With All My Heart

An Unexpected House

Lily Evans stood with her best friend Natalie Kerrie, they had finally found somewhere to stay for the summer holidays, after shifting between houses with some muggle friends, Natalie took it in her hands to bring them back to their world, the wizarding world. Though to Lily's dismay, they were staying with Natalie's boy friend, Remus Lupin.

It wasn't like Lily didn't like Remus, they were like brother and sister, but she didn't get along to well with one of his best friends, James Potter.

"Lily," Natalie yelled up the stairs. "Let's go, Remus will be here in a minute to pick us up!" Lily came running down the stairs with all her stuff. Her muggle friends had left an hour ago.

The doorbell rang minutes later and Natalie opened it to see a sandy haired boy with light blue, almost gray eyes. Natalie gave him a quick hug and kiss as Lily came to the door with her stuff. She gave Remus a tight hug.

"So, Remus how are we getting to your house?" Natalie asked with a cute smirk. She was about five foot three with long blonde hair, and blue eyes that could light up a room. She always seemed to be smiling, which is what her friends loved about her.

"Well, we're taking a car, but we're er…" He gave a quick apologetic look at Lily before continuing. "We're staying with James. My parents had to go on urgent business late last night, James' parents had to too, and our plan when this happens is I go stay at the Potter's and they said it's okay that you two come." Remus said rather quickly.

Lily stood there stunned and let Natalie drag her out of the house. Finally half way through the silent car ride there she spoke. "Remus, are Sirius and Peter going to be there too?" She said it quietly, but with a pleading look.

"Well Sirius basically lives there, so yes he will be there, but Peter is with his mother this month, so we won't see him till we are back in school."

Lily looked relieved. Her and Sirius Black always seemed to get along well. They could talk for hours, but no one knew this, well except Natalie, but Natalie was her best friend.

"Okay, cool…" Lily said, the rest of the ride was silent and when they got to the Potter Mansion Lily just stood there stunned.

The mansion was on top of a hill and five stories high, it was as huge as a Quidditch pitch, which, according to the rumors they had one in the back. The inside was red and gold and the house itself was very welcoming and cool compared to the hot weather outside.

Remus brought them up to James' wing of the house.

"Natalie, Lily, you too will be staying in the rooms on the right, we each have a room with our name on it on the left. This door is where our little room were we all hang out is, the only rule James' parents have said is that after midnight we should not be in each other's rooms. Sound good?" The girls both nodded, they finally came to their senses.

"Remus, how are we supposed to know where we're going?" Natalie asked timidly.

"Don't worry, we'll show you around, but right now, I've got to go wake up James and Sirius, they don't know you two are coming, and I didn't want a fight last night at three AM when James' parents and my parents left. So I should go tell them, and by the way, make yourselves at home in your rooms."

With that Lily and Natalie walked to their rooms and Lily was stunned to see how magnificent it was. All her stuff was there and it looked as though there were more clothes. She loved it, it was red and gold, in her traditional colors, and was very homey. She had a nice big bead that had a gold bedspread on it. A full-length mirror was on the wall. The dressers were filled with clothes that didn't belong to Lily, but had a note that said 'Fell free to wear any of them.' Lily simply loved it. She walked into Natalie's room to see that it was just like her own.

"Let's go check out their meeting area shall we?" Natalie asked with a huge smile on her face.

They walked in and saw a couple couches and a bunch of big fluffy chairs. It was red and gold like the rest of the house so far. There was a nice fire burning and five desks set up on one wall. On the desk there were bottles of ink, parchment, and quills. The girls decided to wait on the biggest couch in front of the fire.

A table sat in front of them, and on it, Lily noticed, was their breakfast; it was really quite early, as Lily noticed finally. They had been up most of the night packing, and didn't sleep. So when Remus came at seven, they were wide-awake. Lily now looked at her watch to see that it was eight AM.

"Should we eat?" Natalie asked.

"No, we should wait for the boys, it's only polite." Lily replied.

They didn't have long to wait luckily. Remus brought James and Sirius in moments later and they greeted each other quietly and sat down to eat.

"How has your summer been Lily?" Sirius asked. Everyone looked at them surprised, well except of course Natalie who didn't realize that it looked wrong.

"Fine, Natalie and me have been traveling around from place to place, then we were going to stay at Remus', but I guess we're staying here, by the way Potter, thanks for letting us." Lily said. She noticed that James had flinched at being called Potter; it was how they always were though. James gave a small nod to say he understood.

James and Lily had never gotten along. To Lily, James had an inflated head because he thought he was so hot, and great, but Lily knew it was true. Since her first year she had always had a crush on him, but she would never admit it. She loved his perfect body; he was about six feet tall, compared to her five foot five shortness. He had ruffled black hair, and chocolate eyes that we're irresistible. He had a strong build from Quidditch and had loved Lily for as long as she could remember. She never wanted to be one of his girls though. They were all 'one night stands' and she didn't want to be one.

Little did Lily know that James wanted her to be more, he wanted her for his life. That's why hearing 'Potter' hurt him so bad, but she couldn't know. He was too stubborn, not that she wasn't. Though by now, she had to have realized that she wasn't just a game to him. He loved her long fire red hair that was extremely wavy, her brilliant emerald eyes, and her body. In his eyes it was the perfect shape. Everything about her was perfect to the famous James Potter.

"Evans, it's nothing, I knew you'd be at Remus' house, and the circumstances our parents left under meant that you were coming here, no biggy." James said. Lily wished she could believe it, but when they're eyes met, they knew it was more.