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A Feudal Era Adventure!

Chapter 1

Mika glared at the pile of stairs she and her two friends had to walk up. She didn't know why Koenma had chosen those three to get the shards, but she knew that she didn't like it, or the vibe she was getting from the place.


Koenma was pacing on his desk, waiting for Botan and George (was that his name?) to return with more information on the next mission he had for the Reikai Tantei. If his suspicions were correct, then the whole Ningenkai was in peril has he paced!

Botan ran into the room, looking frantic, "KOENMA-SAMA! You were right! It's true! A portal has been spotted. And I can sense about three of them now."


Botan nodded. George, the ogre, came scrambling in the room, carrying books, and videos. Koenma grabbed them from him and looked it over, his eyes widening with each word.

"BOTAN! Get me Mika, Hirina, and Kemiko!"

Botan looked at him warily, "Why those three sir?"

"Because this is one thing I know they can't mess up on!"

Botan nodded and summoned her oar at once, flying away. Koenma sat in his chair with a heavy sigh. "I can only HOPE that they don't mess this up."


Koenma looked up, seeing Botan arrive with the three girls he needed to see.

"Good you're here. Now, I don't want you asking any questions. I just need you to get something for me. I want you three to go to Higurashi shrine. Once there, you feel a strong, pure aura around a certain part of the house. I want you to go in that room, and take the source of it. It will be three jewel fragments. I will explain when you get back. Should you get into any trouble, fight it off if you have too. DO you understand?"

The three girls nodded. They looked at Botan so she could open a portal for them. Botan opened one, with a nod to the three girls. They made their way to the swirling black vortex they called a portal.

"WAIT!" Koenma called, startling the dumbest of the group, Kemiko, causing her to fall into the portal, bringing the other two with her, "DON'T MESS THIS UP!" He yelled to the portal, before it closed, silencing the girls screams.

Koenma looked at the empty floor for a second before he slumped into his chair, ungracefully, with another heavy sigh.

"We're screwed aren't we?" Koenma asked Botan.

"I think you should've sent Kurama or Hiei."

End Flashback

So… here they are… at the bottom of all the fricken stairs. Mika glared again, and then she sighed.

"Well, we'd better get going." She said.

"Wait." Kemiko said, staring up at the shrine, looking serious for the first time. "I don't know if you sense, or smell it, but there is a demon there."

Hirina nodded, confirming what Kemiko had just said, "Yeah, half dog demon… half human."

"A hanyou?" Mika smirked, "Well, mask you're energy and scent. I also sense a miko there."

"A miko? I thought they were all extinct." Hirina muttered thoughtfully.

"Well, no time to dwell on it." Kemiko stated, as she masked her energy, and concealed her scent. Mika and Hirina nodded, following her example, before making their way up the steps.

With Kagome and family

Kagome sighed again as she watched Inuyasha play with her cat, Bouyo, and get scratched… again.

"OK Inuyasha… quit staling. Tell me why you're here." Kagome ordered, know the answer.

"I want you to come back." Inuyasha said with a shrug, "There are more jewel shards to find you know."

Kagome sighed. All he cared about were those stupid shards. Well… it was her fault after all. "Inuyasha, I already told you, I have a test tomorrow. I'll come back right after that. So if you don't mind, I have to go study." Kagome got up from the table, but froze. Inuyasha did too.

'The jewel shards… they're… moving?' She thought. Then Inuyasha growled, "Someone's upstairs." He ran up there, Kagome at his heels, at record time.

When they opened the door, they spotted two girls, holding the bottle of jewel fragments was a blonde haired girl. That blonde haired girl also had brown highlights, with a tinge of red. She had green/blue eyes, and was about 4" 10'. The second girl was taller, about 5" 2'. She had shoulder length dark brown hair with blood red highlights and dark brown eyes.

They looked to each other and then their energy spiked for a second, but long enough for Inuyasha to notice that they were demons.

"Kagome, get back, they're demons." He growled at the taller girl in particular. Inuyasha didn't really like cat demons.

The taller girl responded immediately, when her eyes turned gold, she grew small cat like fangs, and hissed at them. The shorter girl, who didn't seem to like anybody picking on her friend, responded too. Her eyes turned turquoise with gold lining, and grew sharp fangs, and growled dangerously.

They both turned and jumped on the window sill, fitting on it together perfectly.

"Thanks for the shards." The short one said.

"Oh no, you don't!" Inuyasha yelled, before tackling them. Collective gasp were heard as the three went sailing to the ground below, where the third girl was waiting. Kagome had taken off down stairs, in her shoes and had her book bag, just in time to see them fall and the case with the jewel shards go flying. Kagome ran to it and grabbed it. The third girl however, was in front of her in the blink of an eye, growling in warning.

Kagome took a step back in fear. She had to bows, no arrows, no nothing! "INUYASHA!"

Inuyasha disregarded the two girls he had just tackled and attacked the third one, taking her by surprise.


Hirina growled in frustration. That fucking hanyou was being to… frustrating! She ran to him and punched him before he could run, disregarding the Miko, who was screaming the hanyou's name. Kemiko was running at the Miko, ready to strike, but Inuyasha had kicked her away. Kagome took that time to run into the well house, waiting to get Inuyasha's attention.

Inuyasha grabbed Mika by the hair, and threw her into her two companions, before running to the well house, in which Kagome was hiding.

Mika groaned. She got up quickly and ran to the well house, Kemiko and Hirina behind her. They saw Inuyasha take Kagome on his back and then jump into the well. All three girls ran to the well, their faces full of horror when they saw them both disappear in a blue-ish light.

Now, a look of fear crossed their faces.

"We're dead aren't we…?" Kemiko asked.



Koenma paced on his desk, waiting for the three girls to return from their mission. The rest of the Tantei, meaning Yusuke Urameshi, Kazuma Kuwabara, Shuichi Minamino, other wise known as Youko Kurama, or just Kurama, and Hiei, were in the room, waiting in silence, wondering what got the demi god so worked up.

Soon, Koenma's door opened and the three, pale faced girls came in. Koenma already knew, by the look on their faces that…



"They… disappeared?" Koenma thought for a second. "So that must be the portal…" He noticed the confused faces of his Tantei.

"Koenma-sama, what do you mean?" Kurama asked politely, his kitsune nature making him every curious.

"Yes… your next mission. It seems as if the Shikon no Tama has been broken."

"What!" Kurama and Hiei yelled, shock and anger evident in their eyes.

"The Shikon Jewel is over 500 years old. Why is it here? Let alone broken?" Hiei asked, suddenly interested in this new mission.

"I don't know how. Part of your mission is to figure that out. Also, you must collect each jewel shard. All I know is that a mysterious priestess arrived shortly before it was broken. I feel that she is responsible, but that is undecided as of yet."

"Ok, so all we have to do is go find these shard thingies right?" Yusuke asked.

"Yes, and figure out how they were broken."

"Fine, piece of cake."

"But, you do not know of the power these shards possess." Koenma stated.

"Then tell us." Kuwabara said.

"Just one shard of the sacred jewel can increase a demon, or humans power 10 folds." Yusuke and Kuwabara whistled. "Also, when used for bad, the shard is tainted and impure, but when used for good, the shard is pure. If not, then a Miko will have to purify them."

"There was a Miko where we were." Kemiko said.

"Are you sure?" Koenma asked, shocked at the news.

"Yeah, she was with that half demon… Inuyasha was his name."

Koenma frowned. "Inuyasha died over 500 years ago… wait… That's it! The well is a portal to the past! That girl must have been the reason for his release, and the breaking of the jewel shards! I knew there was something suspicious about her. Her family would say she was sick, and in those days of her 'sickness' her life forced would disappear completely! It all fits."

They all stared at him.

"This might be one of your hardest missions yet…"

"Why?" Yusuke asked.

"Because… you're going into the past."


"You're going to go into that portal. You are going to get those jewel shards, by any means necessary. Kill who you have to kill, just get them all."

"So why is it harder?" Kuwabara asked.

"Let me say this in easy terms for your minute brain to understand." Hiei snapped. "When a demon has shards of the sacred jewel, some of them can make Toguro look like a puppy, and Sensui look like a wolf that lost its claws and fangs."

Hirina glared at him for that wolf remark. Kuwabara paled slightly. "And how long will this mission take?"

"As long as it takes." Koenma said with a frown. He plopped into his chair and rubbed his temple. His pacifier bobbled as he spoke. "It could take days, months, even years." He looked at Yusuke's enraged face. "Yes Yusuke… I know… I will talk to Keiko personally. I know the Reikai Tantei was supposed to be no more, but this can change history as we know it. Demons might get to strong before the worlds get separated, and could kill the entire human race."

"Hn. I don't give a damn about the ningens." Hiei scoffed before leaving. Kurama and Kemiko watched him go.

"I guess that's his way of saying he's going. Am I correct?" Kemiko asked Kurama with a smile.

"I believe you are."

"Is there anything else you would like to tell us, Koenma?" Mika asked. Koenma shook his head.

"Not right now. Just be careful out there. Jewel fragments can bring out the worst in everybody. I hope you can forgive me for bringing you back together like this on such short notice."

"I'm fine with it!" Yusuke grinned. "I know I didn't want to work for pacifier breath again," Koenma twitched, "But I just can't help but miss my best buds here!"

Kurama chuckled, "You never change, Yusuke."

"Damn straight!"

"So Koenma, guess what?" Kemiko asked.

"What?" He looked at her.

"Chicken butt."

Everyone face faulted.

"You are such an idiot!" Hirina yelled.

Kemiko simply grinned.


Yusuke frowned at the stairs he had to walk up. It wasn't because there were too many, but it was because it was the reason that he was… single.


Yusuke was walking home, after a day at the arcade to calm his nerves. Koenma said that he would talk to Keiko about the mission, and left right after the briefing to do so. Yusuke was nervous has to what her response would be.

When Yusuke got in the house, he called out to his fiancée, but got no response. He walked to the room that he shard with her, and saw the last thing he wanted to see.

Keiko was crying, while packing her things into two black suitcases. When she saw Yusuke's hurt, confused and shocked face, she simply shook her head, not want to make eye contact. Yusuke stood in stunned silence, has she finished packing her things, and snapped the suit cases shut.

"Keiko, I-."

"No…" She forced out in a shaky voice. "No… No more Yusuke… I can't take it." Keiko cried harder as she pulled at the ring on her finger, and threw it at him, making sure he caught it. "I'm sorry Yusuke… I just…" She picked up he suit cases and started out the door, "I just can't keep waiting. I have a life… I've wasted too much of it waiting for you. I'm sorry."

With that, Keiko walked out of the house, and out of Yusuke's life.

End Flashback

Yusuke sighed. He was hurting inside. He loved Keiko, but he lost her.

Everyone else knew of Keiko leaving him. They only had three days to prepare, and he was in depression for all three days. Kuwabara would try to cheer him up with games at the arcade, but that wouldn't work. Hiei didn't try to help at all. That was because he wasn't good with those ningen emotions. Kurama, Hirina, Mika and Kemiko would give him advice.

Yusuke thanked his friends for all that they did for him, but cherished Kemiko's help the most. Kemiko was the more carefree person in their group. She is said to be the rival in stupidity with Kuwabara. But when things are serious, she has some of the best advice you can ask for.


Kemiko looked at the crying Yusuke. He was a wreck ever since Keiko walked out on him. He sat there, in her apartment, swirling the ring he had given Keiko in his fingers. Kemiko sighed and walked over to him.

"Yusuke…" no response, "Yusuke!" still, silence, "YUSUKE! WOULD YOU LISTEN TO ME?" Yusuke looked up, tears in his eyes. Kemiko got on her knees in front of him and rested her hands on his knees. "I know you loved Keiko, we all cared for her too, and we still do, but you have to move on. I know it may seem harsh to say this, but if she couldn't accept the fact that this is your destiny, then maybe she wasn't the right girl for you."

Yusuke opened his mouth to protest but Kemiko beat him too it, "I know she's been with you all these years, standing by you. But now, she wants her life back, and you crying isn't gonna make it any better." She reached up and wiped some tears from his eyes, "Use her as an example, get you're life back too. Don't waste it sitting around. Like they say, there's no use crying over spilt milk… unless of course you were drinking that milk…" She added as an after thought. Yusuke chuckled at that. Kemiko blinked and looked at him.

"Thank you, Kemiko, for everything."

"No problem." She said before wiping away the rest of his tears. She got up and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, "Be strong, detective."

End Flashback

They walked up the stairs, Hiei taking to the trees. When they got there, they saw an old man, sweeping. There was a woman there, talking to the old man, who they guessed was her father. They ignored them completely, walking to the well house.

"H- HEY! You... You can't just go the-." The lady was cut off as Hiei's sword was at her neck.

"We have no time for this. Shut up, or die." With that, Hiei disappeared, and she sunk to her knees, her father ran to her side.

Once in the well house, they stared at the well.

"Before you go guys," Botan started in her happy-go-lucky voice, "here are some communicators." She gave one to each of them, "It allows you to contact us, even when you're in the past. We'll keep you updated. BYE!" with that, she flew out, leaving the gang to stare at the well some more.

"Are you sure this is where they disappeared?" Kuwabara asked unsurely.

"Yes, we're sure." Hirina said.

"Ok… who's going first?"

No one moved. "UGH! Cowards. Fine, I'll go." Kemiko said. She jumped onto the side of the well. "Look out below!" She called for no apparent reason, and jumped into the well, automatically engulfed in the blue light, disappearing from view.

"Well, I take it the well worked…" Kurama muttered.

"Well, I ain't gonna standing here, let's go!" Hirina said, jumping into the well, Mika right after her.

"You can go. "Yusuke said to Kuwabara.

"No, you should."

"How about I go?" Kurama asked, and then jumped in, being transported into the past.

"Er…" Kuwabara never got to finish because Hiei had pushed him in. Hiei glared at Yusuke, who decided that it would be better if he just jumped in. Hiei Hn-ed, and jumped in after him.


On the other side of the well, Kurama admired the surroundings. It was so pure here. No machines, cars, just natural nature. It was his kind of environment. Kurama wore black jean pants, and a white muscle shirt, with a black jeans jacket. The black might attract heat, but he didn't care. At times like this, he just wished he could let Youko free, and run wild, but he couldn't take that risk. He looked at Mika and knew she knew how he felt.

Mika took a deep breath. Everything was so clean here. She smiled. She wore a black thigh length skirt, and a black spaghetti strap shirt. Her black high heeled boots just made her even more of a Goth than normal.

Hirina just walked next to Kemiko, talking like sisters, even though they weren't related. Hirina had on a blood red skirt, with a black line going down the sides. Her black tank top had a blood red line down the sides. Her spike heeled back shoes shined red at some points.

Kemiko tight black pants with a very cute design. There was a part on the pants that made a trail, from the sides of her hips, to her inner leg at the knees, showing the skin in that area. (A/N: Ok, if you live in Milwaukee, go to Mayfair Mall, and the store, Viktor Viktoria (next to Boston store), and the pants should be there. They were cute pants.) She wore a white alter back, and white sneakers.

Yusuke walked along, next to Kuwabara, never actually this in tuned with nature. He wore some black-grey pants, a white muscle shirt, and red sweater. He would kick a pebble every now and then. Kuwabara wore blue jeans, and a red shirt. Hiei wore his normal attire, black cloak, black pants, blue tank top, white scarf, and his white bandana.

Hiei stopped suddenly, staring ahead. He closed his eyes, and a glow emitted from under his head band.

"Hiei? Do you sense something?" Kurama asked.

"I sense a hanyou, a Kitsune, a fire neko, and four humans… if you count the entire village then…"

"Do you sense any strange energy from one of the humans?" Kemiko asked.

"Yes. One has a lot of spiritual power, most likely a monk, and one who is in fact a Miko, but old, and then, a young one."

"I knew it!"

"Let's go get those shards!" Yusuke cheered.


Inuyasha sat with Kagome. He had forbidden her, not like she would have disagreed, to go back to her time. He knew she would have to go back sooner or later, but he chose the later.

Inuyasha was on his feet in a second. 'NO… It's couldn't be…'

"Kagome! Those demons that attacked us, they're here! And with recruits!"

"You're not serious! How could they get here!" Kagome asked in alarm. Sango and Miroku were at their sides in a second.

"We should lead them away from the village." Miroku suggested.

"Right, Kilala!" Sango called, running and jumping onto Kilala's back when she transformed, and took Miroku with her. Kagome climbed on Inuyasha's back and he followed them, meeting up with the group of strangers in no time.

"What is your business here!" Miroku called out.

"Oh cut the chit chat! I have places to go and shards to find!" Yusuke yelled, running forward to fight, but was blocked by Inuyasha. "Oh it's on dog boy!"

That got Inuyasha going, staring an all out war between those two. Sango threw her boomerang, "HIRAIKOTSU!" She yelled, as it sailed through the air, causing the rest of the Tantei to jump out of the way. Hiei decided that this girl was a nuisance has he ran around her in circles, confusing her, before striking. Sango barely got out of the way, getting grazed on the side.

"SANGO!" Miroku called, running to help her, but a thorny, green whip blocked him. Miroku wheeled around to glare at Kurama.

"You are my opponent." Kurama said. Miroku stared at him and got into a fighting stance, staff raised.


Meanwhile, as Kuwabara watched the fights, he sensed a high amount of energy coming towards him. "Spirit Sword!" He called out, and batted away that energy, and it flew to the ground instead. When that pinkish light faded, he saw… an arrow? He looked around and saw Kagome's shocked face, and bow in her hands.

Kagome glared and notched another arrow. Kuwabara's eyes widened, 'I can't fight a girl!'

Kagome fired, and Kuwabara resorted to batting them away.

With Kemiko, Mika, and Hirina, They just stood there and watched.

"Maybe we should make a treaty?" Kemiko suggested.

"Why?" Mika asked, watching Yusuke fight the hanyou.

"Because, we can use them."

Hirina perked up at that, "How?"

"Make them think we're on their side, we'll join them, and then, when we have all the jewels, if they won't give it to use, we'll take it by force." Kemiko smirked.

"Wow, Kitty has good ideas." Hirina muttered.

"Oh shut up."

"So when should we tell them about this 'treaty'?" Mika asked, staring at the way Yusuke kicked Inuyasha's butt.

"Eh… Maybe later."

All three girls laughed.


Yusuke punched Inuyasha in the jaw, sending him flying. Inuyasha flipped in mid air, and struck, bringing Tetsusaiga down on him. Yusuke jumped back and was about to attack again but Inuyasha beat him to it by swinging the Tetsusaiga horizontally. Yusuke flipped backwards, but wasn't fast enough as Inuyasha's sword slashed across his stomach, narrowly missing his skin.

"HEY! That was my favorite sweater!" Yusuke yelled as he punched Inuyasha square in the jaw. Inuyasha went flying at the force and landed hard on his back.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled. She frowned and went back to Kuwabara, running out of arrows. She thought of a plan and fired three in a row, only to scream in frustration as he blocked all three.

Sango and Hiei were in an all out war. Hiei was attacking relentlessly, and Sango could barely dodge. She was tired, and she lost a lot of blood. She was sweating and her vision went blurry, but she didn't give up. Kilala was helping her by distracting Hiei long enough for her to attack but it didn't help. She now had a painful thought: She was going to die.

Miroku and Kurama were going at it. Kurama was slashing half-heartedly at the monk, who blocked with the golden staff he had. Kurama was losing his patients with him and with a quick flick of the wrist; he had disarmed the monk, whose face was wide with shock.

Miroku glared. "I wanted to avoid this…" he muttered, unwrapping the prayer beads around his arm. Kurama watched, curious of what the monk was planning. "But I fear it is necessary."

He pulled off the prayer beads "INUYASHA! KAGOME! SANGO! MOVE!" He yelled. His friends didn't even have to be asked twice, as Kilala picked Sango up and flew off. They wouldn't have gotten very far, if Hiei wasn't interested in what the monk could possibly do. Inuyasha picked up Kagome in a flash and flitted to a safe area.


A powerful gust of wind came directly at Kurama, sucking him towards the monk's hand, where the wind was coming from. Kurama gasped in shock but held his ground. After a couple of seconds, his feet started sliding toward it.


He heard his teammates yell of shock and fear. Kurama jumped out of the way, making the monk turn to follow him. Mika couldn't stand it and ran to where the monk's staff was lying. "Kurama! Over here!" Kurama, and unfortunately, Inuyasha heard her. Kurama jumped in her direction, putting them both in the path for the wind tunnel, but when Miroku was facing that direction, she threw his staff at him, causing it to be sucked near the hole. At the same time she let it go, Inuyasha had tackled her.

Miroku's eyes widen in shock as he closed the wind tunnel and put the beads back on, and caught his staff. Hirina had retaliated quickly and kicked Inuyasha off of Mika, sending him crashing through many trees. Kemiko walked calmly over to them. Each team looked ready to strike.

Inuyasha pulled out his Tetsusaiga and it powered up, a yellowish ki swirling around it.


A strong amount of destructive energy flew towards them, destroying everything in its path. They saw a look of triumph pass over Inuyasha's face, but quickly disappeared when the attack stopped short. When it stopped, and the smoke cleared, they saw Kemiko, standing there with her hands up and her eyes glowing in a light blue color.

"You can't win Inuyasha… Just give us the shards… and we'll leave you and your friends alone."

"Never!" Kagome cried, shooting a sacred arrow at Kemiko. It shot right past her head and towards Hirina, who caught it between her fingers, and snapped it in half. During this whole ordeal, neither Kemiko nor Hirina blinked. Kagome's face was twisted into a look of shock and horror.

Kemiko walked forward, only to be stopped and growled at by Kilala. Kemiko looked at the fire neko and smiled. Kilala seemed to hesitate, and then changed back into her small form and jumped on Kemiko's shoulder, nuzzling her cheek. Kemiko giggled.

"What did you do to her!" Sango yelled, anger etched in her voice.

"Nothing… A neko can tell when a fellow neko is good or not. And it seems as if your little friend here trusts me." Kemiko responded. When Hirina walked up, Kilala tensed, and glared in her direction for a second before backing off with a growl.

"KAGOMEEE!" they heard a little voice and saw a light brown fuzz ball leap into Kagome's arms. Shippo, the red Kitsune, curled into a ball in her arms. Kurama's eyes widened a little at the sight of another Kitsune but masked his emotions with a normal, calm, look.

"Shippo! You should have stayed with Kaede!" Kagome scolded. "These demons are trying to get the jewel!"

"For your information, little miss prissy," Hirina snapped, "We are trying to get the jewel shards, big difference."

Before Kagome could retort, Mika interrupted, "We have a proposal." She said, glaring at her enemies, daring them to interrupt her. When she saw that they wouldn't, see continued "We will help you, and join your group, to find the jewel shards."

"What's the catch?" Miroku asked.

"We get to keep the shards when we get them."

"NO!" Inuyasha yelled. "You will never get them!"

"Fine." That response startled everyone, "We won't keep them, but please allow us to join your group." Mika looked at them, waiting for an answer.

The Inu-group looked at each other, all in doubt. "I say we give them a chance." Miroku muttered.

"WHAT! Are you crazy monk!" The dog demon yelled.

"Might I add that you will need a healer for those wounds on the Taijiya? (Is that right?)" Mika smiled, gesturing toward Kemiko and Hirina, who waved back. They all looked at Sango, and it was true, she was in bad condition.

"Well… what do we do?" Kagome asked.

"We need help for Sango and what if we're attacked? She might get killed." Miroku argued. Kilala had left Kemiko's shoulder and was at Sango's side.

"What if THEY attack us?" The arrogant Inu-hanyou argued.

"We have no choice Inuyasha!" Kagome said.




"What was that for!"

Kagome ignored him completely and turned to them. "We accept."

"YAY!" Kemiko cheered, getting weird looks from her friends. "Err… heh…"

Hiei shook his head, "Baka koneko."

"I heard that!"



Yusuke grinned, "Can we eat now?"

They all face faulted.


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