I know know, you all want to kill me for taking forever to upload.

And I did have a full 4 page long new chapter...Untill my harddrive died.

But I had managed to save my stories on a CD and now I had them all.

But I can't open any of them at all. Because I was using Open Office last

time but I can't download it for two reasons

1)The computer I have now hardly has any memory therefore I'm not allowed by my brother.

2) Even though I'm not allowed,I tried and it doesn't work. It takes me a page where I then

click on window OpenOffice 2.0.4something like thatand then takes me to 'Bouncer'

page and no matter what I try,it doesn't work.

More reaons why...

I've been reading through my two stories and you know what?

I realized I'm not very good at it. Atleast for fanfiction anyway.

My stories are newb-y with not very good plots and cheesy-ness.

Therefore,I will be leaving.

And restarting over new later on.

I hate to say it but to put it simply...

I gave up.

Yeah, I know I'm horrible.But life hasn't been..the greatest lately and I keep

losing hope and losing encouragement.

I'm very sorry.I sound like some wimpy little kid now.

I feel horible for having to abandon my stories, simply horrible.

I guess what I'm trying to say is,I'm starting over on a new account.

My writing skills are alot better now,believe it or not.

If anybody was actually interested in any of my stories, I am deeply sorry.

Maybe I will update again..one day.Though I highly doubt it.

Farewell and Bye.

Love Sophia.

PS:I might, just might,if I do get a new account, will maybe put it in my profile..

Just maybe though..