Disclaimer: Well folks this here's the finale to my fic which has been long unfinished. Too long, several years haha, sorry I've just had the worst case of writer's block. It'll be a short one but I think that this is a nice little ending to the adventure. Please read my author's note at the end.


Two weeks passed with the Aurions spending as much time as possible together, not wanting the day when Kratos had to leave to come. But, as they desperately wanted time to pass slowly, the days went by all too fast. Kratos' departure day was upon them, and standing at the base of the ruins of the Tower of Salvation, Kratos regretted his choice, but knew he could not turn back.

Lloyd and Anna stood side by side, not wanting Kratos to leave, but knowing he would not change his mind.

"Are you really going away to Derris-Kharlan?" Lloyd asked, failing to keep the despair from his voice, desperately hoping Kratos would make a last minute decision to stay.

"Of a half-elf of Cruxis remains here, the other half-elves will have no place to live." Kratos said. "As the last surviving member of Cruxis, I must bear the responsibility for what has happened here."

"I'm going on a journey," Lloyd told his father. "I'm going to collect all the exspheres remaining in this land."

"And I will discard all of Cruxis' exspheres into space." Kratos replied. Looking at his wife, he said, "What about you, Anna? What will you do?"

"I'm going to return to Iselia." she said. "Since Raine and Genis will be travelling, the village will be in need of a new school teacher."

"It is a good plan.." Kratos said softly. Anna walked up to him and hugged him tightly.

"I'll really miss you," she said quietly. "But I know you won't change your mind, so...good luck."

"And I will miss you as well." Kratos murmured. He then kissed her one last time, and Anna went back to stand beside Lloyd as Kratos turned to his son.

"Lloyd. Please use that sword to send me to Derris-Kharlan." Lloyd nodded.

"Goodbye...Dad." he said, wanting Kratos to know that he had finally accepted that he was his father. Kratos could not find the will to speak until he was on his way to Mithos' old kingdom.

"Don't die before I do Lloyd...my son." These were the last words they heard from Kratos Aurion, Angel of Cruxis, before he was swallowed up by a bright flash of light and send to the mana comet of Derris-Kharlan.

A/N: Well guys that's the end of it. I really hope you enjoyed the ride, I know I did. I know my chapters are really short but they look so much longer when I write them on paper...

Anyway, I know I stole a lot of dialogue for this chapter from the game but I couldn't bring myself to wreck the moment by changing it too much, so...this was the result. I think I'm going to miss working on it even though it's gone incomplete for years, but now that it's done I feel a strange sense of...something. Same sort of sad feeling I get when I finish a game, when I realize that it's over and I have nothing more to work toward. Oh well this definitely isn't my first Tales of Symphonia story and it won't be my last, especially now that I have Tales of Symphonia:Dawn of the New World (AKA TOS:Knights of Ratatosk) I have an interesting idea for another crossover sort of thing and it's not going to be completely outrageous so I hope you're looking forward to it as much as I am. Thank you to all of the people who kept reading and kept supporting this story over the years even though I've been so crappy and slow at updating. I hope you'll forgive me for that. I enjoyed writing this and I like the end result, so I hope you did/do too. Thanks guys, and until I write again.