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The Dancing Inside

Chapter 1, The Usual and the Asking

The Titans were all doing their normal day activities. Raven was reading in a corner on the sofa, Starfire was cooking some weirdo food on the stove, and Robin and Cyborg were playing Video games. Well until Cyborg noticed that Beastboy wasn't there.

That's when Cyborg decided to say something not taking his eyes of the game.

"Hey has anybody noticed where Beastboy went to?" Cyborg asked not looking away from the game.

"Nope" Raven said not taking her eyes off of her book.

Robin was just about to say something when Beastboy ran into the room.

"Hey guys! Guess what? Asked Beastboy

"What concerns you friend Beastboy?" Starfire asked from the kitchen.

"There's this new place that has everything in it, an arcade, karaoke, a dancing arena, and…" Beastboy exclaimed the list going on and on.

"Yeah, I've heard, what about it B?" Asked Cyborg.

"I was wondering" Beastboy said now talking to Robin. "If we could all go if that's ok with Robin here".

"Umm, well I guess we could all use a break…ugh…ok but everyone can go right? Robin asked.

"Yeah, of course!" exclaimed Beastboy, "It opens tomorrow at 5 pm!"

"Well ok then, we can go but I think we should try not to be that noticeable, ok?" Robin said.

Cyborg had just beaten Robin in the game because he wasn't paying attention.

"BOO-YAH!" Cyborg said jumping up in excitement

"NOOOOOOO, I WAS SO CLOSE!" screamed Robin.

"Yes, were going, yes! Were going, yes, YES! Sang Beastboy.

"Ok now everyone's going to need something to wear besides their costumes." Robin said.

Starfire then walked over from the kitchen and jumped up and down excitably.

"Raven will you come with me to the mall of shopping? Asked Starfire.

"Ugh umm who said I was going to this place tomorrow? Raven said in her regular monotone voice.

"But friend you must come! I don't wish to be alone there! Starfire cried.

"You won't be alone." Raven said in her usual monotone voice.

"You will come then?……yes? Starfire asked.

"No I will not, sorry Starfire, I ugh, I don't dance." Raven announced.

And with that said Raven then glided up to her room and everyone heard her door shut.

"Dude, that was just plain mean" BeastBoy said after Raven had shut her door.

"Maybe she does not wish to be my friend anymore." Starfire said sadly and then started to cry. "It's probably all-(sniff-cry-sniff) my fault she does not wish to go."

Starfire then cried fully.

Star, its ok, its not your fault at all, you know Raven, she ugh just doesn't like to do all the activities we do, alright?" Robin said trying to comfort Starfire.

Raven was listening to this whole conversation in her room. Cyborg was just watching as everyone talked his head moving from one to another.

"That's it, I'm making her come cause this time she actually is gonna have fun." Beastboy said confidently.

"Why do you want her to go so much, huh?" Cyborg asked sneakily.

"Because I want her to have fun." Beastboy said.

"And why do you want her to have fun?" Cyborg asked still sounding sneaky

"Cause I just…I just…Cause I just Do ok? Beastboy said blushing and pausing in between words.

"Sure…." Cyborg said with the sneakyness still in his voice.

And Then Beastboy ran upstairs to Raven's room.

---------------Raven's Door-----------

"Raven? Listen up! I want you to come with us tomorrow, It'll be fun and you need fun, and "---Beastboy was cut short because he heard something coming from Raven's Room.

THE END OF THIS CHAPTER….well nah im gonna make it a lil longer,lol :

He heard what seemed like crying. He now regretted everything he had just said. He couldn't believe it. Raven was crying, wait maybe she wasn't but what if she was? All these thoughts were running across BeastBoy's mind. He didn't know what to do so he just knocked.

"Yes?" he heard Raven say but not in her usual monotone voice, it was soft and timid.

"Umm, listen I'm sorry If I did anything wrong, you don't need fun your…your perfect the way you are. BeastBoy said pausing word after word. But when he relised what he said he blushed. He was happy he wasn't face to face with Raven cause he wouldn't want her to see him blush.

The door opened and he saw Raven who looked like she was crying and had tried to wipe the tears away.

"I'm not perfect. You think I'm mean, Starfire thinks I don't want to be her friend, and everyone else thinks I'm just plain boring." Raven said in a sad tone.

"No I don't" exclaimed BeastBoy.

"Yes you do" Raven said still sounding sad.

Beastboy looked at her. He could tell she was about to cry. That's when he started thinking to himself.

'I cant believe it, she looks as if she was crying but Raven only cried like 2 times before. Oh no I must've sounded so mean that she's crying, but wait Raven, she hasn't cried since that time with her father.

He didn't know what to do he wanted to make her feel better, but wait if she just would of went to the mall with Starfire then nothing would of happen, so it is kind of Raven's fault.'

But now he had just noticed that Raven had been waiting there the whole time and that was for about 5 minutes.

"I'm ugh, umm I'm sorry I kept you waiting Raven. I'm sorry, but can you just please come with us tomorrow? Asked Beastboy.

"Why should you be sorry? You didn't do nothing. It's my fault everyone hates me"Raven said and she couldn't help it, she was an emotional wreck today, she started to cry again.

'I have to stop crying, I don't want Beastboy to see me crying or anybody else to see me crying.' but she couldn't stop.

Beastboy thought it was the perfect time--he walked up to her and hugged her tightly, he wanted to make her feel better and that's the only thing he could think of.


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