Title: Between 3

Title: Between 3

Name: Joy

Email: SleepingBeauty2@ziplip.com

Rating: PG-13

Several of the children stood and moved away from Logan and Max. They remained standing, as did Casey staring at the couple. A small boy made his way through the crowd of children to Logan. "I am Logan," the dark haired boy said to a much-confused Logan. A smile spread across the boy's face as Logan's eyes drilled into his own. Max looked at the little boy from behind and noticed something on the back of his neck. It was a short series of lines.

"Where did you get this?" Max asked.

"I was born with it. We all are." The group of children all turned to face the couple. Dark and light haired children pushed collars down or raised hair to display their barcodes. The barcodes were all shorter and smaller then Max's. Mia stood and showed her barcode.

"We have them too," Nicholas side referring to himself and Shane.

"And you?" Max asked with tears in her eyes. Casey turned around and raised her hair. Beneath her hair was a very distinct barcode almost identical to Max's. "Why is yours larger than the others?"

"Because I am destiny and they are merely possibility."

"What does that mean?" Max asked.

"You still do not understand what you are seeing." Casey knelt in front of the couple. "Who am I? Who are we? Why do you recognize us?"

They sat silently. Screams rose from the children as several others disappeared at once. "No! They are killing us. Just send them back and let us die in peace!" Mia demanded.

"Silence. There is still time. They can get there… I will not give up. Not when they are this close to understanding," Casey shot back.

"How are we doing this? How are we responsible for the children disappearing?" Logan pled with Casey picking up little Logan. "How can we stop this?"

Casey rose to her feet and went to the elder gentlemen. "They asked…"

"We can guide only," Shane said.

"But we can show them the door…" Casey pled.

"Tread lightly," Nicholas responded.

Casey went to one of the children, who had eyes similar to hers. She picked the boy up and went over to the couple. "Look us in the eyes. Why are we familiar? Whose eyes are these?"

Each stared at the faces before them. Max gasped. "What?" Logan asked.

"Logan, they have your eyes."

"And your barcode," Logan responded.

"Nice combination, huh?" Casey said with a smile.

"Then you are?" Max asked.

"We are your future," Nicholas spoke.

"We are what you create," Shane said.

"But how? There are so many things that stop us," Max stated.

"No, there is not. You are the thing stopping you from being together," Sean said from off to the left.

"Lydecker… Manticore…" Logan muttered.

"Things that are better overcome together, than apart," Casey responded.

"I may have to run again," Max said.

"Or you can stand up and fight. Or he can run with you. There are very few times there is only one solution," she said calmly.

"So, we get to be together," Logan asked.

"That is your choice," Mia said, "Like we have been telling you!"

Logan looked at Max with great love in his eyes, "WE get to be together… I don't have to lose you… I love you."

A tear ran down Max's cheek, "We'll find away. We'll fight to be together… I… I love you too. I've loved you for so long."

Logan leaned in and kissed Max. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her to his chest. "I'll never let you go…"



Screams arose once more from the children, as more disappeared. "What happened? Why are they still disappearing?" Logan begged.

"They will continue to disappear until you conceive Nicholas and Shane," Casey said calmly.

"What?" Logan asked

"Max- does it make sense now?" Casey said.

"My heat will be hitting me today. Today is when I need to conceive them, otherwise this won't happen…" Max said to Logan.

"OK. So our lives are about to turn upside down."

"Well, we have been trying to push you guys along for a while now so these moments would be natural. However, this is it. Times up," Casey stated shaking her head.

"Are we ready to go back?" Max asked.

"Yes, you are. Just be patient with each other. Love and life can be difficult. Trust, hope and love. Those three help with everything," Casey said quietly.

"Will we ever see you, them, again?" Logan asked.

"Some. Your sons of course… You will see me at the end of your life. I will be your brave warrior," Casey stated with a smile. "Now, close your eyes and you will be returned."


Logan shot up in his bed. For the first time since he started having the dream, he wasn't scared. He knew he just needed to be with Max, nothing else mattered. He was in the living room as Max came out of the guest bedroom.

"I'm sorry… I shouldn't have walked away," Max said to Logan.

"It doesn't matter," Logan said before kissing her. The kiss wasn't hurried or haggard. It was sweet and full of love. "I love you. I want you to be mine, always."

"Logan," was all Max managed to murmur before he kissed her again. "I love you too," she said against his lips. "I'm in heat, Logan… I want to be yours… always."

"We'll get pregnant," Logan said as he continued to kiss her.

"I know."

Logan picked Max up and headed back to his bedroom. He looked at her with great love as he laid her on his bed. "You want to conceive a child with me?" he asked as he kissed her reverently.

"I want to conceive a couple children with you!" she said pulling him more fully on top of her.

"This changes everything… I would love to change everything, but I don't want to hold you back," Logan said timidly looking into her eyes.

"Let's change everything. Let's have a baby. I want this. I want you," she said before kissing his lips lightly.

"Would you if you weren't in heat?"

"Normally when I'm in heat, the last thing I want is to become pregnant. When I woke up, it was the first thing I thought of, wanting to be pregnant with your baby."

He stared in her eyes, and his filled with tears. "I love you," he uttered as they began to make love.


Logan sat silently next to Max stroking her cheek as she slept. "Mr. Cale?" a nurse said from the door. "Shall I bring them in?"

"Oh, yes please!" Logan said as his eyes lit up.

"Your wife did a great job. Twins are hard on anybody, but she is so small I'm amazed she lasted as long as she did," said the nurse as she wheeled the twin boys to him.

"I'll be sure and tell her that when she wakes up," Logan said as the nurse left. "Well, guys. We out number your mom. But I bet you've already figured out, she is a strong lady with her own opinion, so she won't be a push over."

One of the small wrinkly beings began to cry. Logan reached in and picked him up, "Oh, no need to cry. She'll be great. So what should we name you?"

"What about Shane?" Max said from the hospital bed.

"I'm sorry if we woke you," Logan said handing the little one he was holding over to his waiting wife.

"It's OK. I was thinking I like the name Shane," Max said as she looked at her son.

"Well, I could go for that. What do you think of Nicholas for this little guy?"

"I like that," she said with a smile.

"OK. Look at that. Our first official parenting decision: Nicholas and Shane," Logan said to his sons. "It is very nice to meet you guys, finally. It seems like I've been dreaming of you forever."