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A Feudal Era Adventure

Chapter 4

The gang of shard collectors walked silently down a path towards a recently sensed jewel shard. Things were tense in the past couple days. Nothing as the same... Shippo seemed to abandon Kagome and stuck with either Mika or Kurama. He would normally run to the person who was the safest when there was a battle, but no matter how gruesome the fight was, he would not go to anybody else. And Mika wasn't the nicest person to be caught in a fight with… The way she killed and tortured her opponents were so gruesome, that Kagome nearly brought up her lunch upon witnessing Mika's violent acts.

After one battle, Shippo was so covered in blood; it took a week for the stains to be fully removed from his fur. Kagome couldn't understand why he was like that. But know, that's wasn't all. Kilala was acting the same way. She was always with Kemiko. If Kemiko left, she did, when Kemiko took a bath, Kilala was there with her. You could not separate those two. When in battle, Sango was in constant danger because Kilala wasn't there to help her any more. And her fighting skills were depleting. The pain of watching her best friend being taken from her took a toll on her soul.

Miroku was also weird. He was still perverted… but it was all directed towards the three girls. He looked at no other woman, not even Sango. When they were in a village of very beautiful women… he actually behaved himself. He watched Hirina in particular. And when I say watched… I don't mean in a suspicious way… I mean… he watched her. He focused on her more because the other two were always out somewhere. So he had to have one of them. Wink wink…

Now, even Koga was behaving strangely! At first his proposals to Kagome were shortened… but now, he doesn't propose at all! He was always watching Hirina. He respected her for being a proud wolf. He could see that even though she was also from Kagome's time… and somehow older than him. He still loved her… err… respected her for being real to the world. Her two friends however… were pretty scary to him. Mika looked so sweet and innocent, but he saw her in battle… and well… Let's not go there. Kemiko had such sudden mood swings, it was creepy. One minute she was happy… the next she looked ready to commit suicide… and another… she looked ready to commit intentional homicide! So now… he just avoided those two…

The people who caused problems for the original shard hunters had problems of their own. Kemiko's mood swings happened more frequently. It seems something was up with her and Hiei. Hiei wouldn't even look at her anymore. Any telepathic communications she made, he would either not answer or cut the link then and there. Kemiko has lost her joy. Nothing was the same anymore. Everything… seemed painful…


"RAAAAAAH!" Inuyasha cried has he swung his Tetsusaiga at the demons that dared get in his way. His sword ripped through their bodies with ease, spilling their blood everywhere. He was doing what Kuwabara was doing; swinging their sword like a mad man, killing demons effectively.

Hiei and Kurama, however, were more… graceful with their movements. As a matter of fact, you couldn't even see Hiei's movements so we can count him out. Kurama's whips gracefully sliced through his opponents while an elegant flick of the wrist, or a simple spin, all his enemies were slaughtered. The demons stood no chance against either of them.

Hirina used combos of any fighting style she could think of. No demon could touch her. She could have easily slaughter them but she wanted a work out. As one demon lunged for her head, she ducked and let it hit the demon behind her. She jumped and landed on them both, letting their heads slam to the ground. She delivered a round house kick to the next demons head, sending it flying into three others. She decided that this battle wasn't getting anywhere and the minimal amount of blood was bothering her. She reached into her dagger sheath and pulled out her daggers. She slashed through their bodies gleefully. Oh boy… never get her riled up.

Mika had Shippo in her hoodie. She sliced through demons quickly, almost matching Hiei's speed. Hey, she trained with him after all. Her hands twisted and changed on the hilt of her katana for each attack. She heard Shippo's cry of "Fox Fire" and heard the scream of a demon. She saw one running up on her. She spun in a circle; accurately slicing off the head of the demon Shippo previously fried, and continued her spin to slice the approaching demon in half. She watched the body fall with a smile. She frowned and quickly changed the position of her katana so it was facing the back. A grunt of pain was heard along with drops of blood. She grinned and pulled her sword out from the demons belly. "Hmph…"

Kemiko attacked with her hands, feet, and weapons. She grabbed a demon's arm and pulled him behind her, slamming it into the other demon. She flipped over the next one, grabbing its neck in mid air, throwing it into a tree as she landed. She pulled out two rings. She grinned. She threw the rings up and then expertly catching them on her fingers. With a quick flick of her wrist, her chakram were soaring through the air, slicing everything in sight. Somehow, she was able to make them fly back, slicing any demon that it missed before. She caught them on her fingers once more. She looked around at the piles of decapitated bodies.

"This was tooo easy." She heard Yusuke mutter, who was right next to her, looking at the bodies around her. He whistled "Wow, I see you enjoyed this." He grinned, rubbing the back of his neck, grinning sheepishly at her. She simply stared blankly before turning and walks off to each demon that had a shard, picking them up and walking away from the group. Yusuke's arm dropped along with his spirit. He didn't know what was wrong with her but he knew something was bothering her.

Inuyasha walked over to Kemiko and held out his hand. She looked at it for a second and scoffed and looked away. Inuyasha growled. "Give me the shards."

"I don't see why I should." She snapped back. Hirina and Mika walked up behind them, looking at each other in confusion.

"We said you could come with us, but we didn't say you could keep them." He stated.

She turned and gave him a heated glare, "If I got these shards and I acquired them on my own, with the rest of my team, you don't get shit."

Inuyasha stared at her in shock. Her tone of voice surprised him. Even though he didn't trust them, he had never heard her talk like that. Her voice was so cold… so dry… void of all emotion. Hirina looked at Mika, who shot a glance at Inuyasha and then to Kemiko. She walked to Kemiko and nudges her shoulder a bit.

"Um… Let's go…" Mika said, pulling on Kemiko. She looked up to her slightly, (yes, Mika is Shorter, but only by an inch) and see Kemiko's eyes. She sighed and pulled Kemiko away from Inuyasha and to the other Tantei.

"So… we should set up camp near by shouldn't we?" Kuwabara asked.

"No. That would be foolish Kuwabara." Kurama said calmly, noticing the tension. "The demons in our group would still be able to smell the blood and it would affect their nose. I must add that I do not like staying in the center of all this blood for too long. I am staring to feel a bit light headed."

"Err… right." Kuwabara nodded dumbly. "So uh… Let's find like… another hot springs… or something like that."


The gang walked silently towards their next destination. They had liked Kuwabara's idea of finding a hot spring because they hated the smell of the dry, rotting blood all over their bodies. The thick silence pained majority of them. After a long… dreadful hour, the gang finally found a nice area to settle, no demons were sensed in the surrounding area, and a hot spring was right near them. The girls had gone first again, but this time they had no worries about peeping toms. Miroku had no intention on trying to look at the ladies now, since Yusuke, Kurama, Kuwabara, AND Hiei didn't seem to be in the proper mood for games…

At the springs, there was no happiness or silly things going on like the first time they had met. This time, Sango and Kagome finally got to see the bodies the girls hid. Kemiko had scars in her lower back, none of them made by swords (Sango could tell, she was good at this stuff). The scares seem to come from what Sango believed to be surgery. Lots and lots of surgery. Hirina had a scar resembling the ones you get when bitten by a large monster. More scars ran up and down on the backside of her legs. Mika had scars around her wrist, going completely around in a neat circle. Her legs held the same circle that her wrist. There were more light scars on her back and shoulders. But what really made Sango think is that the fact that they still look good… even with the scars… and the fact that they were able to hide it from them before.

There was a thick silence throughout the group, seeing as none of them wanted to talk. Kagome and Sango murmured to each other once in a while.

"Where do you think they got such nasty scars from?" Kagome asked, a bit shocked at the sight.

"I have no idea… form my perspective… they had bad past…" Sango replied, also not expecting that on the body of these supposedly young girls.


Later that night, the tension in the group lightened slightly when the first smile from Kemiko in a while was shown when Yusuke some how cheered her up. He had been whispering something to her for the last 10 minutes and a smile just forced its way out in a matter of seconds. Whatever he had said it had gotten a small amount of happiness from her. That had mad Hirina and Mika a little happier as well. Their moods improved Kurama's, which in turn made the Inu-gang a bit calmer as well.

Kemiko smiled as Yusuke's words ran through her mind. His words were naughty yet soothing. It made her happy to know that someone cared. But all her happiness faded when she saw him… the cause of her sadness… Hiei.

He looked at her with no emotion. His eyes, even though well concealed, were read with ease. 'He's hiding something. He normally tells me things but that's not the problem.' She thought, 'It's the fact that he's acting as if he hates me. And it's killing me…It's tearing apart my very being. And it isn't good… It is just… pissing… me… OFF!''

Kemiko's thoughts had finally driven her over the edge. She stood up abruptly, startling everyone. "That's it!" Everyone looked at her in shock. "You know what? FORGET IT! I'm just gonna go back to our time and protect people there until I'm killed our thrown in reikai prison for murdering a pedestrian who stepped on my fucking foot!"

"What the hell are you talking about!" Hirina asked.

"Just forget it!" Kemiko snapped. Hirina and Mika stood up. Kemiko turned to leave but Mika was in front of her with her katana pointed at Kemiko's neck, the tip of it just barely touching her skin. Kemiko glared at Mika with a cold glare. "Get that thing away from me…"

Mika stared at her, her eyes a little blurred from the tears that threatened to fall. Her hand shook faintly. "I'm tired of this Kemiko. I'll force you to realize that someone cares! No matter how painful!"

Kemiko started to growl, "Get. Out. Of. My. Way…"

"She wont…. And neither will I"

All eyes turned to Hirina who had her daggers out and ready. "We care for you Kemiko… And we're not letting you go… without a fight…"


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