They all continue to celebrate Jenny's birthday. Eating cake at asking David questions about what it was like to be out of a human body.

That night everyone heads home except for David, he's gonna spend the night with Jenny as she requested. Mrs. Wakeman has already went to bed and David and Jenny are still awake in her room talking.

"Babe, I'm glad too see you back. I missed you so much..." Jenny cuddles up to him laying down on the bed. David cuddles up to her in return.

"Jenny I missed you too, I was able to think but not able to do anything else on the day my body died... It really was saddening to see you cry over me"

Jenny squeezes him tightly. "At lest your hear now, and I know that putting yourself into a robot body was a real good birthday present. But would you give me another" Jenny speaks softly, knowing what she wants from him.

"I'll do anything for you, and it's still your birthday. What's your wish." David lays there staring into her eyes. Wondering what she wants.

"I have a new fetish and I want to try it, but it might be a little bit ummm. Unusual to you" Jenny turns her eyes away from his. Feeling a little embarrassed.

"Jen, just as I said. I'll do anything for you. I'll do anything with you. And I'll let you do anything to me. It doesn't matter how weird it is to another person outside our relationship. If you like it, I'll do it. And probably enjoy it." David puts his hand on her hip. "Go ahead Jen, tell me what you want"

Jenny's eyes return to his, she smiles at him and blushes a little. "Just relax and let me do my thing" Jenny stands on her knees and puts her arms under David. She grabs his shirt and gently takes it off over his head. Jenny is getting real hot, his robot body is real attractive to her. Jenny motions David to stand up. He stands up, Jenny gently runs her hands down his chest to his shorts. She unbuttons his shorts, she removes his shorts and underwear at the same time. His shorts hit the floor, David raises one foot at a time to take them off completely.

Jenny slowly pulls her top off over her head, she turns around and David un-clips her bra. She then slowly removes her mini skirt and panties.

Jenny turns around and gets close to David. "Lay face down and I'll give you a massage" Jenny speaks softly. David smirks a smile and lays on his stomach. Jenny gets on top of him and sits on his back, her bare vagina makes contact with the small of his back. David feels that she is a little wet. Jenny starts to rub his back while gliding her vagina up and down his back. David is getting real turned on, Jenny continues to massage his back. David smiles and closes his eyes. That's Jenny's signal that David is totally relaxed.

Jenny gets off of his back and sits beside him, towards his lower back. Jenny places her hands on his ass. "Nice ass" Jenny speaks very softly.

Jenny starts to rub his cheeks. David lays there with a pillow under his head, letting Jenny do her thing. Jenny then starts to run her finger in his crack. David blushes a little, and feels a little akward, but if that's what Jenny wants to do he wont interfere. Jenny then inserts her middle finger in his asshole. David heart races, now he really feels akward. He dosent say a thing. Jenny continues to finger him, rubbing herself she begins to mildly masturbate. Jenny then gently inserts another finger, David squeezes the pillow, then realizing that it isn't as bad as he thought. He started to get used to it. Not letting the thoughts of what people might think of him get to him. As long as it's only Jenny he's okay with it. Jenny starts to run her fingers in deeper, and rubbing herself with more firmness.

Jenny starts to run her fingers in a circular motion, relaxing his muscle. David fights the erg to say stop, he wants Jenny to have her fun. Jenny then inserts another finger. She now has three fingers in his ass. What a reversal of roles. Jenny is really turned on, David is keeping his word. But then Jenny unexpectedly finds his prostate. David lets out a little moan, trying not to give away that she just hit his prostate. The last thing he want is an orgasm from Jenny's fingers in his ass. Jenny then gets an evil smile, she cups her hand and forces her entire hand in. David grabs a hold of another pillow and squeezes as tight as possible. Jenny slides her hand slowly in deeper. She touches the top of his anus. David is in some pain, but knowing Jenny is enjoying it make the pain less painful. "Flip over hun" David flips onto his back with his legs apart. Jenny then raises up with her hand resting at the top of ass. Jenny opens her mouth and glides her lips onto his penis.

Jenny begins to suck on his penis while rubbing the inside of his ass, David has got used to the pain and is now enjoying it with Jenny. Jenny starts to slide her lips up and down the shaft of his penis, David puts his hand on her head and rubs her hair. Jenny increases the amount of suction and glides faster. David tilts his head back and continues to run his fingers thorough Jenny's hair. Jenny starts to suck with maximum strength. David begins to moan from pleasure. Jenny then begins to rub his prostate causing him intense pleasure. Jenny thrusts her mouth to the base of his penis and licks around on it with her tongue. David lets out a big yell "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Jenny feels his contractions in her mouth and on her hand. Jenny swallows his fluids and takes her mouth off his penis and smiles at him. She then gently begins to remove her hand from his ass. David cringes up, Jenny removing her hand is gonna hurt big time. Jenny gently and slowly begins to slide her hand out, trying not to hurt him. Finally Jenny removes her hand, she stands up and crawls on top of him.

"Did you enjoy that?" Jenny asks as she rubs his chest with her other hand...

"Well, if you did I did." Jenny smiles at him

"Would you let me do it again?" Jenny asks, wanting to do it again. And probably pretty often.

"Yes, if you want" Jenny squeaks, she's got a lot of ideas in her mind. "But remember if you do this, then I get to do things I want to" David rubs her hair as he lays there

"I wouldn't have it any other way baby" Jenny kisses him.

"Now I want to do something to you Jenny" David places his hand on her ass

"Go right ahead, you did what I wanted. So now I thing it's only fair you get what you want" Jenny lays on her stomach, David crawls down towards her ass. David rubs her ass, he leans in and licks her cheeks. Licking her cheeks and slowly making his way towards the center. He spreads her cheeks and licks around the rim of her asshole. Jenny giggles a little "hehehe that tickles" He thrusts his tongue in, licking around in circles. "Ooh that feels so good" He allows his lips to make contact with her ass. He stops and backs off. "Why did you stop, that felt soooooo goooood" Jenny asks

"For this reason" He stands up and crawls on top of Jenny, he grabs his penis and guides it to her asshole. "Oh your gonna..." right then David inserts himself in her... "ooh, that actually feels nice" Jenny comments David begins to slide his penis in and out gently. Knowing that if he goes to fast she wont enjoy it. David puts his arms under Jenny and lays on top of her, They feel like they are of one flesh. Making love, and having fun. David continues to slide his penis in and out, Jenny moaning with pain and delight. She can feel a slight sting, but it feels great to her. Right then Jenny realizes that they share a connection with each other.

Jenny has tried to masturbate her ass before but was too painful for her, and no man enjoys stuff in there ass. She realizes that the only reason why he enjoyed it and why she is enjoying it. Is because there so in love with each other that what ever the other wants they'll enjoy it too.

David starts to pick up the pace, he's close to another orgasm. Jenny arches her back, the faster he goes. The better it feels to her, David has just surpassed any human record beat. He is now pulling five pumps per second. And the force is like a mac truck hitting a car. David flips Jenny up onto there knees, they work there way off the bed to a full standing position. David pounding harder by the second. Jenny tilts her head back laying her head on his shoulder. David leans his head forward and kisses her neck. Then David gives her a huge pound, he's having another orgasm, and on each contraction he gives her a very hard stroke. Hard enough to take her off her feet. Finally it's over, neither one of them have any energy to carry on through the night. David removes himself and Jenny cuddles him as they lay down in bed. Jenny lays down on top of David cuddling him, He puts his arms around her and they go to sleep kissing...

Six months later, David has got used to being a robot. Tho at times he misses being a human, but all in all he feels much better as a robot.

Not having to worry about fatigue or bodily injury. He can do things he has always wanted too an not worry about breaking bones or messing up internals. One fall morning in October David sleeps in late from a full night of sex with Jenny. Jenny woke up earlier than David because her battery charges faster when fully discharged.

Mrs. Wakeman pulls Jenny into her lab. Mrs. Wakeman has got a call from the Skyway patrol and will be away for several months.

"XJ9, I have been called by the skyway patrol to do some research in Chernobyl. I wont be around to test you body's functionality." Mrs. Wakeman steps towards two machines that a friend of hers has made just for this kind of emergency.

"So, I know how to do a systems check myself. And I know how to do David's system checks. No big deal mother." Jenny rolls her eyes and starts to turn away

"XJ9 pay attention" Jenny stops and turns back towards her mom. "Sure you know how to perform your normal system checks, but the normal systems checks don't include digestive and reproductive system checks" Jenny puts her hand up to her chin to study upon what she has just heard

"Ok, I'm listening" Jenny places her hands on her hips.

"Ok the first machine is to test your digestive system functionality. All you do is sit in that chair, place the electrode on your cheeks, one on your throat, three on your stomach, and on just above your waist. The machine will then monitor your muscle movements and digestive secretions as you eat." Mrs. Wakeman walks over to the other machine.

"I don't feel right about this machine, I don't have enough time to modify this machine so you have to use it to maintain a healthy reproductive system." Jenny giggles when she spots the instruments that look like they perform the test. "For you XJ9, all you do is lay on the table naked with your legs apart. This machine is easily to malfunction, so if during a test if instruments are removed the machine may not work again... So, I put some minor restraints on the table just incase you need them to complete the test with out messing up the machine. Once your ready, David must select the level for the test. I recommend a lower setting if you don't notice anything strange about yourself. Once he has started the process, this right here..." Mrs. Wakeman points to a slick tube object. "This will insert into your body and check you muscle movements and secretions." Jenny blushes a little from embarrassment. "I'm sorry XJ9, but if I had the time I would have made this machine a little less invasive. The test will be complete just after climax, and for an added bonus I request that my friend make it to where it restores sensitivity after each test." Jenny walks over and inspects the machine.

"Well, restoring of sensitivity sounds pretty fair. And I do want to make sure that my organs are A okay. I have no objections to this machine."

"Ok XJ9, but for David. He must lay on the table also. This tube will place itself on his organ, and does the same test monitoring the same thing, muscle movements and secretions. Oh and it also checks fertility for the both of you..." Jenny turns away from Mrs. Wakeman. "Where are you going XJ9?"

"I'm going to go wake David, he needs to know about this too." Jenny walks up the stairs from the lab and up to her room. David has just woke up and has got dressed when Jenny entered the room "Hun, you need to come down to the lab. Mom is going away for a while and she has machines that we need to learn how to use while she's gone..." Jenny sets beside him.

"What are the machines for?" David asks as he puts his red boots on.

"There for testing our digestive and reproductive systems, the first machine is pretty simple. But the second one you have got to see..." Jenny places a hand on his leg just as he finishes putting his boots on.

"A machine to test our reproductive systems, I bet that your mom does feel right about that machine." David chuckles under his breath, finding it kinda funny that they have to keep an eye out on there selves.

They walk down to the lab, David enters first and notices the machines. Mrs. Wakeman is writing on a note book as they approach the machines. Mrs. Wakemans watch beeps, that's her alarm to tell her that the taxi should be there any second.

"Sorry David, I can explain this to you right now. I have written down the instructions on this note book, keep it around. You two don't destroy the house while I'm gone" Mrs. Wakeman runs up the stairs and out the front door.

Jenny looks at David. "Well, lets go ahead and give these machines a run." Jenny sits in the chair for the digestive test. David grabs the note book and reads the instructions to Jenny.

"Ok it says to place one electrode on both sides of your face, on your cheeks." Jenny places the electrodes on her face. "Then one on your throat" Jenny places on her throat. "Three on your stomach, and one just above your waist" Jenny places the electrodes as instructed. David looks at the screen. "Ok, it says to select who's being tested and follow instructions on the screen" David highlights Jenny's name on the screen and presses enter. "Ok, it says you can either eat breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack right now. Are you hungry?" David looks at Jenny

"Sure, I could use a breakfast right about now." David turns and selects breakfast, the machine dings and a plate pops out with a small piece of ham, a couple sausage links, and scrambled eggs.

"Oh, my breakfast of choice" Jenny begins to eat her breakfast. David monitors the screen as it reads out information. Everything is looking good. Muscle movement, digestive secretions and enzymes. Jenny finishes her breakfast. The screen instructs Jenny to wait as the machine checks everything... A few minutes later, the screen turns green. Indicating that everything is working correctly. Jenny removes the electrodes and switches places with David. They repeat the process and everything reads that he is functioning properly also.

"Alright hun, time for the next machine... This time you go first..." David blushes as he started to lay upon the table. "Hold on a minute, remove your pants and underwear." David stops and blushes, his heart picks up a slight pace. He feels a little embarrassed, but it needs to be done. He removes his pants and underwear and lays on the table.

"Ooooh this table is pretty comfortable..." David lays back and relaxes. Jenny boots up the machine. The screen asks who is being tested, Jenny selects David. The screen prompts Jenny to tell David to close his eyes as the machine scans his body.

"Hun, you need to close your eyes. The machine needs to scan you from head to toe." David closes his eyes, Jenny starts the scanning process. A flat red beam the width of the table scans his body from head to toe... The screen reads "Scanning complete, pleasure sensors found. Test beginning. David keeps his eyes close, Jenny watches at a tube raises from the machine and inserts his penis into the tube. "Woah!" David moans. The machine produces some moisture inside the tube that David can feel. "It feels exactly like you Jenny" The tube begins to create a suction on him as it starts to move up and down on him. "Oh... oh..." David cringes up from the pleasure, it intense, but the machine has higher settings. But it is more intense than he's ever felt before. "Jenny watches him as the machine works him. Jenny begins to become a little jealous but rises above her feelings, knowing that it is necessary. David grips the sides of the table as he begins to climax... "OOOOOHHHHHHHH!" David climaxes, the machine rests on him for a few seconds, allowing him to regroup his thoughts. The machine removes the tube... The information reads on the screen.

"Everything is working fine hun, and your pretty fertile too." Jenny smiles at him, David looks at her.

"That was intense Jenny, and I feel so sensitive down stares right now" David gets up trying not to let anything touch his crotch. He has felt like that since the first time he ever masturbated. "Your turn Jenny" David puts his pants and underwear back on. Jenny lays on the table.

"Jenny you gotta remove your underwear." Jenny just looks at him and smiles. She flips her skirt up to reveal that she wasn't wearing any underwear. "Why wear underwear, when I was planning to surprise you this morning."

"Well at least remove your top" David stands at the machine ready to start the process. Jenny removes her top and lays it on the ground. David selects Jenny's name on the screen... But before David starts the scanning process Jenny adjusts the table to a leaned back position. "Go ahead start the scanning process." David selects start and the red beam scans her... The screen reads. "Pleasure sensors found, test beginning. A cylindrical tube object makes it's way onto the table. It touches Jenny's outer lips and gently slides in."oh, it's nice and smooth..." The object begins to slide up and down inside Jenny softly, making her wet before any real testing. Jenny reaches her peak wetness and the object begins to slide up and down inside her a little faster. "Oh yeah, uh, uh, uh!" Jenny starts to play with her own breasts, making her even more hot

The machine picks up the pace a little more, along with a little more force. "Oh, I'm gonna, oh oh!" Jenny cums, wetting the cylindrical object and the table... The object stays inside Jenny, not moving... The results appear on the screen.

"Jen, everything is ok. Except for your secretions, ti's reading excessive secretion. But also reads that it's not a necessary fix. It's asking if you want it fixed." David turns around to Jenny, David sees that Jenny did make a big mess. A whole lot more than he could ever hope for. "Damn Jenny!"

Jenny's frowns, thinking that David would want it fixed. She was hoping that he would like that... "If you want it fixed, fix it."

"Fix it hell, I'm not wanting it fixed. I want to know how to get you to do that again, that's sexy!" Jenny smiles and giggles, David selects the no option and the object removes it's self. David and Jenny both clean off the table together. Later that day, David has gone to a car show and Jenny stayed home, she was hoping to talk to Kayla today

She walks over to Brads house to talk with Kayla about the events of that morning..

But Brad and Kayla have got into an argument over there genders. Kayla has started her period and Brad took offence when she said he couldn't handle being a woman.

"Now hold on Kayla, you have no idea of what it's like being a man. Having to work, having to control sexual urges. Do you know how much will power it takes to stop myself when your not in the mood... It's not easy!" Brad yells pacing back and forth.

"You couldn't handle the cramps, the bleeding and the mood swings that we girls have to put up with each month" Kayla throws a pillow at him in anger.

"David gets my mood swings when I'm on my period." Jenny smiles trying to calm the situation between them

"Lets settle this right now!" Brad points a finger at Kayla. "Jenny, talk David into swapping bodies with you. Who ever admits that the other gender has the harder life wins." Kayla takes a step back from Brad. "Hahaha not MAN enough to volunteer yourself, have to call on you buddies to do your dirty work eh!"

Jenny looks at Kayla "Ya know, I have to agree with you. But also he may have a reason behind that. Me and David are body swap compatible. Brad isn't able to swap like me and David." Jenny turns towards the door. "I know he'll do it, but he wont do it to finish the argument between you two. He'll do it as a learning opportunity." Jenny opens the door and steps out