Disclaimer: Hellsing belongs to Kouta Hirano.

Author's Notes: There will be five drabbles inspired by Major's speech in volume 8 (Nazis, Catholics, Anderson, Major and Dracula, in order). They will be set chronologically, some will be based on the events, other in speculation based on canon. Edited by Puck ¾.

Ancient Dreams

First Dream

- Mars

Red and flames, that was how they had always dreamed to see London as. Rivers of blood and screams as the spiteful iron fire came down the sky. A spectacle that surpassed their past experience half a century ago.

Cries of war filled the air, an ode to Mars in German and English. None needed to wield a weapon to feel fulfilled.

The Lieutenants had fallen as worthy sacrifices. They had accepted, in a way, to rekindle their shared dream.

Even if the silent Captain could not accompany in the cheering, his heart rejoiced all the same.

They had won.