Chapter four

Looking into the mirror, she sees her latest victim of lust and wonder, her new blood donor. 'Edward hmmmmm? What a lovely name… let Lady Abigail Von Ritcher tend to your needs… while she tends to her own as well….' The woman from before stands before the mirror her dress dark, black with no sign of light in it. The bodes of the dress squeezing tightly to her body causing her bust to seem slightly larger. Though the bust of the dress clings to her body as well with shoulder less sleeves which cling to her pale white skin of smooth porcelain. The skirt of the dress black velvet with a slight poof to it, she sits in a near by chair letting one of the female children under her control fix her hair in the a high bun leaving two locks of hair on her shoulder put into a lovely curl.

"Mistress…" The little one speaks up.

"Yes Kali?" She smiles at the girl.

"You hair is finished." The girl speaks up being no more than twelve, but sounded as though she had the wisdom of a twenty year old.

"Good you may go do as you please." She returns her attention to the mirror smiling at the young man before her. "His hair so beautiful… I wish to play with it… maybe a visit would not harm anything… but that brother of his… how to get him out of the room?"


Ed turns in his bed as though having a bad dream or trying to find a comfortable spot. "Mmmuuugh… na… no! AL! …. Wha…"

Al sits up hearing his brother's whimpers, he turns to his brother worried about him and his dreams that he could be having. He gets up from his bed shacking him lightly, "Nii-san…"

"No… don'… stop! DON'T TOUCH ME!" Ed yells sitting up sweat rolling down his face turning to Al, his breathing labored, looking at Al's frightened face, he swats Al's hands away hearing Al whimper slightly. Unsure if it's one of protest or hurt he didn't care, with the dream he had he didn't want anyone to touch him at the moment.

"Nii-san… your… sweating…" Al points out.

"Get me some water and towels so I can get it off then…" Ed's voice so terribly dark and uncharacteristic of him.

Al sits there in disbelief, "B-"

"Now Al!" Ed growls.

Al turns and runs out the door, "Right…!" Al sounded terribly hurt by his brother's harsh words.

Ed looks at his covers he can see them just fine but he felt like he was watching his body move on it's own. It standing on its own and opening the window the rain that he didn't know was pouring hit his heated face as the lightening showed the woman from before. 'It's her!'

She smiles at him entering his room with ease, water dripping down her face and her dress begins to soak the carpet. "Hello Edward… I know you can hear me…" She smiles a little more.

Ed's body doesn't move as she caresses his right cheek though he was completely terrified, 'this is SO a bad dream I know it!'

"Or is it?" She leans closer to Ed smelling his fear, "There's no reason to fear me I won't kill you… yet." She smiles and giggles lightly at his increase of fear.


She looks at him a little surprised. 'My spell isn't controlling him completely? How strange, though I do love the strong willed ones…' She smiles once more her smile not having any warmth to it, no kindness, just a sinister and dark smile, which seemed to be the only kind of smile she has. She moves her hand over his forehead watching his dead eyes follow her hand she looks at him, increasing the power of her spell, watching his body fully follow her orders. 'perfect.'

She tilts his head lightly to the side admiring her work, she licks his neck feeling the speedy pace of his pulse, she smiles pulling on the tie holding his hair in a braid. She watches it quickly unfold itself, she smiles a little more licking his neck once more, 'just how I want it, his blood to react to his fear not his mouth or eyes listen to his orders…' She cups his head dragging her fangs across his neck surprised to get a shiver from the young man though loved the reaction all the same. Digging her fangs into his neck she quickly begins to drink his blood pleased by the sweet taste of youth. 'Virgins taste so much better!'


Al walks back to the room hearing voices he stops for a moment and then realizes it's not the good doc that's talking, he swings the door open only to see Ed's dead weight in the arms of a tall black haired woman sucking on his neck hungrily. Blood dripping from her lips and down Ed's neck. "Nii… san!" Al drops the basin with water and the towel hanging from it. Just standing there in utter shock trying to register what she's doing. Al gasps looking at her caress his brothers hair and suckle on his neck, his eyes unable to look away from the site of the two, as tears well up in his eyes. He gnashes his teeth together before yelling out "OH GOD LET HIM GO!" Al starts to run up to her though stops when she growls at him terror written all over the young man's face as he watches her hold Ed closer to herself she licks his neck one last time before hissing at Al. Ed's blood spattering all over Al's face as well as the floor, he gasps once more completely terrified, "Let him go, please!" He whimpers out keeping his eyes on his brother, he looked so terribly pale and dead it almost hurt just to look at him. He watches Ed's dead eyes roll around to look strait at him, Al whimpers seeing his brother in such a weak state he didn't know what to do this woman truly did have the advantage, 'Oh nii-san please don't be dead!'

She drops him to the ground letting him hit the floor with a loud thud, and quickly flees to the skies of the stormy night sky.

Al drops to his knees looking to his brother his hair untied and obviously had been fondled by the woman. "Nii-san…" His brother didn't move, his so lifeless eyes stared strait up to the ceiling his skin so pale. Al's body slowly shakes as he puts his warm hand on his brother's cool cheek, "You can't be dead…" Al hunches forward leaning his forehead against Ed's as he sobs, "REED-SAAAAAAAAAAN!" He yells out unsure what to do.

Reed burst into the door seconds later in a white long nightgown. She looks to find Ed lying on the floor pale as a ghost and possibly dead. "Oh no…" She whispers to herself running to her room grabbing her bag and running back ordering Al to carry his older brother to his bed and to take off all his top clothing. "What's his blood type?" She checks for a pulse quickly, faint but enough to do something about it. She looks to Al waiting.

"Uuugh… A positive!" Al gets out, at least relieved that his brother's alive for the moment.

She scurries through her bag getting a device out for the ready; she leans over and looks at Ed, "Ed! ED? I'm going to need to put a needle into your arm to save you ok?" She doesn't get any reaction from him only his cold stare into nothingness. She feels his pulse, seeing that it's there but just barely. "Shit!" She flicks at her left arm a couple times and puts a needle into her own arm first the blood quickly rushing into the tube stopping at the little machine that she set on Ed's night stand. She looks at Ed and rolls her eyes at her idiocy. "Turn him so his head facing the other end of the bed I need his left arm!" Al nods and picks his brother up putting him down gently. She sighs trying to calm herself if she makes a mistake she could kill the young man for certain. She slowly grabs his arm and flicks the flesh trying to find a vein of some king.

Al watches in shock at the doctor's heroism, still his thoughts still traveled to what he saw with the dark woman stealing his brother's blood away from him. "Ed…" Al speaks up worriedly.

Sarah puts the needle into Ed's arm slowly pumping the machine to give him some of her own blood. She looks to the door for a moment, and looks to Al, "Al… A crowed is starting to form, tell them there was an accident with one of the guests and that I'm tending to him." Al was still looking at the floor terror still slapping him in the face, "AL!" Sarah snaps her finger. He flinches and looks up to the doctor, "Tell the other guests that there was an accident with one of the guests and that I'm tending to him." She points to the door as many of the other guests have gathered around. Al gets up and ushers the other guests back to their rooms. Hearing many of them speak of the devil having come to he hotel, or that the vamiperess had come for the new people in town.

Sarah looks to Al and back to Ed seeing the blood that have dripped down his neck, though in second glance she could tell that they had healed to the point where blood would not leave his veins. 'Lord knows what Al saw… but it probably wasn't a vampire bat…'

Al walks into the room closing the door and slides down it hugging his knees, having just seen a horrific scene one would think anyone would feel horrid at that moment. He lowers his head into his knees sobbing softly.

"Al come here please…" Sarah speaks up calmly. Al does so sitting behind her. "Take a dressing and press it lightly on the inside of my elbow." He does so and watches her take out the needle letting the machine carry the last of the blood into his brother's body. "That should be enough to get him through the night…" She speaks up gently removing Al's hand from her arm and pressing her hand to the dressing. She stops the machine and gets another dressing pulling out the needle of Ed's arm she places the dressing against his skin till the bleeding stops. "We're leaving tomorrow. It's too dangerous for Edward to stay here." She turns to Al and looks completely serious. "Tell me everything that you saw!"


The sun still wasn't out yet but Sarah knew it was the early hours of the morning, though she slightly feared it'd be too early to call the Colonel and tell him about Ed. 'He's in too much danger here, and I can't give any more blood. I can't ask the people of the town to give blood. Soon Al wont be able to give any more blood either…' She'd been sitting in front of the phone for a good thirty minutes and finally picks up the receiver dialing a number getting a couple rings she hears a very irritated "Hello?" sighing she clears her throat, "Colonel Roy Mustang?"

"Yes?" Comes the Colonel's voice still irritated. He pauses for a moment, "Reed?"

"Yes sir!"

"What happened?" Roy knew that her calling him this early could NOT be good.

Sarah tells Mustang of the events that had passed and the condition Ed is currently in. She leaves a few details out since she knew if she told him the whole tail he wouldn't believe her at all.

Roy's brow's knits not liking the condition of his best alchemist is currently in. Sighing slowly he speaks up with a deadly calmness, "Come home on the next train! We'll send men there to deal with the woman!" Roy speaks up strongly.

"Yes sir, we'll be back around morning…. Good bye sir." Sarah puts the receiver back down and turns to the Innkeeper; an older man brown hair with gray highlights small wrinkles covers his face, with commoner's clothes. "Thank you, would you happen to have a time list of departing trains for East Central City?"

The Innkeeper blinks confused, "Leaving so soon?"

"We must my friend has grown ill." Sarah points out.

"I see, we gonna see more a yea state people?" The innkeep looks curiously.

"Most likely yes." She smiles receiving a slip of paper with the information she needs. "Thank you." She looks at the information and writes down on a spare piece of paper the first train they can get that will give them enough time to get Ed to the train station and to buy a ticket. She runs to the second floor packing her things she knocks on the boys door, Al opens it seeing the good doctor. The machine already having been put away, she had told him to only have the machine on for a few minutes so Al could keep up his strength.

"Reed-san! Ed's awake!" Al speaks up excitedly.

Sarah walks in seeing this to be very true Ed's awake and aware of himself, the blood having been washed off his neck and the blood on Al's face had also been washed as well. She'd told him it would be better for Ed to not see blood on Al and later find it was his own. She nods to Ed looking at him seeing that he's still very out of it, walking up to him she looks at his eyes though he quickly swats her hands away glaring at her. "You examined me once, how-"

"Ed you didn't fall in that house DID you?" Sarah looks at him accusingly.

"Doctor!" Al speaks up worried for his brother's sanity of what's happening to him.

"He needs to know Al… but not now…" Sarah stands up seeing the shocked look on Ed's face.

"Know WHAT!" Ed growls.

"We're leaving." Sarah points out matter-of-fact.

"KNOW WHAT!" Ed speaks up loudly this time.

"Right…" Al grabs Ed's as well his own suitcase, Sarah takes them and adds it with her own luggage.

"KNOW WHAT!" Ed yells glaring at them both.

Both look at Ed knowing his patience could only last for a certain amount of time. Sarah sighs, "Ed I know you probably hate secrets as much as you hate needles. Still the situation has become dangerous, the only thing I can tell you at the moment is that you nearly died only just an hour ago. We're going home for now to see if the doctors there can help you. Though I do have something…" She looks around in her pockets, "To protect you…" She gets out a bottle that looks like watery yellowish milk.

"Is that milk?" Ed speaks up ready to bolt out the door.

"No it's garlic." She speaks up seriously, removing the bandage on Ed's neck. "Restrain him as best you can, he'll probably try to hit me…" She speaks to Al. Al nods and nimbly moves around to restrain his brother.

"Forgive me nii-san… this is for your own good." Al speaks up regretfully, hiding his eyes with his own hair.

"AL!" Ed's voice dripped of worry and fear as he tries moving around a little, though carefully watches Sarah take the vile and pour three drops of its contents on his neck. White-hot pain spreads through his neck and quickly traveling through to his jaw, cheek, head ear and even his shoulder. Like acid on his skin, the terrible burning soon became obvious to the other two as the wounds started bubbling and hissing from just one drop in each hole.

"UUuuuAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Ed rolls his head back trying to rid himself of the weight of his brother, so he could do something about the pain. Sarah holds Ed's head watching as stubborn tears fall down the sides of his cheeks. She puts one more drop in each hole the effect not as intense as before but still the hissing of the bubbles could be heard by herself and most likely Al as well. "AL GET OFF ME! GETOFF ME!" Ed demanded his voice obviously not his own, no this voice was dark, almost demonic in form.

Al's eyes widen as he slightly lifts himself, gasping in shock of his brothers' voice, it almost seemed hard to tell if this WAS his brother. "Ed….?"

"STAY ON HIM AL! If you get off all of this will have been for nothing!" Sarah yells right back.

"Bu…" He looks to Sarah hesitating, he blinks and holds onto Ed's hands then quickly puts them down placing his knees on the inside of his elbows as his shines hold down Ed's legs.

"STAY!" Sarah orders, she watches Al returning his hands onto Ed's shoulders, struggling slightly to keep him down.

Feeling another set of drops, Ed's head slowly rolls back, his eyes wide, the whites of his eyes turning red as well as the beautiful golden ors. His canines practically stab out of his gums, rather than just simply grow, "No! You stupid bitch HE'S MINE!" Ed calmly turns to look at Sarah glaring at her, red eyes into green. Sarah ignores the comment and puts the rest of the contents in the holes only causing the boy to clench his teeth together, his fangs slowly retracting, as he groans out his protests as the white hot pain still spread through his face and limbs.

Breathing heavily Ed opens his eyes slightly, returning to their natural form, working so hard just to stay open. "Al…" He whispers out breathily as he falls unconscious once more foam leaving the holes. Sarah finally looks to Al, the boy holding his brother looked twice as terrified than he had after he saw his brother attacked by a monster. His eyes wide, his body trembled terribly, his bottom lip quivered, this even alone would most likely scar him for the rest of his life.

Sarah sighs and grabs a towel dampening it with some water, she hands it to Al to let the young man clean his own brother. She blinks when he doesn't reach for it, kneeling down she looks at Al as he lowers his head, his shoulders trembling worse than his body. 'He's…' She smiles, "It's ok Alphonse…" She carefully washes away the foam and the blood, though does her best to keep her eye on the younger brother.

She puts the rag on the ground and puts her hand on Al's. He jerks away from her looking into her eyes, his eyes that of a victim. Though it was understandable since they had both gotten the brunt of Ed's out burst. The only difference was that she was used to it. "Al…"

He gasps, as he slides off his brother sitting next to Ed's bed, tears flowing down his face. "Why?" He gets out in a breathy whisper, his shoulders and low lip quiver. "Why him?" He mumbles out as he curls up into himself lowering his head into his knees.

"I don't know why…" She looks at Fullmetal looking terribly exhausted, sweat forming at his brow. Sarah sighs and looks to Al. 'Pick your brother up and let us leave for the train station. I have released him from her spell for the moment, it'll protect him to a degree, but that's for maybe a day or two. That should give us time to get back." She turns around seeing Al still on the floor glaring at her. "Al please…"

"How do you know all this?" He growls out, scooting closer to his brother. Al may have felt disturbed by what had happened it didn't changed the fact that his big brother is terribly hurt, in a weak condition and he truly felt like he was the only one who could protect his brother.

"Al…" Sarah sighs, "I'll tell you when we're on the train… We need to hurry or I wont be able to help your brother." Sarah nearly begs for him to come with her as she grabs their entire luggage.

"I can protect him just fine on my own…" Al growls out.

"Until when?" It was now Sarah's turn to growl at the boy, "Until he awakens? Until he's hungry for you blood? If we don't help him he WONT be him anymore and will change in a very short period of time! IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT!" Sarah growls heaving slightly getting a little too excited about the matter at hand. She sighs seeing the boy quiver, he was terribly frightened and trying to seem brave for his brother. "Please Al… we need to hurry… I promise… I'll take care of your brother as best as I can."

Al watches her for a moment then to his brother, he slowly gets up and puts his older brother on his shoulders. It had been so long since Al had done this for his brother then again he was a metallic giant then. Ed seemed heavier and clunkier than he had before. Still all that had happened, it didn't matter. Al could tell be Ed's cold skin, that this could be over very quickly for all of them.


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