Side A: Mahora Sensei Keitaro

Written by Shaun Garin

Love Hina and Mahou Sensei Negima is owned and copyright Akamatsu Ken. References to ninja and alchemy comes from theories presented in Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist copyright Kishimoto Masashi and Arakawa Hiromu.

Chapter 12: The Erring Side of Chaos

Library Island was undoubtedly filled with secrets. Secrets that the Library Exploration Club worked on. Their membership ranged between the Elementary students to many University students. Some of the better well known members were Saotome Haruna, Ayase Yue and Miyazaki Nodoka. The three were working at the library at this time of day when the sun was beginning to set, casting an orange glow across the Academy Town. For the most part, the end of day work usually entailed shelving books instead of moving various types of books towards the smaller library in Mahora Academy.

Currently however, Yue was trying to talk Haruna out of drawing a machine to make their work go faster.

"It's not practical, Haruna-chan," said Yue, her expression and stance resolute. "After all, what are we going to tell the other librarians? That it was donated by the Robotics club again?"

"Aw c'mon Yue, it'll be quick," retorted Haruna as she brandished her artefact carelessly. "Just a few strokes and we'll have an automatic shelving machine."

"And thus negate our hard work when it malfunctions and goes nuts," replied Yue, her expression bland. "Just… no. Just no."

Haruna pouted but stuck her pen back into her jacket. "All right, fine. So where were we?"

"Children's section," replied Yue and the pair headed back to the section.

The children's section of the library was as expected, overflowing with books and was easily the hardest to maintain due to the amount of kids who went through the library on a daily basis. Constantly in a mess, the Exploration Team usually had two people on staff during the day constantly in a rotating schedule to maintain it. Yue and Haruna were having their turn at it as Nodoka was finishing a run of books to Mahora Academy.

"Geez, look at this place," remarked Haruna, pulling out a copy of The Odyssey that sat next to the culturally banned book, Catcher in the Rye. That book sat next to several copies of Green Eggs and Ham and a copy of The Great Brain. Incidentally those books were next two several copies of Ranma ½ and a rather thick edition of Alice in Wonderland that had the Darwin Awards Volume 1 stacked on top. "It's like someone stampeded in here. There's books that should be in the young adult section, books that should be in a whole different section and stuff that just shouldn't be here. Right Yue?"

Yue however had lost interest in Haruna's chatter as she had found a thick book that was scripted with unusual writing and had flipped the book open. Haruna peered over Yue's shoulder and whistled. "Wow, what is this?"

"Looks like a Grimore of some type," replied Yue. "With all of our experiences with magic, it isn't impossible to find another magical book somewhere."

"Yeah but this just looks like standard Latin to me since I use a little of it in my manga," said Haruna. Then she snapped her fingers and pulled out her artefact. "I have an idea."

Uncapping the artefact, she sketched a small device out in the air. The air shimmered for a moment and then a magnifying glass with a little box on the top appeared. "Here we go. Translation O'Matic version 1.1!"

"One point one?" echoed Yue, dumbfounded.

"Yeah. Sounds cooler." Yue fell over in surprise and Haruna giggled as she picked up the book and switched on the glass. "All right, lets see what this says."

The pair read in silence for a few minutes, paging through the book from left to right. Then, Haruna looked at Yue and said, "You know… we're going to have to bring this to Konoka."

No one could adequately explain what happened late that night over the bay. For a moment there was a flash of light and then a huge explosion of water rocketed out of the bay before splashing back down with a loud FWOOSH that lapped at the breaker walls of the docks. People speculated it was the robotics club at it again late at night. After all, they were usually the cause of mis-laid weapons fire that usually resulted in something getting blown up and the light was consistent with standard mini missile explosions.

Four kids however barrelled into the shared room of Ayase Yue and Miyazaki Nodoka, Yue and Nodoka leading the mad dash back home with Haruna and Konoka following. Konoka clutched the book in her arms and they collapsed into the room, heaving and gasping for air.

"Oh… god…" panted Haruna. "That was so awesome Konoka!"

"I… didn't know I had… it in me," gasped Konoka, trying to let her breathing calm down.

"This is such a bad thing," said Nodoka. "We could have hit something!"

"No worries Nodoka," replied Yue. "The Robotics Club always tests weapons fire over that portion of the bay."

"But…" said Nodoka and EEPed when Haruna slapped her on the back.

"Aw c'mon, it's all good!" exclaimed Haruna happily. "And Konoka has a new spell out of this! I mean what Konoka, you know nothing?"

Konoka nodded. "Yeah. Secchan is trying to get me to learn how to use a healing spell but to think…"

Looking at her hands, she giggled and said, "It's a fun spell isn't it?"

"I'll say," grinned Haruna. "It's showy!"

A thumping at the wall could be heard and the girls shrieked and jumped away from it. From across the hall, there was an irritable cry of "Hey, keep it down over there, some of us need some beauty sleep!"

There was a muffled reply on the other side of the wall and sounds of mayhem ensured. Haruna snickered. "Trust Ayaka to get riled up from a little lost sleep at 2 in the morning."

"Speaking of which, I should really get some sleep too," said Konoka, suddenly looking weary. "I need sleep and then a huge breakfast. I think I…" Konoka yawned mightily, "… I exhausted my strength."

"Get her to bed before she passes out on the floor," quipped Haruna and Nodoka helped Konoka out of the room.

"Konoka! Konoka! Wake up!"

Konoka muttered and rolled over to look at Asuna who was hovering overhead, Tama-chan perched on her head. "Man, sleepy already? It's Sunday and you're fast asleep?"

Konoka yawned mightily and scratched her head. "How long was I asleep?"

"You were conked out well after I came home from my paper route," said Asuna as Konoka staggered out of bed, looking dishevelled from her long sleep. Konoka's stomach roared and Asuna rolled her eyes. "Breakfast is here on the table."

"Thank you," said Konoka, sitting down. "Thank you for the meal," she muttered as she picked up her chopsticks. With a voracity that surprised herself, Asuna and Tama-chan, she gobbled down the food like it was prone to running away on legs.

"Slow down Konoka!" exclaimed Asuna in shock. "I know my food isn't that great but still!"

Konoka's frantic pace slowed a little more but she was still inhaling it. "Myuh," commented Tama-chan, putting a flipper to her mouth in concern.

"I know," remarked Asuna absently. "I've never seen Konoka eat like this before."

Konoka set down her rice bowl and sighed. "I'm so full," she moaned.

"Hey, Konoka? Why the speed eating?" asked Asuna.

Konoka blushed and covered her face in embarrassment. "I… I don't know. For some reason I must have been really hungry after casting that spell last night."

"Huh? Spell?" asked Asuna.

"You didn't see the flash over the bay?" asked Konoka and Asuna thumped a fist into an open hand.

"Oh that," replied Asuna. "Yeah I remember that. I thought it was the Robotics Club again."

"Myuh," said Tama-chan.

Asuna folded her arms. "So what kind of spell was it anyhow? It made quite a flash."

"Er…" said Konoka. But before she could explain, a knock at the door was heard. "I'll get it!"

Smoothing her pyjamas out and working her hair into a more presentable state, Konoka opened the door. "Yes?"

"Telegram for miss Konoe Konoka," said the woman behind the door.



Setsuna noticed it first when the loud crashing noise came from Asuna and Konoka's room. Grabbing her sword, she dashed into the hallway and into their room. "What's going on?" she demanded of Asuna who had been laid out.

"Ouch, ouch, ouch," grimaced Asuna, holding her nose and sitting up. "Crazy lady came in here and kidnapped Konoka right out from under my nose!"

"WHAT?!" screeched Setsuna, running to the broken window. Sure enough, there was a lady carrying Konoka and running away at top speed. The other girl was thrashing wildly in order to escape but there were various monkeys holding her down. "Damnit! It's Amagasaki!"

"EH?!" cried Asuna and the pair barrelled out into the hallway.

"What's going on?" called out Kazumi from her room. Another girl, Kasuga Misora stuck her head out.

"It's the crazy monkey lady again!" cried Asuna. "Grab your stick, we're going to be in for a running battle!"

In short order, the four girls were out running after Amagasaki who was weaving through the crowds. "Why isn't anyone stopping her?" asked Asuna as the four had to practically wrestle through the weekend mob of people.

"Must be a disillusionment spell, designed to make people give her an instinctive berth," replied Setsuna. Yuunagi was clutched in her hand and her expression grim. "It won't work against people who are actually looking for her per say but it makes people instinctively give her a wide berth."

Asuna nodded and turned to Misora who was easily keeping pace. "Misora-chan! We need to catch the crazy lady!"

"Er, right," said Misora. "Why is she kidnapping Konoka-chan anyhow?"

"Tell you later," puffed Kazumi.

"Heh, those brats won't stop me," smirked Amagasaki. "Getting too confident was their downfall. Some careful planning and Konoka-ojousama fell into my hands so easily. And these thick crowds are helping my escape as well. Right, Ojousama?"

Konoka wished she could talk, or at least mutter. But Amagasaki had bound her mouth with a charm designed to keep her from casting anything. Her new spell would work but Konoka was uncertain of how big an explosion she could utilize in such a highly packed area. Silently she wished that she had an Artefact that would do actual damage. What was she going to do, fan her to death?

Classmates features whizzed by, some of them seemingly ignoring the spectacle of the woman carrying a pyjama clad Konoka. And then, suddenly, there was a watermelon in the road and Amagasaki tripped. Konoka seized her chance and kicked out with a leg, tagging her across the shoulder and sending Amagasaki tumbling into a heap.

Konoka landed hard. Or at least would have if strong hands gripped her shoulder, keeping her from hitting the ground. "Oh me oh my," said the owner of the hands and Konoka looked up at Mutsumi who casually peeled the tag off her mouth. "What's going on? Some kind of play rehearsal?"

"Mutsumi-sensei!" exclaimed Konoka happily. The older girl smiled calmly as she looked over at Amagasaki who was getting up. People were still ignoring her, giving her a wide berth as she pulled out a charm.

"Hand over the child," snarled the woman.

"I can't do that," said Mutsumi calmly. "You see… she has a test to study for tomorrow!"

Konoka and Amagasaki toppled over in shock although Amagasaki righted herself quickly. "Don't screw with me!" she bellowed, running through her chant quickly and brandishing her talisman. "Take this! Character of Fast, Blow!"

A huge kanji slammed into the pair and they went flying backwards into a stand. People cried out and quickly, there was a stampede of people who were moving in the opposite direction.

On the far end of the road, Kazumi cried out, "Stampede!" and the girls flattened themselves against the nearest building as people ran away. Another explosion rang out and she grit her teeth. "No choice. Misora, we need you to keep this a secret."

"Secret?" echoed Misora as Kazumi pulled out her wand and aimed it at the crowd.

"Myuh myuh myyyuh MYUH!"

Immediately a whole score of people toppled to the ground, fast asleep and Setsuna nodded as she finished her own sleeping spell and sent another portion of the crowd to dreamland. The rest were quickly taken care of as Kazumi cast the spell again and the last few were asleep. Misora, gaped in open mouthed shock. "The heck was that?!"

"Magic," answered Kazumi shortly and they resumed their run towards the source of the explosion.

Upon reaching it however, they found Mutsumi pulling herself out of a pile of wreckage, a bump on her forehead. "Mutsumi-sensei!" cried Misora. "Are you hurt?"

"Oh my, I'm just fine," said Mutsumi, tapping her head. "I have a hard head."

"Where did the crazy lady go?" demanded Asuna.

"Um, lets see… she vanished actually," said Mutsumi, trying to trace her route. "Into that puddle."

"Puddle?" echoed Setsuna, looking in the direction of Mutsumi's finger. "A water gate. That's high level teleportation magic."

"They must be headed back for Kyoto," said Asuna. "We gotta stop that whacko before they do something terrible to Konoka!"

"Oh my, but you can't go off-campus without permission," said Mutsumi and the girls stared at her. "But let me write a note and it'll be all good!"

"She… can't be serious can she?" asked Setsuna and the others shrugged helplessly.

Going to Kyoto on a rescue mission with the girls. Get Keitaro-san to reschedule the test. Bringing back Kyoto watermelon. - Otohime Mutsumi

Konoemon palmed his face as he looked at the short scribbled note with even a heart and a little drawing of herself on it. Momma said there would be days like this.

"How nice is it to travel!" exclaimed Mutsumi happily as the four girls stared at her a little oddly.

Setsuna sighed heavily and slumped into her chair. "We'll be arriving in Kyoto shortly anyhow. Then we can figure out what their next move is."

"I can't believe the Kansai Magical Association is still making trouble," said Kazumi, folding her arms. Then, looking at Misora she added, "Sorry for getting you mixed up in this."

"Oh, no it's okay," said Misora. Then she looked up at the turtle who had landed on her head. "Huh?"

"Hey, when did Tama-chan get here?" wondered Asuna.

"Myuh," greeted Tama-chan.

"That's one smart turtle," remarked Kazumi as Kyoto came into view. "So what do we do?"

"I think we should go to the Kansai Magical Association temple first," said Setsuna. "After all, I'm certain this is a rogue group and I doubt Konoka-ojousama's father would put her into any danger intentionally."

"That's true," said Asuna, nodding. "Her hottie father isn't the type to scream 'evil' anyhow."

"Your taste in men I do not get," said Kazumi, shaking her head. "But seriously, what are we planning to say anyhow? That Konoka was kidnapped right out from under our noses?"

"Honestly IS the best policy after all," said Mutsumi and the girls had to concede the statement.

"I just hope he won't be too mad," said Asuna.

"Myuh," remarked Tama-chan.

The Kansai Magical Association headquarters, aka Konoka's home was quiet that morning when they reached it. Too quiet, and Asuna drew out her harisen and Setsuna her blade, much to the surprise of Misora who had been dragged along on the adventure. Mutsumi took it all in stride and Kazumi figured there was little that would faze the girl.

"It's way too quiet in here," remarked Asuna as they rounded the corner. "Anything?"

"Nothing yet," said Kazumi, emerging from a side room. "I'm worried though. There has to be SOMEONE here at least."

Misora went around the corner and stopped short. "Um, guys? I think I found what's going on."

Joining her, Setsuna gasped, Asuna looked pale and Kazumi scowled. Mutsumi walked up to the nearest person, a tall handsome man in robes and rapped on his head. "Stone," she said.

"Petrified," spat Setsuna. "No doubt the work of someone in Amagasaki's employ. This might be too much for us to handle. We should call Mahora and have them send back up."

"Bad news people," said Asuna and she held up her cell phone. "No reception."

"Great," exclaimed Kazumi. "What else could POSSIBLY go wrong now?"

A great column of power erupted in the distance. Setsuna, Misora and Asuna gave her a glare. "You just HAD to say it," they chorused in tandem.

Misora sighed heavily as she looked at it. "It's a ritual summoning," she said, startling the others in range. "Probably to unseal Sukuna, the demon lord of the north."

"WHAT?!" cried Setsuna.

"Misora-chan, you know what that is?" said Asuna, equally shocked.

Misora nodded and she hung her head in a little shame. "I'm not supposed to say anything usually, but this is desperate. Setsuna-san, how fast can you move?"

"Er, fast enough," said Setsuna. "You?"

A card slid out of Misora's sleeve and she muttered, "Adeat." Immediately, her feet sparkled as a pair of winged sneakers appeared on her feet. "This is my artefact. It's pretty much made for speed and all. Asuna, I know you're fast enough and Setsuna-san, can you carry Kazumi?"

"I can, yes," said Setsuna and Kazumi nodded. Scooping the girl up in her arms, Misora allowed Mutsumi to get onto her shoulders. In a burst of speed, the three took off in the direction of the pillar of light that was growing even more brilliantly.

"This is too easy," chortled Amagasaki as she completed the ritual to bring back Sukuna, the demon lord of the north. "True Sukuna is just a legend but this Oni is enough for our purposes."

Fate watched the woman finish the ritual and he looked up at Tsukuyomi. "Visitors," he intoned in his bland accented Japanese.

"Oh really?" said Tsukuyomi and she turned to see the newcomers. "Oh, Setsuna-sempai!"

"T-Tsukuyomi!" exclaimed Setsuna in shock as she let Kazumi down to the ground. "What are YOU doing here?!"

"I was hired to protect Chigusa-san," said Tsukuyomi cheerfully. "And you?"

"I'm protecting Konoka-ojousama," returned Setsuna. The girls were now watching the exchange and Asuna leaned into Misora's hearing range.

"Do you think she's some kind of past girlfriend or something?" Setsuna glared at Asuna, having heard the remark and Asuna grinned back and stuck her tongue out at her.

"Hmm, I wonder why Tsuruko-sempai gave us such differing jobs," wondered Tsukuyomi to herself. "I know Shinmei Ryu swordsmen shouldn't fight anyhow."

"Maybe I should speak to her then the next time I see her," said Setsuna. And kill her when I see her. Tsuruko-baka.

"Oi, are we going to be talking or fighting?" asked Kazumi, her wand in her hands. "I think that Oni is pretty big anyhow."

Asuna finally looked up and a shocked "DWAH?!" escaped from her as Mutsumi exclaimed, "How pretty and sparkly!"

Misora grit her teeth as she sized up her opponents. "Asuna-chan, please take the boy. Setsuna-san, can you deal with your friend?"

Setsuna and Asuna nodded and Misora turned to Mutsumi and Kazumi. "Sensei, please go and hide in the bushes. Kazumi, you're with me. We're going to rescue Konoka-chan."

"I think not," said Fate, having finally enough of the exchange and his hands started to move in a pattern, chanting a keyword.

"MOVE PEOPLE!" cried Misora as she grabbed Kazumi and sped by Fate in a blur as Asuna charged her opponent, her fan arcing through the air. Setsuna's sword flashed in the sunlight as she and Tsukuyomi charged.

Mutsumi stood to the back, looked at Tama-chan and remarked, "They're so full of energy today, right Tama-chan?"

"Myuh!" agreed Tama-chan as the life and death struggle began.

Rescue with such a rag-tag group was usually not in Misora's style since she was part of the Mahou Shoujo Group, a group of habit-clad girls who ran around in flat heels kicking ass and taking names in the sake of protecting the people of Mahora. Their job had doubled in intensity as of late with Evangeline's surprising departure from the area. With her pactio partner gone, Misora and her partners of Shakti and Kokone were left to fend for themselves without their Ministral Magi around. But then again, Evangeline wasn't one to actually HELP unless it was required.

Midway there, she and Kazumi were intercepted by the silver haired boy, the one that Asuna said was named Fate. The boy casually fought back, causing the pair to duck and roll out of the way as he activated another keyword and prepared a spell that Misora realized was a petrification spell from the Greek schools of magic. High level stuff too if the short yet power-laced chant said anything about it.

"Duck!" yelped Misora and Kazumi leapt to the side as Fate completed his spell and pointed two fingers. There was a dusty explosion of power, accompanied by the crackling of something turning to stone and Misora looked up at Asuna who grinned down at her from an Akimbo stance, her arms and legs outwards and shielding Misora. Misora checked herself quickly and realized only the edge of her shirt got hit.

"What's the matter?" she teased. "You're slow Misora-chan."

"A-Asuna," gaped Misora as the boy approached.

"Magical Canceller," he said, one hand flexing into a fist and his expression deadpan. "So there are still people out there who have it. Well then, far be it from me to waste my efforts on fighting you with magic."

"Come and get it pretty boy," smirked Asuna as she smashed the stone with sheer brute strength. Fate taken by surprise, Asuna swung her fan and it smashed through his barrier and followed it up with a devastating kick that sent him flying backwards and into Tsukuyomi whom Setsuna had knocked flying in the opposite direction. The pair crashed together with a hearty CLUNK sound of head on head and Asuna grinned.

"Victory," she cheered as Setsuna landed next to Tsukuyomi.

"Tsukuyomi, are you okay?" Setsuna asked of the girl.

Tsukuyomi chuckled in reply, but her voice was dim. "It's… okay Setsuna-sempai. I'll stay down. No need… to fight anymore."

Setsuna smiled and she let the girl rest. Then, standing up at Chigusa who watched the fight with moderate interest, she pointed Yuunagi at her and said, "You're next."

"Oh really?" said Chigusa casually. "I was thinking that you all look like ants from here. No, maybe gnats. Smaller really."

"You need an ass kicking now," said Kazumi as she held up her wand and started to chant. "Myuh myuh myuuuuh myuh myyyyuh Myuhh…."

Chigusa's eyebrows shot up in surprise. "Turtle Magic?" Then her features changed to a sneer. "No matter. It cannot hold up to Sukuna's power."

The giant Oni moved its arms in front of itself, cupping its hands as a ball of light began to grow inside it.

"TAKE THIS!" Roared Kazumi as she pointed at Chigusa. "MYUH!"

The thunderous echoing Myuh coursed across the land as light inverted and the Oni was knocked back a few steps. The shot it was creating blasted out into a random direction upwards as Chigusa gaped in shock. "That's impossible!" she cried out.

"All right Kazumi-chan!" cheered Asuna. "Misora, help me get up there!"

Misora nodded and grabbed Asuna's arm. Kicking into her super speed, she ran across the water and started to run up the leg of Sukuna. A giant hand tried to flick her off and Misora merely dodged around it as she continued her straight upwards run with Asuna hanging on for dear life.

"I need to provide support," said Setsuna and Kazumi nodded.

"Go, I'll cover you," Kazumi replied as she begun to weave a new spell.

Looking up at Konoka who met her gaze, Setsuna nodded and the great white wings erupted from her back. Asuna gaped at the sight, having being blindfolded once before and Misora nearly stumbled when she looked back at the angelic form. With a hup, Setsuna launched herself up into the air and spread her wings.

"Stupid brats don't know when to give up!" cried Chigusa as another one of Sukuna's giant arms failed to connect with Misora and Asuna. Suddenly, Asuna was there in her face and Chigusa gasped as the girl grinned savagely.

"Boo," said Asuna, swinging her harisen. Sukuna cried out in pain from the attack and Chigusa's hold on Konoka was lost.

Konoka let out a muffled scream as she plummeted to the ground but was immediately scooped up by Setsuna. Setsuna pulled the tag off her mouth and asked, "Are you okay, Konoka-ojousama?"

"You're calling me Ojousama again," said Konoka and Setsuna smiled, having the familiar banter back.

Meanwhile, Asuna walloped Chigusa a good one before launching herself off the Oni in order to gain some room. Landing with a thump on the dock and stumbling a bit, she backed up and said, "Now what? Crazy lady's still got the Oni."

"And I'm tiring," said Kazumi, firing another bolt of Lightning Mana. "Got a plan?"

"Working on it," said Misora, having appeared next to them in a blur of motion. "Well?"

"What about the pactio?" said Mutsumi, making the others turn around in surprise. Their teacher was standing there, looking nonplussed at the action around her. "If it worked for Keitaro-san, then wouldn't it work for us as well?"

There was a round of blinking and Kazumi slapped her forehead. "DUH! Why didn't I think of that?"

"That probably means all of us," said Asuna, looking embarrassed. "Sensei, please stay back."

"Oh no, this is far too much fun," giggled Mutsumi and everyone gave her an awkward look.

"Whatever we do, do it fast," added Misora, pointing at the ball of light it was beginning to generate again.

"Er, right. Anyone remember how to draw the stupid thing?" asked Asuna.

"I think I do," said Kazumi. "I have a felt pen as well. Give me three minutes."

"We might not HAVE three minutes!" protested Setsuna wildly. "Any options?"

"Well, Secchan, can you get me as high as possible then?" said Konoka. "I need some room."

"Right. Asuna, c'mon we'll run interference," said Misora.

"This is going to be a bad day," sighed Asuna.

"If you girls are finished talking, then die!" screeched Chigusa, quite upset with the lack of attention she was getting. The Oni raised its hands and there was a beam of energy that exploded into the dock.

From it, two blurs shot out of it, one of Setsuna and Konoka, the other of Misora and Asuna who were running up the giant Oni. Setsuna settled into the air about a hundred meters out of its arm range and said, "Konochan I hope you have a good plan."

"We'll hit it hard," said Konoka. "You know that explosion over the bay?"

"Er, yes?" said Setsuna, hazarding a guess. "You mean that was YOU?"

"Yep," giggled Konoka. "Lets see… how did it go…"

Golden fire that burns in the sea of chaos, Blue flames that flicker in the morning sky…

"YAH!" cried Asuna, doing combat with Chigusa's horde of monkey golems as she carved her way through the small army on the shoulder of Sukuna. "That all you got crazy monkey lady?"

"I've just gotten started!" cried Chigusa as she flung out a talisman. "Kanji for Large, FLAME!"

Crackling fire erupted from the paper and Asuna shielded her face as it licked the space around her. "Hot… too hot," whimpered Asuna as the remains of her clothing caught on fire. "Gateau…"

"OHOHOHOHO!" laughed Chigusa. "Now feel it's heat, the smouldering intensity! You're finished little girl!"

"You talk too much," said Misora from behind Chigusa and the woman had a moment to throw up a western magic shield as her spinning corkscrew kick drove her to her knees. The flame snuffed itself from lack of control and Asuna coughed before yelping at the lack of her clothing.

"Why do I always end up naked?" wailed Asuna and then noticed Sukuna giving her an appreciative glance. Blushing fiercely, she gave Sukuna such a face beating that his head nearly snapped around 180 degrees. "DRY UP AND DIE PERVERTED ONI!"

I beseech thee, call upon thee.

"Eh?" said Chigusa, looking upwards at the burning blue inferno that was radiating at the top of Setsuna's apex. "Konoka-ojousama is casting a spell?" she muttered to herself in surprise.

Let those who stand before us know chaos as the human soul calls thy power forth

"Ojousama, are you all right?" asked Setsuna and Konoka nodded as she continued to cast the spell. Setsuna's brow furrowed in concern as Konoka continued to chant, her words reverberating across the land as something ancient was responding to it. What sort of spell could she be casting? It didn't even require the use of a keyword, although Konoka had not chosen one as of yet.

Gather the flames within my hand and let them know the sting of your might!

"I'm thinking we need to get off this Oni NOW," said Misora and Asuna nodded as she leapt into Misora's arms and they made their way down to the ground, leaving Chigusa to gape at the sheer tremendous power that was building high above her.

Down below, Kazumi looked up from the Circle that she had just completed and exclaimed, "Holy…" at the sensation of tremendous power building up.

Konoka aimed her hands downwards as twelve balls of blue fire erupted around her. Setsuna, being so close gasped to herself at the sheer power being channelled through the spell. "I think this is going to hurt," she remarked to no one in particular, but the sentiment seemed to be shared by Sukuna whose eyes went big and round like a giant sized deer caught in the headlights of a Star Destroyer.


Time seemed to stretch out as the twelve balls of chaotic blue flame mixed into her hands and shot a beam of light that engulfed Sukuna. The demon lord had a moment to cry out as it literally begun to shatter and fracture into a million pieces. Chigusa cried out in shock as she was propelled into the sky and hit the water with a tremendous splash. The girls on the dock stared in open mouthed shock as the remaining piece of the sealing stone was in fact, gone. The Oni of legend was now in fact just a legend.

Konoka had also done a substantial remodelling of the shrine behind it as well and a good two acres of forest behind that. She giggled nervously. "I hope daddy doesn't mind having to rebuild some of the shrine at the lake, right Secchan?"

"After this, I doubt your father would have any objection whatsoever," said Setsuna, shaking her head in disbelief.

Landing, Konoka was immediately bombarded by hugs and questions. Asuna had been given Mutsumi's long jacket and the girl exclaimed, "That was so cool Konoka! What WAS it anyhow?"

"It was the spell I was testing last night," said Konoka happily. "I'm surprised that there was so much power behind it. It made such a bigger explosion than last time."

"Just as well," said Kazumi capping her felt pen. "I don't think this thing is accurate anyhow. We're more likely to get blown up or turned into something hideous if I made a mistake."

Mutsumi examined the circle for a long moment as the girls congratulated Konoka on such an awesome spell and then turned to Kazumi. "Kazumi-chan, can I see your pen please?"

Kazumi handed her pen and Mutsumi bent down and made a mark on the circle. Immediately, it flared to life, glowing a soft violet color and the girls jumped back in surprise. "Mutsumi-sensei!" exclaimed Misora as she stooped down to look at it. "This is a fully working circle!"

"You're right," said Kazumi, poking it. "Tama-chan?"

"Myuh," agreed the turtle who had hung back with Mutsumi during the fight.

"How did you manage to do this sensei?" asked Kazumi curiously.

"Well I remember Ermine-san making the same mark before," said Mutsumi airily. "And I guess I was lucky!"

Everyone fell over in shock and Konoka righted herself first. "But it CAN be used now, right?"

"Oh yes," giggled Mutsumi.

"But it's sort of an anticlimax now," pointed out Setsuna. She had put away her wings and sheathed Yuunagi. "Why would we need it?"

"Maybe to make certain that this is the right circle?" said Kazumi. Pulling out her camera, she took a picture of it and said, "We should test it out."

"Well we have Konoka-chan here," said Mutsumi brightly. "Who wants to try it?"

"Why not sensei?" said Asuna. "I mean, Setsuna and Misora-chan and I aren't too good for it, and Kazumi, I KNOW you don't swing that way."

"Meh, it's all the same I suppose," said Kazumi, but she was blushing a little. "Go ahead you two."

Stepping into the circle and facing each other, Mutsumi bent down and Konoka felt herself blushing at the deep pools of brown that Mutsumi's eyes were. Mutsumi smiled, leaned in and kissed Konoka on the lips. There was a brilliant flare of light as a card floated downwards and the girls crowded around Setsuna who snagged it out of the air.

"Oh it's cute," gushed Asuna at the photo of Mutsumi in her typical outfit, holding a pencil to her lips and looking a little academic in the card design. Scripts of some type of mathematical design ran around the edge of the card in a pattern as it trailed to the end of Mutsumi's pencil. "Wish I could try, but I might rebound."

"I doubt that'll be a problem, considering I didn't," said Setsuna but she was flushing severely. "But lets see what happens."

Asuna blushed. "Man, this isn't how I thought my second kiss would happen, kissing Konoka."

Konoka made a face. "Hey! What's that supposed to mean?"

The girls laughed as Asuna entered the circle. A quick kiss later and Asuna's card glowed a brilliant color as the image changed. Instead of being dressed in her school uniform and carrying her giant sword, it had an image of her standing with her sword slung over her shoulder and dressed in western armour that made up a breast plate, armoured shoulders and arms and gloves and she had a Japanese-styled skirt that looked like samurai armour. On her shoulder bore the school emblem of Mahora Academy but under it was scripted in small writing "ministra magi".

"Very cute," said Kazumi. "Maybe I should get one, just in case."

"I wonder what yours would be," said Misora. "Probably some kind of camera."

Kazumi chuckled as she pushed Misora lightly and the girl stumbled into the circle. "Hey, why don't YOU try it then?"

"Er, but, I…" stammered Misora a moment before Konoka sighed, seized her face and kissed her. Misora flailed around in a panic before Konoka let go with an audible pop.

"There," said Konoka with some force to it as Misora's card shone. "Now you won't have to worry about problems later on."

Misora stammered and blushed and then went completely red. "Awwaaaaah, I can never get used to kissing girls…"

"On behalf of the Kansai Magical Association, I thank you for saving my daughter again," said Eishun as the girls sat before him, looking awkward. The girls had quickly found out that Mutsumi's artefact could adjust luck and it was simply LUCKY that a extremely skilled healer was walking by the temple at that very moment and knew how to restore people from petrification in less than five minutes.

Although it was extreme luck that Mutsumi had stumbled and her pencil had rolled a six, causing six successive lucky events to happen from a range rover giving them a lift, to the cute guys giving them a free meal to getting the healer.

The other three major lucky events involved Setsuna suddenly being called by Tsuruko on a job well done, Tsukuyomi promising to visit without the threat of jobs getting in the way and Chigusa winding up on the doorstep of the Kansai Magical Association with an oath to go straight.

"We'd have done the same for anyone, believe us," said Asuna, trying to hide her embarrassment.

"Never the less, your actions are great, although I have concern for the spell my daughter used," said Eishun, looking at Konoka.

"You mean Chaotic Flare?" said Konoka and Eishun nodded.

"Yes, it's a highly dangerous spell. Where did you find it?" asked Eishun.

"Yue-chan, Nodoka-chan and Haruna-chan found it in a book in the children's section," said Konoka brightly and the entire room was plunged into a state of shock. Eishun toppled over in shock and then righted himself with a grunt of "Damn Nagi…"

"That spell's power is unknown but whoever cast it found that they were drawing from some type of higher power," said Eishun. "Be careful with it."

"Yes daddy," said Konoka.

Eishun then turned to the others and said, "Please rest here for the time being before returning home. And Mutsumi-san, I would like to ask you something."

"Yes?" asked Mutsumi.

"Would you… please teach my daughter magic?" said Eishun, making the girls fall over in shock. "I know you must be terribly busy as a teacher in Mahora but it would mean a lot. Evangeline has left the campus and there is no one else to do it."

"Of course, I wouldn't mind," said Mutsumi cheerfully.

"But sensei you know nothing of magic," deadpanned Kazumi.

"I'm certain we can learn together!"

Misora palmed her face. "This is going to be one weird year."

"And it's just starting too," grinned Asuna, slapping Misora on the back. "Cheer up!"

"I'm back," sighed Misora, walking into the small room that was set aside for the Mahou Shoujo group.

"Welcome back," said Sister Shakti as she sipped her tea. "How was Kyoto?"

"About as harrowing as it should be," replied Misora, laying her card onto the table. But before she could withdraw her hands, it shimmered and the image changed once more.

Kokono, the little dark skinned girl in their group looked at it and remarked, "It's pretty now."

Misora looked at it and palmed her face. Her usual nun's habit was nice and all. But WHY did she look like a Japanese version of Sister Rosette from Chrno Crusade, outfit and all?

And the set of mean looking guns were Mana's angle, not hers. Sighing heavily and slumping into her chair, Misora realized that this just meant more paperwork.

At least she still had her sneakers. Briefly Misora wondered if something similar happened to the others cards. She then figured she'd find out the next day. Now she had to do paperwork and then return to the dorm to collapse.

"Looks like the gang's all back together again," greeted Haruna as they walked into class 3-A. "We have to take the exam next Monday cause you guys were off gallivanting."

"Sorry, it was life and death again," replied Konoka cheerfully as she sat down.

"It's all right," said Yue.

"Um, Konoka? Was the spell useful?" asked Nodoka and Konoka nodded.

"Oh yes! It was great!" agreed Konoka. Casting a glance around the room, she added, "Are we early?"

"Yes," said Yue. "No one is here yet save for us."

"Konoka, there you are," said Asuna as she entered with Kazumi, Setsuna. "Hey, something weird just happened with Setsuna and my cards."

"Like what?" asked Konoka and the girls crowded around to look at the images. Instead of Setsuna dressed in her white and red Shinto priestess robes with the armour, wings and swords, she was now dressed in a black mantle and masculine cut pants and shirt with her wings in a half-crouch, her sword extending out and off the picture image. Asuna's as well changed from her standing with her sword over her shoulder and dressed in her skirted armour to a picture of her in a breastplate, the skirt changed to a half-skirt of armour with boots and shorts and she was holding her sword which had added another meter and a half of length.

"Something's weird here," surmised Haruna as she looked at her own card. "Mine hasn't changed though."

"There must be something that isn't adding up," said Nodoka quietly. "What if it's because you have double pactio with both Negi-san and Konoka-chan?"

"It might make sense," said Kazumi, folding her arms. "Try activating your pactios."

Setsuna and Asuna looked at each other for a moment and then held up their cards and opened their mouths to say "Adeat". What came out however was a light show and the shout of "Triple Pactio Adeat!"

Light exploded around Asuna as her clothing exploded off her body, leaving her concealed in barely concealing light as armour formed on her body and then the sleeves exploded off as with the full armour skirt. Her sword thudded into the ground and an open helmet formed around her face. As her transformation finished, Setsuna's did as well.

The great white wings Setsuna was known for erupted outwards as feathers spun around, clothing her in the black and gold-trimmed outfit as her sword leapt out of its sheath and lengthened to nearly thirteen feet. As Setsuna lowered to the ground, the other girls had amazed expressions.

"That is so COOL!" cried Haruna. "Aww, I want one of those!"

"Secchan you look so pretty!" added Konoka and Setsuna blushed mightily.

"AAAH! I was naked in that transformation!" cried Asuna and Yue nodded.

"About per standard I'd think," said Yue.

"For a magical girl," added Nodoka.

Just then, from the doorway, a clanking sound could be heard and the others turned to see a suit of armour inch itself into the room. It wore a red jacket and had Keitaro's shield and gauntlet. Pulling his helmet off, Keitaro looked at his students, sighed and said, "Do I WANT to know what just happened to me?"

"I think we need to talk about it first," grinned Kazumi. "It's a doozy, sensei."