edited: 6/24/07

Millennium Leap


They say life throws you curve balls and leaping through time and space has taught me that's no lie. In other words, I've learned to always be prepared for the unexpected events that life will send your way. In the end, I think it's a shame that while I've learned that lesson many a time before that I haven't paid enough attention to it. No matter what I do I always seem to run into something that throws me for a loop…

Sam felt the pull of a leap yet again after a mission well done and all in all it hadn't been that bad of an assignment. With the help of Al he successfully kept Ms. Julie Richards from being swindled by that jerk of a boyfriend. And not only did it go off without a hitch, but Sam was happy this one went well. No woman should have to put up with that sort of abuse. The only difficult part of the mission, really, was trying to remember he was a ten-year-old boy from Ms. Richards' point of view. Being much older than ten normally, Sam had issues holding his tongue. Ten year olds shouldn't come across as overly intelligent. Ah, sweet complications, but they only make it more fun in the end. However, now wasn't the time to remember the past. Sam needed to figure out where he was at the present and his new assignment.

Sam opened his eyes and blinked a few times to take in his surroundings. A school? Sam immediately took note of the blue uniforms on all of the guys and the pink girls' uniforms scattered throughout the classroom. So he was either in a private school or a country that required uniforms even in public school. Everyone looked to be about fifteen or sixteen and was chatting happily with one another. After a look down at himself, he noted he too was in a blue uniform buttoned all the way to the top. Sam assumed everyone was on a break or something because there was no teacher in sight and the students were chatting away happily without another care in the world.

Sam took note of the different faces and wondered just who he was and how he fit into this entire situation. It seemed peaceful enough. His curiosity was cut short when he felt a tug on his sleeve. "Hey! Bakura, are you still in there?"

Sam turned his head to stare down into a pair of huge violet eyes. He swallowed. "Oh boy."