Suffocating in the Darkness: Author's Nonsense

SC :dies by the reviews:

Cheekon: Heh…she died…

Alter Ego: How?

Cheekon :looks at the computer: hmmm…I think the word 'update' might be the reason…

Alter Ego: >.>

SC :comes back alive: My head…

Cheekon: Idiot…

Alter Ego: Oooo…is this another yaoi fic of Riku and Sora?

SC: Yes…and this is going to be a fantasy…head is still hurting…

Cheekon: Where's the intro?

Alter Ego :finds a piece of paper: Here it is!

SC: 'Die you fucking bitch'? This is the intro?

Cheekon :snatches the paper: That was my note to all the yaoi haters.


Alter Ego: This is it! :reads: 'Burn in hell'? Wait—that was my note to all the Kairi/ Sora lovers.


Cheekon: Here it is…

SC :reads: Welcome to the new fic of Riku and Sora. This takes place after the first Kingdom Hearts game and will be a yaoi uhhh…fantasy story…

Cheekon :snatches the paper: SC owns nothing of the KH game no matter how hard she pictures Riku and Sora making out whenever she plays it.

Alter Ego:

SC :reads over Cheekon's shoulder: LEAVE YAOI HATERS! GO AWAY!


Cheekon: OO…anyways…why are we doing this again?

SC: I don't want to say the disclaimer so many times it'll make me cry.

Cheekon: Uh-huh…

Alter Ego :reads: This is also an angst story so if you can't stand to see some of the characters get hurt mentally and physically, this story isn't for you. So if you can't read sad stories and need a laugh, read SC's other stories and leave a review.

SC: Don't forget that I might never update A Vampire's Love.

Cheekon: Sorry to all the fans to that fic…

Alter Ego: Eggs?

Cheekon: No…


Cheekon: Warning: there might be some OC's in this and OOC's of KH characters so if you hate, get out!

SC: You can always give me ideas for this fic for extra writing cause I know most of the things that are going to happen in this fic. This will be a long series fic like more than 5 chapters with 12 to more pages of typing. And flames are not accepted but if you send just one, I'll block you from saying anything to me.

Cheekon: She could do that you know.


SC: But sadly I will not be able to post it on :casts eyes:

SC :smiles brightly: But right this moment I'm putting up my site. The URL is on my profil when it gets up there. Check it out.

Cheekon: She'll appreciate it.

Alter Ego: You can also use her art on your own website. But you can't call it your own art and fic because then SC will track you down and you'll have to see her cry.

SC: That isn't a good sight to see…

Cheekon :nods: So give her some credit please. And if you want to sumbit stuff on her website like fanart and gifts, you're welcome to by emailing SC and telling her how to put it up on her sight!

SC: Anything else they need to know?


Cheekon :rolls eyes:

SC: Oh yeah… To warn you there will be cliff hangers in this so if you can't take the heat, get out of the oven! That also goes to yaoi: if you hate it, you would have been gone the moment the word 'yaoi' appeared on this page. And if you love Kairi with all your heart, get out immediately. I mean, IMMEDIATELY! RUN!

Cheekon :shoos them away: ah…so you're the guys that are fearless to read the fic. Well, if you have no troubles with all the warnings and stuff like that, you may enter the dark, romantic, yaoi, angst story of Suffocating in the Darkness:lights begin to dim:

Alter Ego: AHHHHHHHH! DARKNESS! :glomps the darkness…or tries to:

Cheekon: O.O

SC: …Okaaay…


SC: What she said…

Cheekon: And I thought I was disturbed…

Alter Ego: I can't glomp the darkness!

SC :turns on the lights: Can we just continue with the story?

Cheekon: I agree; let's continue…

Alter Ego: COOKIES!

SC and Cheekon: O.O