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Ian stood outside the door listening in on what they were saying. He quickly went into the living room to read the paper before his wife came out of the room. It looked like that Melanie knew Jarod and for a long time. He looked up as she walked into the room.

"I need to explain how I know Jarod. I used to work at a place called The Centre before I met you. My father was the chairman of the Centre and it had been in our family for a long time. My mother also worked there. During summer vacation sometimes they would take me to the Centre where I met Jarod. He was hooked up to all this stuff to measure his heartbeat and when he saw me he asked me you're a girl? He was taken from his parents when he was four years old and brought to the Centre where he was isolated, so they could use his gifts. He is what they call a pretender, a genius who can become anyone he wants to be. He found out that they were using his simulations to hurt and kill people, so he escaped. I used to work in corporate, but when he escaped I was put on the hunt for him. It was my job to find out where he was and bring him back. My team was a man named Broots and Sydney who was Jarod's mentor. Jarod dug for his past and while he did that he found mine. He would leave me clues, or things that belonged to my mother. My Mother was shot right in front of me when I was little by The Centre, or so we thought. She faked her death because she was pregnant with Ethan who is not only my brother, but Jarod's as well. It was the first year that he escaped that he found out that the little boy who he did a simulation with was his brother Kyle. He also found out that he had a clone. My twin brother Lyle shot Kyle. I also thought that my mother died because she was trying to save me, Jarod and the other children and I also thought that Jarod's father killed her, but she was killed by someone else right after she had Ethan."

"How could you hunt him?"

"I had no choice. The Centre is ruthless. Jarod introduced me to this man named Thomas. I didn't know that Jarod knew Thomas before I knew him and I didn't know that he sent him to me. I was going to leave the Centre with Thomas and start a new life, but The Centre killed Thomas. After that I thought that I would never love again, but I was wrong because I love you. I know that I should have told you all of this before and for that I'm sorry."

"It's okay. I understand why you didn't tell me. I'm sorry that you had to live that life. He's right you know. You were a Centre's prisoner just like he was. From what I gather he was locked up wasn't he?"

"Yes. He was lived in a little cell."

"He may not have gotten out of his cell and walked out in the light of day like you were able too, but you were a prisoner too."

"I know. I get that now. It took me a while to understand that, but now I do. You heard us didn't you?"

"Yes, I'm sorry. I had to know how you knew him."

"Did you know that I gave him his first kiss?"

"No, I didn't."

"I understand now why he helped me even after I hunted him. He wanted me to open my eyes to what the Centre was doing and what it really is. He dangled clues to my past because he thought that I should know who I was. I just hope that he gets to be reunited with his family and finds the clues to his past. That will be a tearful reunion if it ever happens."

"He has a clone?"

"Yes. I knew him as Gemini."

"You mean for the twins."


They nursed Jarod back to health and then he was gone on to a different pretend. He was thankful that his friend had helped him and he hoped that she would have a happy life away from the Centre. He wished he was away from the Centre too, but maybe that would be someday.

The End