David is walking around the park in town with his girlfriend Kimberly, The park is looking wonderful with thick green trees and a crystal clear stream. But today Kimberly is thinking of a way to break up with him without hurting his feelings. They have been together for a few months, but David has always been the kind of guy who had problems with getting and keeping girls. He has had a few before Kimberly, but he dosnet really want to add another point to the board. He wants to settle down and live out the rest his life. But even with Kimberly, the love of his life. Something is still missing, but he's not going to risk loosing her over a small bit of emptyness he has no clue how to fill.

"David, I've been thinking. There is something not right between us. I love you and you were real nice to me. But there is really no connection between us." David looks at the ground knowing what comes next. "I think we should call it quits. I still love you, but as a friend. I'll still talk to you, and if you ever happen to dissapear. I would never forget you" "It's ok Kim, I understan. I wasent feeling the connection either. I didn't want to loose you cause I know my chances of finding another girl are slim" David replies in a depressed voice "I know you'll find another girl, and you will find one that has that deep connection that we really never had." "Well if that's what you want, then so be it. I guess I could at least try to find another, But I doubt I'll ever get over this" David replies. "You will you managed to get over the other girls" Kimberly replies in an uplifting voice. "Yeah, but I was younger and didn't really care for girls. Now that I'm older and I need someone to hold and cherish." David looks into Kimberly's eyes. "I trust you will find another you just got to have hope, now lets end this conversation before your feelings get hurt"

"too late" David replies as he turns away. David continues to walk through the park, passing the ball field. A soft cool breeze blows through his hair as he approaches the parking lot. He unlocks the door to his Camaro, as he opens the door he looks back at Kimberly. She is walking towards her house. David starts his car, it thunders very loud as it revs and returns to idle. But this doesn't matter to him anymore, It's just another noise in the world with out someone to impress with it.

David puts it into gear and pulls out of the parking lot, he heads towards his house via the interstate near by. It's pretty empty, no cars for miles on end. He enters Sixmile road and thunders down the holler. Observing a family playing in there yard as he passes them, it upsets him. He pulls into his driveway. and parks the car beside his place. He looks around for his dads Camaro, it's not there. "Good I need some time by myself" David speaks to himself in calm collected voice. A couple of hours later David is laying in his bed staring at the wall when the phone rings.

It's Bradley Carbunkle on the other end. "Hey Dave, what's up man?" "Hey man good to hear from you, what's going on there in Tremorton?"

David asks. "Nothing much, just chilling around." Brad replies. "Hey Brad, are there any job offerings around you?" "I don't know, Why you ask" "I'm in need of a job, I need to get Kimberly off my mind" "Hey, what happened? I thought you two were in the clear." asked Brad "I don't know, she just broke up with me today." Bummer man! Hey, I got just the girl for you. She isn't home now, but next time I call you I want you to talk to her." Brad replies in an excited voice. "Brad, you know I don't like it when somebody refers me to check out a girl. You know how many times it was a prank." "No, no, no See next time I call you I'm going to have her talk to you on my phone." "Um ok I guess." David replied, but David isn't really up to meeting another girl. But he has nothing better to do so he goes along with it. David and Brad catch up on old times. After the phone conversation David walks outside and starts doing some chores around the house before his dad gets home.

That night David is sitting in bed thinking about the activities that happened earlier that day, he felt miserable. Being in a messy room, in a boring neighborhood was really looking hard to escape. In this moment it time David can feel the overwhelming emptiness growing around him. He needs out of there, and he needs out of there now. He needs a woman by his side a night, to cuddle and love. They are not many dating opportunities is a small community where he lives. He wants a unique woman, one who really casts a shadow over the rest.

The employment rates a not impressive either, David has been searching up and down his small town looking for a job for many months with no luck. It then he realizes that if he ever wants to get a life, he needs to give up something important to him. His Camaro, he could sell it for money to move out on. He could start a new life, and leave his old stereo-types behind and make a new name for himself. He convinced himself that once he finds a job in Tremorton, he would move and start-a-new.

A few days pass before Brad calls again, in the mean time David has really got himself excited about moving. Brad finally calls on Friday while David is cleaning his shotguns. "Hey Dave, are you busy?" Brad asks. "No not really, just sitting here cleaning my shotguns" "Oh what kind are they?" Brad asks. "Ah there just double barreled shotguns." David replied. "Knowing you there probably sawn-off" "Yeah, so have you found any jobs around there?" "Yeah actually, my dad could use another mechanic for small things like changing oil and stuff." "How's the pay?" David asks in a relieved voice "Um hang on a second." Brad asks his dad how much the pay is. "Six dollars an hour, with a raise in a month if you do a good job." "Tell him he has his mechanic, and I'll be over in Tremorton ASAP" David replies in an extremely pleased voice. "Before we hang up here is my friend I want you to talk to" Brad hand her the phone "Hello" She says in a sweet shy voice. "Hi how are you?" David asks. "I'm fine, how are you?" She replies. "What's your name?" David asks. "My Name is Jennifer Wakeman, I prefer to be called Jenny. What's your name?" Jenny asks "My name is David Ferrell." David replies. "That's an interesting name." Jenny compliments. "Yours is pretty too" David compliments back. They hit it off on the phone. Talking for a few hours before hanging up. David cracks a smile and gets excited. He jumps up and starts to run his hand through his hair like he just accomplished an impossible task. The next morning he call the news paper and places an ad in the classifieds for his Camaro. '1979 Z/28 Camaro, Factory Z car. 327 eng. Auto trans. Green in color. Runs good $3,000 call (555) 555-5555. Ask for David...'

A few days later he gets a call from a man interested in his car. "Hello my name is Rob, I ran across an ad in the paper for a '79 Camaro. Am I speaking to the right person?" "Yes you are." David replied "How well dose it run?" asks Rob "The motor runs good, has power but not enough to beat a street machine. It'll beat the punks in the pocket rockets." David replies "Well, I have twenty-five hundred on me now. Could I pay the rest later?" "Sure, but the car stays until it's paid in full." David replies. "I understand, I'll be there in a few hours to look at it. If I like what I see I'll buy it." They talk for another few minutes and hang up, David heads to the kitchen to fix him something to eat before the man arrives.

Two hours later the man shows up and looks over the car, he likes what he sees. They talk about the car and David has second thoughts but then thinks of what his life might be in Tremorton. They finally make a sale, David now has twenty-five hundred dollars to his name. Minus a car, but that doesn't matter to him. He's heading for Tremorton. David picks up the phone and dials the greyhound number and orders a one way ticket. That night he packs his bags with clothes and stuff that he needs to survive for at least a few days.

The next morning he says goodbye to his friends and relatives, he's off for a better life. And begins a journey of great proportions, little does he know what lies ahead of him. He gets on the bus at the terminal in town, he sets down and puts his headset on and starts to listen to Momma I'm coming home by Ozzy Ozbourn. David looks out the window as the bus passes many towns and many houses, through the country side and suburbs. The bus finally enters Tremorton city. The bus slowly pulls into the station, Brad identifies David's bus. "There's his bus Jenny." As Brad pointed at the number nine bus. Jenny gets a little nervous as David gets off the bus. "My god he's freaking tall" At six feet three inches. He was three inches shorter than Jenny, Jenny is somewhat impressed that she doesn't 'tower' over him. "Dave, Over here man!" Brad yells and waves. David slowly makes his way through the crowd, As David finally reaches Brad they shake hands. "Man it's been what two years?" Asked David. "Actually three but who's counting anyway? Damn it's good to see you again!" Brad turns to Jenny "This is my friend, Jenny"

David is kind of insulted by Brad, he thinks Brad is suggesting he cant get a real girl. Brad notices he better say something before he gets hurt.

"David, she's not an ordinary robot. She actually has feelings man. I'm telling you she is a real woman stuck in a robots body" Brad brags about Jenny. "She's a real sweet girl. And I believe you two are perfect!" Jenny blushes and David notices, David's nerves calms down cause he believes him. "I'm sorry if I disappointed you by being a robot" Jenny says sadly. David perks up a little. "Jenny, you didn't disappoint me. I wasn't expecting what I see before me right now. If you give me a little bit to get to know you, I might be able to overlook to your exterior."

Jenny smiles at him and David smiles back. Tho David hasn't gotten over the fact she's a robot, something deep inside tells him she's the real deal. They leave the bus station and start walking towards David's apartment. Which is only about a mile away. "Over there is the local soda shop, or what Brad likes to call the 'pop shop' and over there is Mezmers. A local teen hot spot." Jenny points out. They walk past a few house that amaze David, he has seen houses like this but where he came from there were only a few like them. They arrive at his apartment, it is a nice livable place. White with brown wood trimmings. They enter the apartment and help David get every thing unpacked. "Thanks you two." David says in a thankful voice. "No Problem" They reply. "My dad is offering to sell you this apartment and the property its on relatively cheap." Brad says. "How much is he wanting?" David asks. "He wants two thousand for the apartment, and five thousand for the property. He said you can make payments on it and live here as long as you want. He has no plans for this place." "Tell him as soon as I get a job I'll buy it." They sit around and talk for a little bit, Brad leaves cause he has chores to do. Jenny stays behind and helps David straighten up the apartment.

As they are cleaning up the living room David and Jenny are talking about there lives. "Well not even a week ago my girlfriend broke up with me" David says. "Awww I'm sorry to hear that, I've really never had a boyfriend before. And I so want one!" Jenny replies. "Well if everything works out around here, you may just have one." David looks at Jenny and she looks back. There really taking a liking to each other. After cleaning up the living room they clean the bathroom and the bedroom. Then Jenny walks over to her house for a second and said she'll be back.

David grabs a cold cup of water and drinks it while resting on the couch. Jenny comes back after a few minutes. "Ok I got moms permission to use the laundry room." They grab the bed sheet, pillow covers, blanket, and the cover for the couch and take them to Jenny's house to wash them. They sit in the living room and talk some more while the stuff is in the wash. David has already forgot that Jenny is a robot. And is really starting to crush on her. Jenny is excited cause she knows this, she can tell by the way he checks her out.

Nora enters the living room from the lab and talks with David. "So your David, the one I heard so much about?" Nora asks "Yes mam." David replies. You know XJ-9 really likes you." Right then David remembered Jenny was a robot. But now he really doesn't care. In just one day, he has got a crush on Jenny and doesn't care that she's a robot. That night David is lying is bed and he cant get Jenny off of his mind. But he has only known her for a day. He decides that tomorrow he will ask her on a date that Saturday. Cause they have talked over the phone the know each other decently. "Why not start early, who knows it may work out." David thinks to himself. He goes to bed dreaming of Jenny