Chapter 1:

The sun slowly moves through the sky giving light to the people of east central as the people that reside in this city work busily through the day merely trying to make a good days work. A young woman vibrant with a smile on her slightly tanned face, walks up to the main office of the state military of this lovely city. She pauses for a moment looking at the office her emerald green eyes look in disbelief of what she's looking at. "Finally… I made it!" She says to herself as she begins to walk once again to her main destination, the military headquarters. Her dark curly brown hair bounces in the movement of each step she takes looking around at the windows and some of the people that are busily working trying to keep the state under some form of control.

Her attention is quickly taken by the guard of the gate, wearing the standard military uniform, his eyes firm with little amusement about them, "May I help you miss?"

She smiles, "Yes, I'm here to see Colonel Mustang, I'm a new recruit."

"Do you have your papers?" He speaks up matter of fact.

Her emerald eyes widen trying to remember if she even BROUGHT her transfer forms. "Uuuugh… hold on one second!" she smiles nervously looking around her brown brief case, thin with only about five or six folders in it, 'not there! Oh Crap!' she quickly closes it; she starts patting her clothing to see where they could be. 'I know I brought them!'

The man looks curiously, "Miss… Do you have an appointment?"

"Yes! I do" she looks up and quickly smiles nodding quickly.

The guard nods and goes back to get the checklist.

She starts checking her pockets seeing if she can find them anywhere! Her black pencil skirt obviously having NO pockets she moans to herself in aggravation, 'how could I have forgotten it TODAY!' not finding the forms in the outside pockets of her pale pink jacket, she quickly opens it and looks at the inside of her jacket. 'AH-HA!' She smiles pulling out some folded up papers. "Here you are sir!" she smiles buttoning up her form-fitting jacket, hiding her white blouse underneath.

The guard takes the papers opening them and nods slowly, "Alright Dr. Reed, he's waiting for you, on the second floor, office number 247." He walks back to his little booth opening the gate doors for her. "Have a good day ma'am."

She smiles nodding to the guard, who gives her, her paper work back. She walks to the front doors of the building walking in she meets up with the secretary who quickly asks her where she's going. "I'm going to office number 247."

"I see, well take the elevator and take a right you can't miss it." The young woman smiles her face seemingly kinder than that of the guard. "Good luck."

"Thank you." She walks up to the elevator, pushing the button for up she awaits her ride up to her new advisor. 'Maybe they'll FINALLY give me a military uniform. All they gave me in central was paper work! I'm a doctor not a secretary!' She sighs seeing out of the corner of her eye something small and red. She slowly turns her head to see who it might be. Though she only sees a young man with a red jacket, with beautiful blonde hair. 'Oh wow…. It's so pretty, I bet girls tell him it looks real nice all the time.'

The young man turns to her feeling her eyes on him, "What!" He grumbles obviously not happy.

Shocked by the young mans out burst, though suddenly realized she'd been staring at him, "Forgive me, I just noticed your hair it's very lovely."

The young man blinks a couple times, a slight flush showing on his face. "Uuugh…." He turns to the elevator seeing that it's opened for them. He and the woman walk in, "Second floor please…" He speaks up trying not to sound to flustered.

She smiles pushing it, 'Same floor as me.' She smiles at him, "Do many young woman talk to about your hair?"

The young man blush becomes darker, "No…" He speaks up trying not to squeak out his thoughts he scratches at it with a white-gloved hand.

"Well it's very lovely!" She smiles waiting for the doors to open once more.

He looks to her hair seeing that it's up in a ponytail seeing curls at the end of her hair. "Must be hard to take care of your hair." He grins widely trying to hide his blush by sounding confident.

She smiles shacking her head, "No not really my hair naturally curls at the end, been that way since I was born!"

The young man looks at her shocked, his golden eyes looking at her in utter shock, "Really?"

"Yup." She sees that the door's slowly opening, "Well this is my stop, where are you going?"

"Room 247." The young man grumbles.

Dr. Reed blinks in shock, "That's where I'm going as well. I'm rather new here."

"Oh?" the young man smiles, "well I can take yea there."

"That would be very nice." Following the young man to the said room. "So are you a student here, or are you someone's son-"

"I work here."

Dr. Reed stops in utter disbelief, 'a young man…. Wait…' The young man turns to her seeing that she's stopped, his hands behind his head. "Is…. Are you… Full Metal?"

Ed smiles very proud of himself, "The one and only!"

"But you can't be more than…"

"I'm 16 I'll be 17 soon! Though I can see why you're shocked I AM the youngest to pass the test!" Ed swings back around to their destination.

"I'm just so shocked, I didn't think I'd ever meet you!" Dr. Reed smiles putting out her hand to shake his own, "I'm Sarah Reed, I'm going to be one of the field doctors around here, or least I think I am, with how things have been going on I doubt it." Sarah looks to the door of their desire, slightly depressed, Ed having shaken her hand.

"Well it's better to try and not succeed than to not try at all right?" Ed smiles.

Sarah smiles nodding, "You're very correct there." Sarah looks to Ed curiously, "Why don't you have a military uniform."

Ed looks to Sarah trying not to look too upset, "They couldn't make one for me and they're still working on getting me one."

Sarah looks in disbelief, "How long have you been working with the military?"

Ed looks up thoughtfully, "About five years now."

"I'm never going to get a uniform….." Sarah exasperates.

Ed smiles at her patting her back, "No it's just cause they didn't have uniforms for twelve years olds. I'm sure they'll get you yours soon, me I just don't want to wear one!"

Sarah blinks a couple times, and nods, "I see, well thank you for your help, it was very lovely talking to you Mr. Elric." Sarah bows and walks into the office first, seeing the people working busily once more, and seeing a closed office behind them.

"May I help you?" Asks a woman her hair, also blond, but not as dark as Elrics, her eyes an interesting color of red. Her face firm and matter of fact.

"I have an appointment with Colonel Mustang." Sarah salutes quickly.

Risa returns the salute and nods, both putting down their hands, "He's in his office, he's expecting you."

Sarah nods and walks up to the door knocking on it.

"Come in." Comes a firm voice.

Sarah sighs trying to help her self with her confidence, she opens the door and closes it behind herself. The man before her was beautiful, his black hair slightly spiky but still his face a light tan with brown eyes; she walks up to his desk saluting him. "Second Lieutenant Sarah Reed reporting for duty!"

Roy slowly looks up from his paper work then to his clock, "You're late…"

"I'm sorry sir!" Sarah mentally beats herself into a pulp trying to think of a way she could have avoided that.

Roy sighs, sitting back in his seat he salutes her, both put their hands down and he looks to the couches, "Sit." Sarah looks to the couches and quickly sits. Roy looks through some papers reading something rather quickly, "So you're a field doctor?" Roy looks at her curiously only getting a quick nod from Sarah, "Rather young aren't you?"

"I'm a fast learner you could say." Sarah tries to joke.

Roy only raises an eyebrow to this comment, and then looks down at the paper work, "You use alchemy I see."

"Yes, they suggested I be a field doctor because of it." Sarah speaks up once more.

"I see…" Roy speaks up with little interest, "Well everything seems be in order, I'll give you your orders later, you're uniform will arrive tomorrow. Most likely you'll end up going with the Elric brothers."

Sarah nods, though jumps at the sudden slamming of the door behind her, she looks to see the young man from before. "Mr… Elric…"

Roy looks up glaring at Edward, "Full Metal if you haven't noticed I'm having a conference with someone!"

"You're giving Al and me a babysitter?" Ed growls.

"No! I'm sending you a field doctor, she's more than worthy to go with you! She works with both Auto-mail AND physical wounds. She's also a great alchemist, but then again you'd know that if you'd showed a little more patience!" Roy growls right back.

Ed looks at Roy taken aback about what he'd just heard, "Auto-mail…"

Sarah looks to Ed curiously, "Do… You have Auto-mail Mr. Elric?"

"Full Metal!" Roy growls.

Sarah jumps again fearful for herself, "Full metal…"

"Yea…" Ed grumbles.

"I see…" Sarah looks at her lap feeling a little silly, 'of course he does or Mustang-san wouldn't have said anything about it.'

"There's an old castle out west of here, there have been more and more complaints about it recently and I want you to investigate it form me, no ones lived in it for the past thirty… fourty years so there's nothing that should really be dangerous about it." Roy gets out calming a little from Ed's outburst.

"So you want me to go check it out and see what people are complaining about right? Fine I'll be back in a couple days…" Ed turns around walking right back out the door.

Roy glares at Ed, "Full Metal! I'm not finished!"

"If there's no one there, then why should I take Reed with me?" Ed points out the obvious.

"For field experience?" Roy points out the even more obvious.

Ed tries his hardest to spit something right back at the man, though only ends up grumbling as he leaves.

Roy sighs, looking to Sarah he smiles lightly, "You're train leaves tomorrow at three your uniform should be at the dorms at noon so you should have plenty of time to get ready." He watches her nod slowly. He looks back down to his work, "You're dismissed."

Sarah stands up saluting her higher officer and walks out the door leaving him to his work. Roy looks up at the door smiling to himself, 'Rather lovely looking lady… maybe I can get her to go to dinner with me…' the phone next to him distracting him from his dirty thoughts about his new helper. "Hello?"

"Roy! Hey buddy! How're things at your office?" Hughes cheerful voice speaks up.

Roy sighs knowing he'd call, "Fine considering the new member."

"Oh?" The sound of Hughes voice makes it obvious that he's smiling.

"You wouldn't have something to do with her being over here do you?" Roy growls.

"Oh of course not!"

Roy for some reason seriously doubted that, "Anyway what's up?"

"Well from what I've heard there's something more going on about her than her file says, she's studied many medicines but some of them are rather odd." Hughes speaks up sounding completely serious.

"Oh?" Roy speaks up curiously, sitting back in his seat waiting to hear this out.

"Well it seems that she looked into almost every kind of medicine available, even those that wouldn't normally be looked into. Her fiancé was dying it seems and she was looking for what she could do to help him. Unfortunately he died before she could find his cure." Hughes speaks up.

Roy sighs, "What kind of medicine's did she look into?"

"Well some could say prehistoric! It seemed so silly for her to be looking at medicines that haven't been used for hundreds of years, also it seems she's looked into, well believe it or not vampires." Hughes holds the phone slightly away from his ear hearing Roy laugh loudly on the other side.

"Mythical creatures are her thing, Eh? I wouldn't worry too much about it." Roy speaks up about to putting the phone down. 'Real cute!'


Sarah runs up to Ed seeing that he's still a little upset with his commanding officer, "Ed."

He turns to her sighing and trying to be a little more chipper. "Hey."

"Roy wanted me to tell you about when we're leaving-"

"Right away?" Ed grumbles.

"No…. Tomorrow at three, I guess this isn't that serious of a mission so why rush into it? Besides my uniform is coming in tomorrow." Sarah points out.

Ed nods, and sighs once more, "Well I'll introduce you to my little brother, he's a real nice guy." Ed smiles happily. Sarah smiles nodding following the older teen.


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