Flanoir. While he went out, some of us stayed behind including me.

Then that night, Sheena wanted to talk to me. We talked about all sorts of things. Then Sheena revealed how she felt about me. When I think about it now, I feel like an idiot on how oblivious I was. But better than sooner than later. By the time we finished talking, I knew I loved her too.

Then Kratos came out of the shadows. We talked about what happened with my mother so long ago. He admitted he was too weak to stand up to Yggdrasill. He told me that I must stop Yggdrasill, for he was capable of sacrificing any number of lives. But on a positive note, he congratulated me on my newfound relationship with Sheena. That did embarrass me. But he warned me that with this relationship, I may lose another. That didn't make sense to me at the time.

The next day, we prepared to go to the Tower of Salvation. Strangely, Colette seemed really tired. She claimed she had difficulty getting to sleep. Zelos wanted to talk with me in private. He confessed his treachery to me. I was able to forgive him, as long as he confessed to everyone else as well. Which he did without a hitch.

So off we were to the Tower of Salvation. With the warning from Zelos in mind, we were set for the ambush. Except there appeared to be no ambush!

Without warning, Colette walked ahead of us toward where the Eternal Sword lay. Suddenly at her command, a battalion of angels came to her call.

Colette then told us why she was doing this. She was angry with me! Why? Because I fell in love with someone other than her! I told her this is no time to be playing games. We found out the hard way when she ordered the angels to attack us.

We were able to defeat the angels. Then it was just Colette. We could see the hatred in her usually pure eyes. In one swift motion, Colette ripped off her Key Crest, draining her soul. Professor Sage told us to brace ourselves as Colette means to attack.

The lifeless Colette took out her chakrams, brought out her wings, and began to attack. For some reason, I just couldn't fight. And I was injured when Colette threw a chakram at me. Sheena, seeing that I was injured badly, helped me get out of the way. Zelos, Genis, Presea, and Regal took up the fight while Raine healed me.

It was scary to watch. Colette, in her lifeless form, cared only about her safety, so that would intensify her attacks. Suddenly, Regal took a hit from one of her chakrams. Now it was just three left. Presea swung her ax with enough force to smash a 200-kilogram rock to pieces. But her movements were just to slow to keep up with Colette as Colette's Torrential Para Ball took her out.

Now it was only Genis and Zelos.

Genis' POV

This was scary. Colette had gone nuts. She had taken out Lloyd, Regal, and Presea. Damn her! She's being so selfish! This isn't like her at all! And now she's hurt Presea too. That's enough to send me over the edge. I begin to cast an Indignation spell. But to my surprise, Colette countered with a Judgment spell. That interrupted my spell and took out Zelos.

Now I have no one to cover me. But then Sis stepped in her way. I tell her to get back. As Colette advanced on Raine, my sister tried to go baseball style on Colette's head. However, she was too fast with her angel wings. She jumped over and slashed my sister in the back with her chakrams. I could hear her scream in pain as she went down. Next thing I knew, she was moving in on me for the kill. I closed my eyes and braced for the impact.

But all I hear was the thrust of a weapon and a girl's sudden loss of breath. I opened my eyes. I dropped my kendama and put my hands over my mouth at what I saw. Lloyd had stabbed the lifeless Colette through the heart. And then thrust his sword up, making her blood splash everywhere. With silence in the chamber, Colette collapsed to the floor. We came to a quick conclusion. Colette Brunel, Sylvarant's Chosen of Mana, Lloyd's and my best friend and fellow student, one who could melt even the coldest of hearts, the Chosen vessel for Martel… was dead.

It only left one question in our minds. WHY?

Zelos' POV 1 year later

We managed to reunite the worlds. After Colette's death, Lloyd never returned to Iselia. Kratos was the one who told Colette's father and grandmother that she was killed. He did not dare tell how she was killed. That idiot mayor later had found out that she was killed by Lloyd's hand. Dirk eventually packed up and left his house too, in fear of being hunted down. With the help of Mizuho, and my rights as the Chosen, he now lives in New Ozette. Genis and Raine were also held responsible for Colette's death. They also never returned to Iselia. They now live at my house in Meltokio. Lloyd and Sheena now live in Mizuho. Lloyd is having difficulty learning their ways of life, but his swordsman skills are priceless to the village's protection. So they made an exception. Kratos also lives in Mizuho too. His skills are just as valued as Lloyd's. Regal returned to Altamira, and removed his handcuffs. Presea returned to New Ozette. She worked with Dirk to help rebuild it. But on other notes, Sylvarantians are angry with us because of their Chosen's death by our hands. So now, none of us dare to travel there. And they want Tethe'alla to turn us all over. But the King will not turn us over. Luckily, since we don't have magitechnology, there won't be any wars, but peace will be fragile.

Just makes me think, why? Hey, that girl looks nice!